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At home party


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At home party

  1. 1. Ardyss@Home Partytraining
  2. 2. To create a fun, friendly and high energyatmosphere that will allow your guest to taste,feel and experience Ardyss Products and learnof the Life Changing Opportunity.Objective
  3. 3. • Use the products, talk about theproducts and share your experience withas many people as possible.Mindset
  4. 4. • Atmosphere: 93% of what we remember comesfrom your experience.• Market specific up beat party music.• Set candles and lighting.• Product and experience placement, not all on onetable, people need to mingle.Step 1Create @ Home Party
  5. 5. • Have Le’Vive, Coffee, Ardyss Cran-Aloecocktails and Nutri-Shake smoothies.• You can also have veggies, fruit andcrackers.• Keep the focus on Ardyss products.Tastings
  6. 6. • Have multiple garments on hand for guest to see,feel and touch.• Before and After booklets, pictures and catalogs.• Make the displays sexy and appealing.• Do a live transformation.Reshaping
  7. 7. • Skin Care, Personal Care and Home Care products,attractively set out.• Use your home if possible, kitchen counter near thefaucet for them to try the household products.• Allow guest to experience all products.• Optional facials.Skin & Home Care products
  8. 8. Presentation room ready for showing the DVD.Guestbook for sign in.Tastings prepared and ready.Brochures, Postcards, Catalogs, Price List, Recipes,Magazines and all marketing materials placed properly.Computer and paper applications ready for enrollment.Inventory and pre-set packages ready to retail at the endof the party.Checklist
  9. 9. • Personally welcome each guest at the front door and askthem to please sign your guestbook.• Be enthusiastic, high energy, passionate and createinterest and curiosity.• Make sure guest are trying all the products, small samplesthat you can refill.• You have to be the Host with the Most! Be conversationalnot presentational.Step 2:Get the party started
  10. 10. • Have pitchers of drinks out so you can easily refill glassesand ask them: “It taste good doesnt it?”.• Make sure you have hot water to serve fresh coffee.• Share your story about the results or use other peoples.• If someone asks you to try a reshaping garment, let themand make it part of the presentation.• Be mindful of the time, you can always do moretransformations at the end.Step 2:Get the party started
  11. 11. • If you havent done a transformation now is the time toask for guest that would like to be amazed.• Use your personal story to create an emotional connectionas you introduce the DVD. Push Play!• Once the DVD is finished bring the model out for theirtransformation, ask them how they feel.Step 3: Play the DVD
  12. 12. • Share your personal decision to get started with Ardyss, theopportunity you saw when you were sitting in their seat.• Use a closing script until you feel comfortable with your ownclose.1. Two types of people.2. I remember (Personal experience).3. By now...Step 4: Summarize & Close
  13. 13. • “There are 2 types of people sitting here right now, Theres people here todaywho want to accept the challenge to a Healthier You! You are ready to takeaction and willing to allow me to help you get the right products to accomplish yougoals. I have several packages from which you can choose, or I can customize oneespecially for you. As soon as we finish I can get each of you started today onHealthier, Happier You!• There is the second person in here today, they are also committed to theHealthier You, but you can also see yourself doing just as I am here today, sharingand promoting for profit. You can see the simplicity of what I just did and youare ready to start supplementing your income. If that is you… Congratulations.I would like to invite you to stick around for 15 minutes and I will personally getyou launched into your own home-based business Today!”.Closing 1: Two types of people
  14. 14. • I remember when I was sitting right there where you are, I witnessed an amazingtransformation, I heard some inspiring stories and I experienced some incredibleproducts.• I knew I wanted to commit to being healthier, I knew I needed these products, Iknew I could use some financial help, but I didnt know if I could do it; but when mysponsor shared with me the packages for getting started, I was absolutely convincedthat I needed to join the Ardyss family that day.• There was no risk, as a team member I was allowed to purchase at wholesale, Andall I had to do was use the products, share my experiences, host fun parties at myhouse and promote these one of a kind products for profit, I was convinced!• Today I stand here convicted inviting you to do the same. Are you ready to allowme help you change your health and improve your wealth?Closing 2: I Remember…
  15. 15. • By now you can relate to my excitement and enthusiasm.• By now you have no doubt thought about your own personal health, and the needs foryou and your family.• By now you have thought about your personal finances, retirement and your Plan B• By now many friends and family members faces have popped into your head that youknow could really benefit from this incredible line of products.• By now you have already decided that yes it is time for me to commit to makingchanges in your daily health practices.• By now the only real question left to answer is "Are we going to make some moneytogether or are you just going to be my Customer?"Closing 3: By now…
  16. 16. • Have inventory ready for those who want to buy products.Talk about their goals, weight loss, increase energy, painreduction and customize their order.• Always add a garment to each order, their appetite forbuying is never going to be higher than right now.• Be prepared to sell products, a customer can turn into apartner at anytime.• Ask if they would like to host a party for their family andfriends.Step 5:Sorting not selling
  17. 17. • For those that are ready to join the Ardyss Family,have them start filling out their application.• Remember that at this moment their enthusiasm ishigh and their fear is low, take action.• Use the “Launch Your Business” form.• It is important to get them involved right away!Step 5:Sorting not selling
  18. 18. Ideally each new partner should leave with:• User name and Password• Their Replicated site:• The “Launch Your Business” form filled out.• Some products in hand.• Have scheduled their first @ Home Party.• When you start strong, you finish strong.Step 5:Sorting not selling
  19. 19.  DVD player, CD player, Laptop and/or Computer Corporate DVD Ardyss Literature: Success Magazine, Vive (managers in motion), Postcards, Brochures,Recipe Cards. Catalogs and Price List. Tape measure and Measuring forms. Reshaping garments, Transformational dress, shirts, for men and women. Applications and Launch Your Business forms. Products: Le’Vive, Coffee, Nutritionals for other drinks, Nutri-Shake for smoothies. Product placement displays, empty bottles, health boxes, etc. Packages and product inventory for retailing. Winning Attitude: Your attitude determines your Altitude!Checklist for a Home Party
  20. 20. Ardyss@Home Partytraining