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Ardyss Flip Chart


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Ardyss Opportunity Flip Chart

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Ardyss Flip Chart

  1. 1. f a i th . f a m i l y. l i f e s t y l e.
  2. 2. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.Founded on family values since 1990- The Diaz De Leon Family
  3. 3. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. A Wealth of Opportunity Across the Globe With over 800% growth between 2008-2010 we’ve established a great international presence and yet have a huge opportunity for additional growth and expansion. United States Canada Dominican Mexico Perú United Columbia Republic Kingdom
  4. 4. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. 5 Fast Growing Industries nutrition green home care skin care reshaping coffee You can capitalize on all these industries at the same time.
  5. 5. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.Nutritionals Antioxidants are extremely important because they are compounds that help protect the body against problems created by stress, poor diet, and environmental pollutants. They help protect our immune systems from free radicals. Experience the Power of 5 • Top 5 antioxidant fruites of the world Noni, Açaí, Mangosteen, Goji, Pomegranate • Nutrition in convenient liquid form • Great Taste
  6. 6. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.ReShapeInstant Results Long Lasting Resultswith our Re-Shaping Garments by combining our Re-Shaping Line with our Nutritional Line Alesa lost 30 lbs and 7 inches in her waist and hips iin just 4 months!
  7. 7. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.HomeCareSafer for your Family.Natural, plant-based cleaning line for your home.Our cleaners are Kosher Certified and free of harmfulchemicals that could affect your health & wellbeing. All Ardyss Green Clean Green Clean by Ardyss™ contains: Products are • NO Petroleum • NO Ammonia natural and • NO VOCs (volatile organic compounds) • NO Parabens plant-based • NO Dyes • NO SLES • NO Phosphate • NO 1, 4 Dioxane • NO Alcohol • NO Optical brighteners • NO Chlorine
  8. 8. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.PersonalCareAnti-Aging and Paraben FreeSkin CareParabens are found in a variety of everyday products- cosmetics, deodorant, face cream, shampoo andtoothpaste. An estimated 90% of cosmetic productsinclude parabens. Certain parabens are linked to skinirritation and even premature aging.
  9. 9. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. Try the Healthy Coffee C a p p u cc i n o B l e n d s Original Blend Sweet Balance Collafee (Ganoderma + Omega-3) (Ganoderma + Artichoke) (+ Collagen) Black Blends Original Blend Sweet Balance Weight Loss (Ganoderma + Omega-3) (Ganoderma + Artichoke) (Ganoderma + Green Tea)
  10. 10. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. Transform90 System is not about endless fitness videos with old exercise 90 routines, starvation diets or pointless ”Yo-Yo” effects. System Ardyss Transform90 System is about eating more than 5 times a day...1 One BALANCED MEAL The system with simple steps as 1, 2, 3 !2 Two SHAKES3 Three SNACKS AT DAY! One thing is to lose weight and another thing is to reach a healthy weight and keep it.
  11. 11. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. 90 Meet the three key factors of the Ardyss Transform90 System: System Makeover Effect Lipotransportation Smart NutritionIt brings instant gratification, An instant outside-in effect that provides Our products are filled with a wide varietyimproving your self-confidence and abdominal pressure while reducing at least of ingredients that will revitalize you from maximizing your health results! two sizes in less than 10 minutes. inside-out. DA 0 Y 90 ER RESULTS T 1 MI N UTE S LA DAY 1 Typical “Weight Loss Program” You can drop 3 sizes in 10 30 days 60 days 90 days minutes and transform your body in 90 days while earning TIME (DAYS) extra income!
  12. 12. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.How do youget Paid?Promote and ShareArdyss ProductsThe sky is the limit! As you share andinvite people into your Ardyss business,your growth is only limited by how muchyou share, invite and promote it!As you can see, the growth can beexponential and snowball as the peopleyou bring in, duplicate your efforts.
  13. 13. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. With 10 ways to earn money, Ardyss’ business opportunity is unmatched in the industry. 1. Direct Sales 2. Fast Start Express Bonus 3. Power Pack Bonus 4. Enrollment Relationship Bonus 5. Unilevel Bonus 6. Generational Bonus 7. Car Bonus 8. Rank Bonus 9. Matching Rank Bonus 10. Power Start Bonus *Distributors must meet the minimum requirement for weekly bonuses as outlined in the Compensation Plan. Note: Not all bonuses apply to every country.
  14. 14. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. Benefits of joining with the Business Builder Pack. Power Up Your Business – The Best Way to Get StartedWith Power Start, you can build up your bank accountwhile you build residual.Personally earn up to $500,000 with this bonus, but also receive a 100% Matching Bonus for each person you enroll as aBusiness Builder. As you build and duplicate, what a great incentivefor you and your team.
  15. 15. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.Ranks Platinum - $318,521Payout Diamond - $179,076 Executive - $117,421 President - $64,387 Director - $31,471 Manager - $13,837 Platinum Supervisor - $5,098 Coordinator - $1,415 Diamond Executive Advisor - $453 President Coordinator Supervisor INCOME DISCLAIMER: Director Manager The incomes listed are averages of our top Distribu- Advisor tors. These earnings are atypical and may vary upon the efforts of each Distributor. Visit: for complete details.
  16. 16. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. How to Enroll $29 $99 + Membresía+ $299 Membresía MEMBRESÍA PREMIER PACK BUSINESS BUILDER PACK INCLUYE EL POWER ST AR T 1 Body Magic o AbdoMen 1 Body Magic o AbdoMen, 1 NutriShake Chocolate 3 NutriShake Chocolate, Kit de Membresía 2 Le´Vive Green, 1 Thermogen, 1 Green 29, 1 Transform 90 (Guía), 1 Paquete de herramientas de prospectación Kit de Membresía Ideal para venta directa Para vender producto Ideal for the business builder who wants to y generar un ingreso extra y comenzar tu propio negocio generate a significant long term income Acceso a descuentos Acceso a descuentos Acceso a descuentos del 40% del 40% del 40% Página web personal Página web personal Página web personal Prueba por 30 días Acceso total al Acceso total al Plan de Compensaciones Plan de Compensaciones Gana Bonos extras con el Power Start
  17. 17. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.Getting Started Training
  18. 18. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.Ardyss Success Training Make a list of 50 - 100 Prospects • Show them your… Excitement, Urgency and Conviction. • Let your Uplineand tools help you present and explain the business. • Get them on a 3-Way Call, to an Ardyss Presentation or to a Weekly Opportunity Meeting.
  19. 19. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e.Ardyss Unified Success Training Follow these 3 simple steps Step 1 Step 2 Step 3 Pass out a Use the product minimum of 20 Enroll a minimum every day prospect packs of 2 people each month every month
  20. 20. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. Schedule your first Ardyss Presentation 1. Show the Ardyss Opportunity to a minimum of 15 people during your first week in the business. 2. Schedule 3 Ardyss Presentations within your first 10 days. An Ardyss Presentation is the most effective use of everyone’s time and is key to reaching your goals quickly. Schedule your Ardyss Presentation in 48 hours, 2nd within 5 days, 3rd within 10 days. Remember: “3 in 10. Do it AGAIN!”
  21. 21. faith. fami l y. l i f e s t y l e. Attend Ardyss Events Corporate Calls Team Calls Webinar Trainings Weekly Opportunity Meetings Super Saturday Trainings Regional Trainings Extravaganza Events