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  1. 1. beauty in motion since 20 03 in troducti on to a r457 c o s m e ti c e x c e l lenc e for sPa s
  2. 2. «Il ne se trouve aucune vérIté quI surpasse tout à faIt, le désIr, la foI Incandescente dans ce que l’on entreprend. l’erreur est certes compagnon de ce voyage que l’on ne clôt jamaIs vraIment, maIs ultImement, Il semble que résIde dans cette énergIe spontanée une essence authentIque ImpossIble à contrefaIre. alors faIsons fI des artIfIces de la raIson et du conformIsme pour persIster à Inventer, et à chérIr ce quelque chose, d’autant plus ardemment, que nous le nouons de notre étoffe et de nos valeurs.» pIerre emmanuel saubade, ar457’s creator, presIdent of la maIson de l’argan introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 2
  3. 3. Summary ar457 beyond the code p. 4 a cosmetic line recognized by beauty professionals p. 5 ar457 technical datas p. 6 ar457 oleotreatment menu p. 21 The art of optimizing ar457 treatments p. 22 introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 3
  4. 4. ar457 beyond the code from The very beginning, Ar457 hAs been The expression of A single ideA And desire To fuse A millenAry fluid And cuTTing-edge cosmeTics using The lATesT discoveries To enhAnce And refine A nATurAl mirAcle. ar argan 4 tocopherols, natural antioxidants that prevent the skin’s ageing process and the formation of wrinkles. 5 phytosterols that revitalize the skin and regenerate cells 7 biomolecules with healing, filtering, revitalizing, protective and disinfectant properties More than just a cosmetic active, Argan oil is the natural focus of ar457 skincare line and the key to its virtuous code: Real blend of technology and nature, tradition and in- novation, ar457 embodies a new approach of skincare; respecting the classic codes of luxury while exploring new horizons. Glamorous, smart, state-of-the-art and trendy, The culT of excellence : ar457 is definitely the code of change towards highly effi- Beyond cosmetics, ar457 is the fruit of an unsatiable cient skincare. quest towards constant improvement and innova- tion, a play with fragrances and textures, opening the senses to new perspectives. ar457 skincare A perfecT Alchemy: products concentrate high proportions of natural Argan oil virtues are manifold and have not all been actives, bringing immediate radiance while sublima- discovered yet. To elaborate their products, LA ting the skin day after day. MAISON DE L’ARGAN- ar457 have decided to work in Recognized by the aesthetic professionals, ar457 close relationship with cooperatives for the benefit expertise has created a full spa range composed of of an uncomparable quality. Rigorously selected, 10 skincare products, and a dedicated Treatment Argan nuts undergo specific lab & manufacture Protocol : the “Oleosthetic Concept”. processes (exclusive eco-friendly ambient tempera- ture formulation technique) to preserve and magnify the properties of the active ingredients involved and reduce energy consumption. cosmeTic inTelligence As quality and efficiency have always been amongst ar457 has always priviledged natural active ingre- LA MAISON DE L’ARGAN’s most important concerns, dients over technology (free of parabens and colou- ar457 has chosen to introduce very high percen- ring agents) as long as efficacy, safety and comfort of tages of Argan oil in its formulas (up to 98.5%). use are guaranteed. To magnify their efficiency, state-of-the-art active As short as it is efficient, the line unveils 7 face cares ingredients coming from all around the world are and 5 body cares answering the skin’s specific needs rigorously selected and incorporated, giving each without multiplying the references unnecessarily; product unprecedented virtues. Argan oil, being an intelligent active ingredient, it adapts to every skin type, regenerating dry skins and balancing greasy ones. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 4
  5. 5. endorsed by beauty professIonals Karen Alder, Make-up Artist known for her collaborations with Dannii & Kylie Minogue, Holly Valance, Sugar Babes, Gillian Anderson, Minnie Driver, Jamiroquai.... « «ar457 serum is amazing, it's like a 10hr sleep in every application. Most of my clients are burning the candle at both ends, long haul flights, late night shows, make-up, make-up and more make-up all leads to stressed out , tired and dull looking skin. We use this every night or even as a pre-base, it leaves the skin beautifully fresh, plump and ready for action… ». Karen Alder Nicky Kinaird in « The New York Times Style Magazine » (automne 2008), from Sandra Ballantine. «ar457’s Elixir Metaserum, which contains Argan oil, is marvelously regenerative and soothing for sensitive skin». Nicky Kinnaird, founder of Space NK, constantly looking for the best cosmetic products worldwide and constant supporter of ar457. partners These presTigious spAs AlreAdy TrusTing Ar457’s quAliTy : the greenwIch hotel shIbuI spa, new york, the hautsache spa, stuttgart the angleterre hotel spa, st-petersburg the four seasons george v, parIs introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 5
  6. 6. ar457 Products’ Technical Datas ar457 face cares: skin cleanser [dmkr] p. 7 hydrating face peeling[peel] p. 8 skin shaker mask [eq-m] p. 9 well-being care[dwlb] p. 10 regenerating care[ny-t] p. 11 elixir metaserum [lyf ] p. 12 long lasting eye contour [look] p. 13 ar457 body cares : silky body oil [hcor] p. 14 redefining & firming care IbackupI p. 15 cellulite & slimming care IctrlI p. 16 hydrating body peeling [peel-b] exclusive Professional p. 18 Intense massage oil (pur) exclusive Professional p. 19 introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 6
  7. 7. skIn cleanser dmkr soin démAquillAnT Lv 457 - 101 Description : Complete Skin Cleanser treatment oil Packaging: bottle Content: 150 ml – 5.1 fl. Oz Reminders: - Complete skin cleanser care - Removes the most resistant make-ups - Prevents wrinkle formation - Moisturizes and softens the skin, leaving it purified, soft and soothed Key ingredients: -ARGAN*: prevents the formation of wrinkles. -Delta 7 sterols act on physiological disorders, such as hyper-seborrhoea +Alpha Bisabolol (small South-American bush ex- tract): anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, repairing and softening properties. Application: Key effects: Wet a cotton pad with lukewarm water applying a few drops of Skin Cleanser [dmkr] to remove impu- Acts as a skin cleanser but also as a real moisturizing rities and makeup from your skin. Repeat the same and anti-ageing efficient care. gesture using cold water to complete the cleansing Removes even the most resistant make-ups thanks action and refine the pores. Leave on without rinsing to its affinity with all make-up formulas. off to benefit from the outstanding virtues of [dmkr]. Leaves the skin clean, soft, soothed, and ready to receive further cosmetic care. # further applIcatIon 3 dampen your face with lukewarm water and apply a few drops of skin cleanser to your fingertips massaging in with gentle circular movements; focusing on the forehead, cheeks and chin to obtain visibly relaxed features. Then, apply [dmkr] on a cotton pad soaked in cold water to remove makeup and cleanse skin deeply. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 7
  8. 8. hydra peel peel hydrATing fAce peeling Lv 457 - 102 Description : Gentle Exfoliating Face Scrub Packaging: bottle Content: 50 ml – 1.7fl.Oz Reminders: - Double exfoliating action: moist “grainy scrub” then “dry exfoliant” - Removes all impurities - Stimulates microcirculation - Immediate highlighting effect: the skin is left supple, moisturized and with a velvety sensation Key ingredients: -ARGAN*: moisturizing, nourishing and restructu- ring; Revitalizes, protects the skin and stimulates cell activity. - Argan shell powder : gently exfoliates and removes Application: impurities - Aloe Vera (40%): protective, moisturizing, healing, [peel] can be used in two ways depending on the soothing, and softening. desired scrubbing intensity. Apply either on dry skin - Tapioca: softening, refining. for a double effect, light “grainy scrub” and then “dry - Chitosan Succinamide: Marine extract. Corrects exfoliating”, or on moist skin to provide a soft exfo- the imperfections and smoothes the skin micro-re- liation (avoiding eye area). Rinsed off carefully with lief. lukewarm water, [peel] leaves you skin feeling soft, revitalized and your complexion wonderfully radiant. It is an ideal prelude to Skin Shaker [eq-M]. Key effects: - Double exfoliating action, first: damp, grainy pee- ling, Second: dry exfoliant. - Ensures in-depth cleansing, removes impurities while preserving the hydrolipid layer - Stimulates microcirculation - Leaves the skin soft, revitalized and with a wonder- fully radiant complexion introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 8
  9. 9. skIn shaker eq-M mAsque visAge equilibrAnT Lv 457 – 103 Description : Moisturizing and Cleansing mask « Jelly-like » emulsion Packaging: jar Content: 50 ml – 1.7fl.Oz Reminders: - Unusual “jelly-like” formula for deep penetration of the active ingredients into the skin - Highly regenerates, moisturizes and balances the skin - Immediate radiance effect - Slight “tingling” sensation due to the active ingredients is normal Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: Intense, long-lasting moisturizing effect ; keeps your skin supple and maintain elasticity, provi- ding in-depth restoration of cell communication. - Kaolin (white clay called “China clay”, from Kaoling Hill, China): healing; selective antiseptic effect, sti- mulating cell regeneration and forming a film. Ideal for sensitive and dry skins. Highly concentrated in minerals. - Red algae gel (from Hawaii): moisturizing and protective. - Meristem oak root extract (Quercus Robur): “anti- stress”, softening and descongestioning; ideal for irritated and sensitive skins. Key effects: - the texture ensures deep penetration of the natu- ral ingredients into the skin - stimulates cell regeneration - balances and moisturizes the skin - tightens the pores to leave the skin clear and soo- thed Application: Apply the Skin Shaker mask [eq-M] onto perfectly clean skin, avoiding the area around the eyes. Put small dabs on the bridge of the nose, working your way towards the outer part of your face and neck, and then leave on the skin for 4 to 8 minutes. Remo- ve the remaining cream, rinsing off with lukewarm water. [eq-M] is so active that you will feel it work on your skin immediately. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 9
  10. 10. well beIng care dwlb soin bien-eTre Lv 457 - 104 Description : Protective, firming day cream Packaging: jar Content: 50 ml – 1.7fl.Oz Reminders: - Wonderfully moisturizing day cream with Sun Protection - High protection against exterior attacks (pollution, wind, etc) - Penetrates quickly, leaves the skin soft - Ideal makeup base Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: balances and revitalizes cel; protects your skin and helps it resist cold, pollution, stress, and sun exposure. Intense anti-free radicals action. Squalene: powerful antioxidant precursor of DHEA, with similar effects Application: - Octylmethocynnamate (OMC) and Benzopheno- Apply Well-Being Care [dwlb] onto face and neck ne-3 respectively form UVB and UVA resistant layers. massaging in with gentle circular movements. Pro- These sun filters are encapsulated in nanospheres to viding a perfect light moisturizing care, [dwlb] is not prevent them from affecting your skin or interfering only designed to keep you skin’s radiance but is also with other beauty treatments. an ideal makeup base. Combined with a highly effec- - Aloe Vera (10%): moisturizing, soothing and emol- tive sunscreen complex (SPF8), [dwlb] is the ultimate lient. in daily protection. - Chitosan Succinamide: Marine extract. Corrects the imperfections and smoothes the skin micro-re- lief. - Tapioca: softening, refining. Key effects: - the capsules of sun filters acts as real “sunglasses” protecting from sunrays - protects from the daily strains of the environment - restores and tones the skin - penetrates quickly, refines and softens the skin introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 10
  11. 11. regeneratIng care ny-t soin régénérAnT Lv 457 - 105 Description : Deep Repairing Night Treatment Packaging: jar Content: 50 ml – 1.7fl.Oz Reminders: - Exceptionally regenerating, restructuring and anti-wrinkle care - Deeply repairs, moisturizes and firms - Brings all the necessary active ingredients to the skin Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: anti-ageing, restorative, moisturizing; double anti-free radical action Squalene: powerful antioxidant precursor of DHEA, with similar effects. - +Aloe Vera (20%): moisturizing, soothing and emollient. - Atelocollagen & Chondroitin S.: Marine elements. Wrinkles filler, with smoothing and hydrating virtues (filling marine orbs). - Meristem oak root extract (Quercus Robur): “anti- stress”, softening and descongestioning; ideal for irritated and sensitive skins. - Chitosan Succinamide: Marine extract. Corrects the imperfections and smoothes the skin micro-relief. # further applIcatIon 3 Tapioca: softening, refining. further application: for an enhanced night regenerating action, apply a few drops of serum elixir [lyf ] on your Key effects: skin prior to the application of [ny-t]. can also be applied in the morning as a highly nourishing solution - stimulates and boosts cell activity for deep regene- to awaken and stimulate your skin. ration - deeply moisturizes and neutralizes free radicals - gives elasticity and firmness back to the skin Application: Apply Regenerating Care [ny-t] onto perfectly clean skin rubbing in by using gentle upward movements towards the exterior and by smoothing from the chin towards the base of the neck, including the cleavage. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 11
  12. 12. elIXIr serum lyf sérum elixir Lv 457 - 106 Description : Face-lift serum Packaging: glass bottle Content: 30 ml – 1fl.Oz Reminders: - Spectacular face lifting effect - Elixir is the youth factor of dehydrated skin - Ideal serum to smooth out traces of fatigue after exhausting working day or sleepless night: leaves the skin radiant - Rescue serum for unexpected spots, minor burns, splitting nails, dry hair lengths “ A natural Inspiration, an avant-garde cosmetic in an absolute concentrate of pure beauty. ” Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: Gamma-tocopherols block the action of free radicals and stop the cell malfunctions that cause skin ageing. AGE and AGI are restructuring and rejuvenating (prolonging the moisturizing effect). Application: Delta 7 sterols (phytosterol) inhibit the factors that cause skin problems such as acnea and hyper- Apply 2 or 3 drops of Elixir [lyf ] on face, neck and seborhea. cleavage massaging gently with your fingertips until Squalene: precursor of DHEA (anti-ageing hormone). fully absorbed. To experience optimum results and Lupeol has healing properties and promotes the recreate the skin’s fundamental equilibrium, follow proliferation of keratinocytes (hair, nails, and skin). a 20 day treatment programme applying [lyf ] mor- - Padina Pavonica (Mediteranean brown algae): ning and night. Can be alternately used with the stimulates and intensifies skin's firmness and Regenerating Care [ny-t] or to magnify the effects elasticity, as well as reducing sensitivity to a variety of the Skin Shaker Mask [eq-M], to smooth out the of aggressive agents, particularly free radicals. deepest wrinkles and nourish the most dehydrated - Caprylic Triglyceride (in plant oils such as coconuts): face areas. highly emollient - Rosemary: Antioxydant Key effects: -corrects extreme dryness by moisturizing deeply and protects from free radicals -has anti-ageing, restructuring and rejuvenating effects -gives firmness and elasticity back to the skin (lifting effect) introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 12
  13. 13. long lastIng eye contour look conTour des yeux Lv 457 - 110 Description : Anti-ageing Eye Contour Cream Packaging: glass bottle Content: 15 ml -0.5fl.Oz Reminders: - Immediate lifting effect - Long lasting anti-ageing action - Visibly rejuvenates the eye contour (good for lip contour as well) Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: Gamma-tocopherols (a high proportion in Argan oil) are strong antioxidants Phytosterols help cellular regeneration and revitalize the skin. - Lysolecithine(from natural lecithine): calming, lenitive and alleviating properties. - Oil of Perilla (Asia): protects cellular membranes against the effects of free radicals and reduces wrinkles and the loss of elasticity while reinforcing the cutaneous barrier. - Shea Butter (Africa): hydrating, healing, regenerating and nourishing properties. - Anise Extract: generates subcutaneous muscles relieving and thus corrects the wrinkles caused by face movements. - Sweet Almond Proteins: smoothe micro-relief and retighten the skin. - Atelocollagen & Chondroitine S: Marine elements. Wrinkles filler, smoothing off the features for a light boost and continuing hydration Key effects: - brings a first natural “smoothing” and lifting effect - acts as a long-lasting eye contour, reduces wrinkles and retightens the skin - moisturizes and nourishes the fragile eye contour zone Application: Apply [look] around your eyes with light strokes, smoothing it out gently over any crows’ feet, then dab lightly all over the area. Repeat the process around your lips, starting at the bottom, stopping at the outline of your lips. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 13
  14. 14. sIlky oIl hcor ar457 InternatIonal huile sATin Lc 457 - 108 Description : Dry Body oil Packaging: bottle Content: 150 ml– 5.1 fl. Oz Reminders: - Quick drying oil enabling immediate application of clothing - Moisturizing, firming and anti-ageing effects - Ideal freshness sensation for tired legs or after sunbathing - Incredible satin smoothness Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: anti-ageing restorative, moisturizing. γ-tocopherols & Polyphenols: double action anti-free radicals delta 7 sterols firm cell tissues and reinforce the fibroblast network, with a localized anti-gravity effect. Lupeol has healing properties Squalene: powerful antioxidant precursor of DHEA, the anti-ageing hormone -+Alpha Bisabolol (small South-American bush Application: extract): anti-inflammatory, anti-irritant, repairing and softening properties. Spray either on wet or dry skin after shower or bath. - Menthol derivative: fast-acting vasoconstrictor Gently massage upwards, spending more time on effect; stimulates and refreshes. areas that tend to loose their firmness. Silky oil [hcor] is also ideal after sun exposure and hair removal. Key effects: - anti-ageing, moisturizing and firming properties - leaves the skin softened and hydrated - re-energizes tired legs - soothes after sunbathing - quick drying introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 14
  15. 15. redefInIng and fIrmIng care |backup| soin redéfiniTion Lc 457 - 111 Description : Milk Cream Packaging: bottle Content: 200 ml -6.8fl.Oz Reminders: - 72% reduction of stretch marks’ depth - The loose skin recovers its firmness and youthfulness - The skin is visibly smoothed, softened and toned up - Easy and quick application Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: EFA, anti-ageing, restorative. UFA, moisturizer. γ-tocopherols & Polyphenols: double action anti-free radicals delta 7 sterols firm cell tissues and reinforce the fibroblast network, with a localized anti-gravity effect. Squalene: powerful antioxidant precursor of DHEA, the anti-ageing hormone - Phaseolus Lunatus extract (green bean known Application: as Lima bean, South America) and rutin (Vitamin To prevent stretch marks appearance, apply Rede- P): antagonize the activated inflammatory cells fining and Firming Care |backup| once a day on dry responsible for tissue degradation. skin focusing on targeted areas. - Matrikines (peptides): stimulate repair of the To correct the imperfections and the effects of damaged extra cellular matrix. ageing, use a 45 days treatment programme ap- -Glaucine: multifunctional molecule that inhibits plying |backup| twice a day on affected areas. To the appearance of new adipocytes, improving water optimize the draining action, smooth insistently on distribution, restoring skin’s firmness. thighs, bottom and hips using an upward move- ment. Massage in with light circular movements to treat the tummy, breasts and arms. Key effects: - Prevents and repairs stretch marks with a 72% decrease of stretch marks depth - Deep draining action that tones up the skin - Tissue reversion : the adipose tissue is converted into a firm one (made of fibroblast) - Moisturizing, anti-ageing and restructuring pro- perties introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 15
  16. 16. cellulIte & slImmIng control care |ctrl| huile sATin Lc 457 - 112 Description : Milk Cream Packaging: bottle Content: 200 ml -6.8fl.Oz Reminders: - 19% average reduction of cellulite aspect - Up to 4.5cm* fat reduction on hips, 2.5cm* on thighs, 5cm* on stomach - The skin is visibly smoothed, and the body’s contour redefined - Easy and quick application - Can be used in tandem with |backup| Key ingredients: - ARGAN*: anti-ageing, restora- tive, moisturizing; double action anti-free radicals, smoothing - Sacred Lotus (India): Stimulates fat elimination Application: and stops fat stocking for an ultimate anti-cellulite action. Boosts drainage and preserves the skin’s To prevent the appearance of cellulite, apply Cel- elasticity/suppleness. lulite & Slimming Control Care |ctrl| daily, focusing - Corallina Officinalis (calcium rich Coral extract): on targeted areas. For optimal results, massage fast absorption within the cells, amplifies the slim- lightly in small circular movements in a clockwise ming action. direction. For targeting specific problems areas of cellulite and to refine the body’s contour, apply |ctrl| twice Key effects: a day, from the ankles to the hips firmly kneading - Prevents and treats cellulite with a 19% average and massaging the skin with your fingers. reduction of cellulite aspect (after a 26 days treat- |ctrl| can be used as the first part of a full body ment programme when applied twice a day). treatment programme with ar457’s Redefining & - Deep draining action that enables significant fat Firming Care |backup|. reduction on the targeted areas and tones up the skin - Refines the body’s contour: Up to 4.5cm* fat reduction on hips, 2.5cm* on thighs, 5cm* on stomach after a 56 day treatment programme, applied twice a day. - Moisturizing, anti-ageing and restructuring properties. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 16
  17. 17. professIonal cares exclusive introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 17
  18. 18. renewIng argan body scrub peel-b gommAge corporel à l'ArgAn "nouvel éclAT" peel-b 457-107-500 Description : Anti-ageing body scrub Packaging : Plastic Bottle Content : 500ml -17 fl.oz Reminders: - Innovative formulation combining the smoothing, refining properties of ultra-fine Argan nut powder with a complex rich in rejuvenating Argan oil - Double exfoliating action : « grainy peel » and « dry exfoliant », enabling to remove all impurities - Stimulates blood micro-circulation and cells’ renewal - Preserves & restores the hydro-lipid layer - Leaves the skin soft and velvety Key ingredients: - ARGAN: AGI, moisturizing, nourishing and regenerating properties ; AGE, regulate cell exchanges. Phystosterols: antioxidant, revitalize and protects the epidermis, revive cells’ activity. - Argan powder : exfoliates and removes impurities (x2.5 bigger compared to face srub) - Aloe Vera (40%): protective, moisturizing, healing Professional Recommandation: and smoothing agent. This Body scrub can be mixed with |ctrl| & |backup| - Tapioca: softening, refining. to obtain either a slimming or firming exfoliation- - Meristem oak root extract: anti-ageing, softening modelage. and decongestant - Chitosan Succinamide: corrects minor skin imperfections, giving a sensation of velvety softness. Right Gesture: Smooth [peel-b] in a circular motion from the feet to the cleavage (use face peeling for the cleavage as the cleavage skin is finer) for a first wet grainy scrub. Keep smoothing until in-depth dry exfolia- tion of the skin. Rinse off with warm water. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 18
  19. 19. Intense oIl (pur) huile inTense pur 457-109-500 Description : anti-ageing massage oil Packaging : Plastic Bottle Content : 500ml -17 fl.oz Reminders: - 98.5% pure Premium Argan oil - Provides all the benefits of Argan oil : hydrating, nourishing, firming, cicatrizing, purifying, healing, protective, revitalizing… - Enables a prolonged modelage for a balanced skin - A delicate fragrance, for a deep well-being moment Key ingredients: - 98,5% Pure Premium Argan oil : nourishing, protective, anti-ageing EFA : anti-ageing and restorative, UFA : moisturizing γ-tocopherols & Polyphenols : anti-free radicals double action delta 7 sterols firm cell tissues and reinforce the fibroblast network, with a localized anti-gravity effect. - Squalene: powerful antioxidant precursor of DHEA (anti-ageing hormone) - Alpha Bisabolol: soothing, softening. Right Gesture: Apply (pur) on the hair, face and body massaging gently. The massage oil (pur) can be warmed lightly before use. Suitable for all skin types. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 19
  20. 20. the oleosthetIc concept The ArT of opTimizing Ar457 TreATmenTs what is it all about ? The Oleosthetic Concept is an exclusive method, simple and unique that fuses the following elements : - A unique history, a state of mind, a concept, - Technical datas on each ar457 formula, - A Cabine ambiance, - Detailed Prescriptions for each skin type, - An ar457 Treatment menu, - A selling Method. We propose each new partner to benefit from this Protocol and detailed training manual in order to enable them to make the most of our prestige Treatments and formulas. 
 introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 20
  21. 21. ar457 oleotreatment menu Face ]time[pur –Youth and Purity 60’ Chosing this Expert treatment combining high technology and the right Premium Argan Body Oil concentration, your skin will be sublimated, firmer, visibly younger and relaxed as soon as ]d-stress[– Massages 90’ the 1st session ends. Your complexion will be pure and matt, your [nu-skin] – Natural scrub 20’ skin’s surface smoother. [nu-skin]slim – Slimming scrub 30’ [nu-skin]tonic – Firming scrub 30’ ]time[soft –Youth and nutrition 60’ This treatment, unique in terms of exfoliation is strongly advised This Premium Argan Oil High Concentration treatment will make before any massage. your skin more supple True Argan nut body « sablage », it will leave your skin soft, luminous, replenished and densified . Your wrinkles and fine lines luminous, and even. will be visibly diminished. Experiment Slimming or Firming to ad a deeper effect on Indulge yourself Calm and serenity. targeted areas. [focus] – Essential 40’ [detox]slim – Anti-cellulite slimming and smoothing 50’ True deep radiance booster, this treatment will illuminate your [detox]tonic – Remodeling and Firming 50’ complexion. Your skin will recover freshness and luminosity before any special These treatments recommended in Intensive courses will deeply event. treat targeted areas, lastingly. They can be part of a complete Health and Beauty Management cure. [flash] – Instant Radiance 15’ The Express treatment for a pick me up effect. [nu-mum] – Resculpting New mum 60’ This treatment, true intense firming bodycare, is adapted to future or new mums. It will prevent stretchmarks and re- sculpt problematic areas. [ends]up – Hands 30’ [ends]down – Feet 30’ True beautifying treatments for tired feet and stressed hands. Lightness and softness recovered. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 21
  22. 22. day spa packages [d-day] Special Bride « Sublime » moment 4h J-1 : 1 scrub(20’) + massage (60’) 1 oleofacial (60’) Manicure, pedicure (50’) complete waxing Access Hammam, jacuzzi, spa jet... Jour J: Hair care + hairdressing [Flash] + make-up (45’) [jet]lag Deep regeneration and « recovery » moment 3h Firming scrub+ massage (1h30) Essential oleofacial (40’) ends up and down (40’) Access spa-jet, cascade, jet... [genesis] Special New Mums « cocooning » moment 2h30 [Nu-mum] (60’) Ends up et down (40’) Soin Time (60’) Access pool, jacuzzi, spa jet... [d-tox] « detox and relax » moment 3h10 Scrub + Massage (1h30) Ends up et down (40’) [time]pur (60’) Option: haircare Access spa-jet, massage, jet... introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 22
  23. 23. optImIzed cabIne treatments ApplicATions per producT Ar457 has been designed to answer the specific needs of beauty professionals. • The 250 ml ou 500ml bottles ensure maximum hygiene as the formula is protected from air. • Ar457 formulas are highly concentrated in active ingredients - a very little amount is necessary on each application to provide maximum results and bring radiance and comfort back to the skin. Product Name Reference Cent Number of Applications* Skin Cleanser [dmrk] DMKR 457-101 250 ml 85 Hydrating Face Peeling [peel] PEEL 457-102 250 ml 42 Skin Shaker Mask [eq-M] EQM 457-103 250 ml 42 Well-Being Care [dwlb] DWLB 457-104 250 ml 125 Regenerating Care [ny-t] NYT 457- 105 250 ml 125 Elixir Serum [lyf ] LYF 457 - 106 125 ml 125 Hydra Peel Body [peel-b] PEEL-B 457 - 107 500 ml 17 Silky Body oil [hcor] HCOR 457-108-500 500 ml 100 Legs (after hair removal) 50 Entire Body Redefining & Firming Care |bac- BACKUP 457 – 111 - 500 500 ml 50 kup| Intense oil (Massage) PUR 457-109 - 500 500 ml 25 * These applications numbers are indicative. introduction to ar ar457 | cosmetic excellence for Spas 23
  24. 24. contact us l a m a I s o n d e l’ a rg a n - ar457 98 quaI des chartrons bp70 3 3 0 4 1 b o r d e a u X f r a n c e tel : +33 (0) 5 56 43 56 46 faX : +33 (0) 5 56 43 56 40 j . p I q u e t @ a r 4 5 7 . c o m a r 4 5 7 ' s r a n g e I s ava I l a b l e w I t h I n a l a rg e network of 300 spas & prestIgIous InstItutes such as : four seasons spa's - george v (parIs) g r e e n w I c h h o t e l ( n e w y o r k , u s a ) s p a c e n k ( u s a ) , b e a u t I k c a r e & t r e at ( r o m a n I a ) , l a n e c r aw f o r d ( h o n g - k o n g , c h I n a ) , b e a u t y w o r k s ( g r e e c e ) a n d a l w a y s a t w w w. a r 4 5 7 . c o m w w w. a r 4 57. c oM