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this is about drugs and all you need to know

Published in: Health & Medicine
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  1. 1. THE HISTORY OF DRUGS First drugs likely discovered through accident and observation They were then able to use the substances that had beneficial effects to achieve desired results and they passed there knowledge of these ‘drugs’ from generation to generation
  2. 2. Drugs are chemicals or substances that affect the way you think , feel and behave What are drugs ???
  3. 3. Many of these chemicals come from natural products like wine comes from grapes Other drugs such as amphetamines are man made in labs
  4. 4. HOW CAN DRUGS HARM YOU Illegal drugs can damage the brain, heart, and other important organs. <- A damaged heart because of drugs ^damaged lungs due to drugs A damaged brain  Because of drugs
  5. 5. Well if all drugs can harm you why you people take them -Makes them feel more grown up -Makes them feel more confident -Makes them seem more grown up -Most people take them because they enjoy the effects and the feeling -And many more reasons why people take them …..
  6. 6. Types of drugs ecstasy Opium Crack cocaine Lsd marijuana stimulants anti – depressants cocaine Crystal meth
  7. 7. About cocaine It damages : The heart Blood vessels The lungs And the brain cocaine About ecstasy It damages: The heart The jaw The stomach And the brain Street names : • E • XTC • X • Adam • Hug • Beans • Clarity • Lover’s Speed • Love Drug Street names : • Coke • Crack • Flake • Rocks • Snow • Charlie • Sniff
  8. 8. About heroine Heroine slows the breathing and the heart rate often to the point of death Its extremely addictive and can lead to overdoes Heroine users usually share needles which spreads hiv Street names : • Horse • Smack • H • Skag • Junk • Brown Sugar
  9. 9. How can you stop if you take drugs ??? Ways you can stop : -Go to rehab -Phone one of the help lines -Get counselling
  10. 10. Watch the link below to find out the truth about drugs
  11. 11. Conclusion You have seen what drugs do to you and how they can effect you and how your body works you have also seen the truth about drugs . Its your life do what you want . You only have one life so live it .
  12. 12. This is a story about a boy called john and why he started using drugs “My goal in life wasn't was getting high. I was falling in a downward spiral towards a point of no return. Over the years, I turned to cocaine , marijuana and alcohol under a false belief it would allow me to escape my problems. It just made things worse. I had everything, a good job, money, a loving family, yet I felt so empty inside. As if I had nothing. Over twenty years of using, I kept saying to myself, I’m going to stop permanently after using this last time. It never happened. There were even moments I had thought of giving up on life.”