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Gartner Top 10 Strategy Technology Trends 2018


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Gartner Top 10 Strategy Technology Trends 2018
1. AI Foundation
2. Intelligent Apps and Analytics
3. Intelligent Things
4. Digital Twin
5. Cloud to the Edge
6. Conversational Platforms
7. Immersive Experience
8. Blockchain
9. Event Driven Model
10. Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust

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Gartner Top 10 Strategy Technology Trends 2018

  1. 1. Intelligent Mesh Insightful Aware Autonomous Immersive Dynamic Secure Digital
  2. 2. Blockchain Event Driven Model Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Digital Twin Cloud to the Edge Conversational Platforms Immersive Experience AI Foundation IntelligentApps and Analytics Intelligent Things Intelligent Digital Mesh
  3. 3. Intelligent By 2020 30% of CIOs will include AI in their top five investment priorities. 30% of new development projects will haveAI components delivered by joint teams of data scientists and programmers.
  4. 4. Artificial Intelligence Timeline Machine Learning Algorithms focused on a specific problem that provides insights. 1960's 1970's 1980's 1990's 2000's 2010's 2020's Unknown AI Foundation: AI Has a Long History General AI Applies intelligence to any problem (near-human-level intelligence). Supervised Learning Unsupervised Learning Reinforcement Learning AI Research Initial AI concepts NarrowAI GeneralAI Deep Learning
  5. 5. Packaged Software or Service Platform Services & Models as a Service Algorithm & Model Creation Analytics User Experience Processes What it Impacts How You Will Get it AI Foundation: Exploiting the Foundation for Business Value Professional Services
  6. 6. Apps& AnalyticsThings Intelligent Apps and Analytics: ML and AI Are Everywhere Consumer Appliances Industrial Equipment Medical Devices Robots Drones Autonomous Vehicles Packaged Applications Custom Applications Security and Operations Chatbots Virtual Assistants Advisors
  7. 7. Augmented Data Discovery and Analysis Augmented Data Science and Machine Learning §Citizen data scientist explores autogenerated models §End user or application-augmented §Autogenerated models and insights §NLP/NLQ exploration §NLG narration §Specialist data scientist builds and customizes models §Embedded §Assisted model building and customization, tuning, life cycle management Collaboration Is Key; Convergence Will Increase Over Time Intelligent Apps and Analytics: AugmentedAnalytics
  8. 8. On Kickstarter by Personal Health 360 Intelligent Apps and Analytics: Engaging Patients with Virtual Assistants Augment People with Intelligent Systems for Maximum Impact Machine Learning Natural Language Virtual Assistant Chatbots
  9. 9. Consumer Things Autonomous ThingsRobot Things Flying ThingsHealthcare Things Intelligent Things: Robots, Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
  10. 10. Intelligent Things: Swarm Intelligence for Cooperative Things
  11. 11. Digital By 2022 The Internet of Things (IoT) will save consumers and businesses $1 trillion a year in maintenance, services and consumables. User perception of and interaction with the digital world will begin to deliver a transparent immersive experience.
  12. 12. Asset Data Operational Data Context Data Operational Data Local Model Control Enterprise Systems CAD Models FEA Models Physics Based Model Statistical Models ML/AI Models Operational History Maintenance History Aggregate Data External Data Digital Twin Model Metadata Monitor,Analytics Simulation Digital Twin: Digital Representations of Real World Objects
  13. 13. Digital Twin: Driving Better Insights, Decisions, Products Observation OperationOptimization Keep your digital twin as simple as possible, but no simpler than that.
  14. 14. Who is responsible for integration, security, overall functionality? Tech Provider Ecosystem Digital Twin Model Developer Analytics Integration Contextual Data Services Semiconductor Enterprise Ecosystem Component Asset Vendor Asset Vendor Asset Owner Asset Operator Asset Servicer IT/OT Stake holders Digital Twin: A Complex Ecosystem With Conflicting Desires The Enterprise
  15. 15. Digital Twin: An Evolving and Expanding Digital Universe
  16. 16. Status Data Activity Data Context Data Operational Data Distributed Models Control (Process Automation) Internal & External Systems Business Op System DititalOps Models Relationship Models Rules & RPA Models ML/AI Models Transaction Records Process History Approval Logs Aggregate Data Digital Twin: Digital Process Twins Digital Twin Model Metadata Monitor,Analytics Simulation
  17. 17. Cloud to the Edge: What is old is new again DecentralizedCentralized
  18. 18. Cloud to the Edge: What is old is new again DecentralizedCentralized Mainframe Green Screen
  19. 19. Cloud to the Edge: What is old is new again DecentralizedCentralized Mainframe Green Screen PC Server
  20. 20. Cloud to the Edge: What is old is new again DecentralizedCentralized Mainframe Green Screen Central CloudBrowser PC Server
  21. 21. Cloud to the Edge: What is old is new again DecentralizedCentralized Mainframe Green Screen PC Server Central CloudBrowser Server or Central Cloud Mobile & IoT
  22. 22. Cloud to the Edge: What is old is new again “I know there is a balance, I see it when I swing past” - John Mellencamp Decentralized Can’t Connect Can’t wait Narrow pipe Can’t Access Can’t Manage Can’t Control Centralized Mainframe Server or Central Cloud Central CloudBrowser Green Screen Mobile & IoT PC Server
  23. 23. Cloud to the Edge: Three Scenarios Use Cloud as a remote service and/or point of coordination or control for the edge Cloud and Edge are Complimentary Concepts Not Competitive Styles or Architectures Edge Deploy to and run capability at edge w/o cloud style or exploitation of a cloud service Cloud Deploy a central cloud service with no distribution to, knowledge of, or control of the edge
  24. 24. Cloud to the Edge: Use Cloud Style for Edge Delivery Edge Device Isolated Data Center Enterprise Connected Remote Local Edge Device Cloud Connected Central Cloud Cloud Architected Central Cloud Distributed Cloud Edge Cloud Edge Device Edge Svr Or Gateway
  25. 25. Edge Router/ Gateway Aggregate, Transform, Filter and Forward Enterprise Data Center or Central Cloud Advanced Functionality Analyze and Control Micro Data Center/ Edge Server Cloud to the Edge: Industrial IoT Use Case Asset Asset Asset
  26. 26. Vehicle CamerasLidar Radar Domain Controller(s) Analytics In-Vehicle Comms Location TechnologiesDigital Maps Infrastructure Central Cloud Data Centre V2X Other Vehicles Proximity Sensors P Cloud to the Edge: Autonomous Vehicle Use Case A B
  27. 27. Mobile Gateway NFC Pill Heartbeat Fitness Weight Smart Blood Blood Pack Sensor Tracker Scales Watch Pressure Sugar Cloud to the Edge: Consumer Healthcare Use Case Central Cloud
  28. 28. Conversational Platform: Flipping the Interaction Model Humans Learn and Adapt to Technology Technology Learns and Adapts to Humans Human System System Human Shifting the UI Complexity
  29. 29. Conversational Platform: Logical Architecture Thing Enterprise apps Mobile apps Data Store Search Engine Cloud Service I/O Channels Conversational Platform Third-Party Services Human System VendorsPlatform Vendors Application Vendors ContextAwareness Integration UserInterface Language Processing Response Generation Intent Handling Exception Handling Analytics/Supervision chat voice type
  30. 30. MultimodalMultichannel Visual Auditory Smell Heat/ Humidity Location Taste Systems sense and respond to the world through all the human senses as well as senses beyond human ability or experience Touch And More Conversational Platform: One part of the Multichannel, Multimodal Experience
  31. 31. Project Your ExpertiseExplore a Destination Hands-Free Info Play the Game Plan Your Project Train Your Staff Immersive Experience: User Perception of the Digital World By 2020, the market for HMD devices will exceed 35M devices and generate $75B in revenue.
  32. 32. Conversational Platform Transparent Immersive User Experience Virtual, Augmented & Mixed Reality Perception and interaction with services Starts with visual & tactile Content Focused Targeted Solutions – Isolated UX as a feature 2022 Access and control services Starts with language Action Focused 2018 Contextual perception and interaction Multiple sensory channels Continuous, State full across mesh connections Facilitates human & machine collaboration Ambient, invisible, and natural 2028 Mesh Solutions – Fluid UX across systems Immersive Experience: Perceiving and Interacting in the Digital World
  33. 33. Mesh Business, process, and technology friction creates barriers and raises cost of building dynamic business ecosystems. By 2020, IT-sponsored information security programs will suffer three times as many significant breaches as those sponsored by business leaders.
  34. 34. Extended Characteristics Dynamic Behavior Controlled Updates Controlled Access Alternative Authentication and Validation The Blockchain Ledger Shared & Distributed Decentralized & Tokenized Irrevocable Record Algorithmic-Based Trust Blockchain: Reducing Friction Across The Mesh § Enterprise Ethereum Alliance § Microsoft Coco Framework § IBM Hyperledger Fabric § Vertical Offerings: Banking, Healthcare, Supply chain B
  35. 35. Blockchain: Many Scenarios § Financial Services leads the way – Digital currencies – increasing acceptance, P2P bonds, Payments, Insurance, Trade Finance § Government coming on strong – Land Registries, Identity Cards, Digital Voting, Electronic Health Records, Tendering Process, Public Archives, Benefit Payments § Other commercial applications – Supply chain optimization and logistics, Asset tracking, Loyalty programs, Media tracking, Provenance, Medical records, IoT management, Virtual staging, Tenet acquisition & selection, Property management
  36. 36. § Few large-scale deployments § Misguided efforts and vanity projects § Using blockchain when not required § Blockchain promise exceeds technology reality Blockchain: Significant Barriers Remain From "Hype Cycle for Blockchain Business, 2017," 10 August 2017 (G00332628)
  37. 37. Events Digital Business Ecosystems Business Moments Modern User Experiences Agile IT and Business Solutions Internet of Things and Digital Twin MASA, Microservices, Serverless Event Driven: Forces Driving Adoption of Event-Driven IT By 2020, participation in 80% of new business ecosystems will require support for event processing.
  38. 38. Order Received Business Monitor Dashboards E-Commerce Site Event-Driven Model App Marketing Promotion Order Received EH Event-Driven: Address Request-Driven Limitations for Agility, Flexibility and Scale Request-Driven Model Call Svc. App Svc. Svc. Svc. Svc. Svc. Svc. Svc. Call Call CallCall Call Call Call — Service —Application — Event HandlerSvc. App EH Fraud Control Fulfillment Billing Marketing Event Broker App Svc. Reseller
  39. 39. Sense Notify Fluid Unscheduled Unstructured Flexible Action-Centric Event-Centric Engage Implement Rigid Orchestrated Structured Controlled Data-Centric Request-Centric Event-Driven: Request and Event-Driven Are Complimentary First-Class Citizens
  40. 40. Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust: Constant, Near-Realtime, Dynamic Respond Detect Predict Prevent Policy Users Applications Systems System activity oadPayl Network sDevSecOpNetwork Security Policy Mgt. erimeterSW Defined P Deception Techn ologies Compliance By 2020, 25% of new digital business initiatives will adopt a CARTA strategic approach, up from less than 5% in 2017.
  41. 41. Create Verify Plan Preproduction Prevent Detect Predict Respond OpsDev Monitoring &Analytics Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust: DevSecOps Sec Monitoring &Analytics
  42. 42. Four Styles of Deception — The Deception Stack Network Endpoint Application Data Lower Higher Deceit Difficulty Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust: Deception Technologies Threat Actor Alerts Lures and Breadcrumbs Real Assets Decoys Threat Detection and Response Traditional Monitoring Tools (SIEM, IDS, Etc.) Honeytokens
  43. 43. Blockchain Event Driven Model Continuous Adaptive Risk and Trust Digital Twin Cloud to the Edge Conversational Platforms Immersive Experience Advanced AI Techniques IntelligentApps and Analytics Intelligent Things Intelligent Digital Mesh
  44. 44. The Interconnectedness Of Strategic Technology Trends Creates an Exponential Increase In Market Disruption and Digital Business Opportunity Intelligent Digital Mesh