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Digital Media Newsletter


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Digital Medi Newsletter

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Digital Media Newsletter

  1. 1. Digital Media Newsletter Cartoonist Thomas Fishburne takes a dig at the Snapchat Marketing Phenomenon. He adds:- “As with any new platform, the risk is in the cart leading the horse. Many marketers will be rushing to come up with a “Snapchat strategy.” It’s important to remember that the brand strategy comes first, and Snapchat is a tool to evaluate against that brand strategy. Snapchat won’t be a good fit for every brand. It’s not a strategy unto itself.”
  2. 2. Key Highlights With 8.7% Engagement Rate Push Notification Beats Email and SMS [REPORT] –  71% of the smartphone users have given the permission to send the push notifications  Android leads with 100% opt-in rates as users are automatically opt-in when they download an Android app, whereas only 41% of the Apple iOS users grant the permission for the receiving push notifications.  8.7% of the smartphone users that receive the push notifications get engaged with it compared to an email which receives 2-3% clicks Detailed Story Here
  3. 3. Messaging Apps are the new stars! Detailed Story Here YouTube Is Becoming Many YouTubes to Keep Its Video Crown In addition to the original YouTube app, the company now has three other apps devoted to distinct niches—YouTube Music, YouTube Kids and YouTube Gaming
  4. 4. Digital Media – Recap Pokemon Go's developer, Niantic, has confirmed that it will feature sponsored locations in future, as brands and retailers try and cash in on the game's growing popularity.
  5. 5. Campaign of the month – India Nike’s Da Da Ding Campaign: Da Da Ding Brand: Nike Agency: Wieden+Kennedy India Stats: Run time: 2:52 | Views: 3,785,702 Average watch time: 1:45 | Average views per hour: 5,439 Detailed Story - da-ding/ Campaign of the month – Global IKEA Advert – Let’s Relax Campaign: Let’s Relax Brand: IKEA Agency: ACNE Stats: Run time: 1:35 | Views: 5,026,670 Average watch time: 0:55 | Average views per hour: 23,271 Thanks for Reading!