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Bi cont add_on_installation


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Bi cont add_on_installation

  1. 1. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationBusiness Intelligence Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationProcedure: SAINTYou use this procedure SAINT to apply ADD_ON to SAP systemLogin to service market place navigate toDownloadsÆInstallation and upgradesÆEntry by ApplicationÆSAPNetweaver-ÆSAP Netweaver7.0ÆBI Content for SAP Netweaver->BICont7.03Click on InstallationSelect SAPKIBIIIH CAR file as show below and add it to downloadbasket to DownloadPage 1 of 8 12/16/2008
  2. 2. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationAfter download you can see the below CAR filesUnpack the files and paste the .ATT and .PAT files in EPS/INdirectory as show belowIn system status you can see no BI-Content Add on is installedLogin to 000 client and execute T-code SAINTSelect the tab—>Installation packageÆLoad packagesÆfromApplication ServerPage 2 of 8 12/16/2008
  3. 3. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationProceed with YESOCS package has been successfully loaded from EPS/IN directoryBack to main screen SAINT click on start as show belowPage 3 of 8 12/16/2008
  4. 4. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationSelect the BI_CONT patch and click on continueProceed with ContinuePage 4 of 8 12/16/2008
  5. 5. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationProceed with ContinueProvide password for OCS packagePage 5 of 8 12/16/2008
  6. 6. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationLogin to service market place search for note 916834 and passwordfor OCS package SAPKIBIIIH is 5E7A3DAC4CProvide the password and continuePage 6 of 8 12/16/2008
  7. 7. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationContinue to proceed furtherAfter successful completion of ADD-on click on Finish to confirmthe queuePage 7 of 8 12/16/2008
  8. 8. BI Content 7.03 Add-On InstallationIn system status you can see BI_CONT add on is installed, now youcan proceed with installation patches for BI_CONT Add-OnPage 8 of 8 12/16/2008