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Virtual Property vs. Digital Twin


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Presentation of "Virtual Property" in SIA "BIM im
Praxis-Check" seminat at Switzerland 2018.

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Virtual Property vs. Digital Twin

  1. 1. Virtual Property Using BIM in Facility Management Tero Järvinen Technology Director Innovation and Development 14.06.2018
  2. 2. Building on Innovation Almost 900 experts HVAC Electricity Building Automation Hospital Design Mision Critical, Datacenters Renovation Consultancy Software Innovation and Development AdministrationDigital Facility Services
  3. 3. Building on Innovation Central Finland Hospital Jyväskylä 106 000 brm2 T3 Hospital Turku 40 000 brm2 Trauma Hospital Helsinki 70 000 brm2 Children’s hospital Helsinki 48 000 brm2 Some of our on-going projects (in Finland)
  4. 4. Building on Innovation Turnover and profit 45,4 54,7 61,7 71,2 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 2014 2015 2016 2017 Turnover, M€ 5,5 6,8 7,1 8,3 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 2014 2015 2016 2017 Profit, M€
  5. 5. Building on Innovation
  6. 6. Building on Innovation Well-being for the building and the user Usage guides our work What is our customer proposition? How do we fulfil it? Which customers’ processes do we support? Usage/operation Identify the need for change Specify and design Implement What are our key innovation areas? Information supportingusage Analysis and optimisation Visualisation Tools and methods for collaboration Innovation Strategy 2017-2021
  7. 7. Building on Innovation Enterprise Innovation Roadmap VISION A facility where the user and the facility communicate Thinking facility BIM data IoT data Human data BI data 2017 2018 2019 2020 Service and product development Reporting facility Predictable facility Platforms for visualisation Platforms for analysis and optimisation 2021- Design smart solutions through smart collaboration Design Learning facility Big data New technology enabling smart solutions and smart operation Software Consulting Developing smart propertymanagement and user capabilities
  8. 8. Building on Innovation Background Information Picture by Granlund from VR environment: YIT Tripla at Pasila, Helsinki Technologies, ideas and processes behind The Virtual Property Demo: Finnish National Museum
  9. 9. Building on Innovation
  10. 10. Building on Innovation
  11. 11. Building on Innovation
  12. 12. Building on Innovation Schematic Design Location of Information Device scheludes, Diagrams Detail Design Modeling of Network Air Handling Units, Pumps, Chillers… etc. Networks BIM models does not contain requirements of central units Combining Graphical BIM model with Device Schelude database you get all technical information of devices and networks
  13. 13. Building on Innovation BIM to use in FM Preliminary design Detail Design Construction FM Spaces / Zones Designers BIM models FM requirements for BIM model BIM in FM FM coordinator sets requirements and monitors fulfilment Validation of as- built content in the models Construction organisation FM -organisation FM BIM execution plan for the building Monitoring FM BIM handover plan Mobilisation of transfer and education FM Coorninator
  14. 14. Building on Innovation BIM2FM key sentences ▪ Information content has to be standardised  Information needs to be machine readable ▪ Information has to be prioritised  There is too much information in the models, requirements and validations are hard task to do  There is a need for information prioritisation and understanding of the use cases  ”Everything is not possible” ▪ Information has to be available 24/7  Cloud services  Roles for users, authentification, documented API’s ▪ Information is not transferred  Information is linked between cloud systems  End user decides, which information source is ”home” for them  One cloudservice does not solve problems, for multiple use cases you need multiple cloud services ▪ Information has to be updated  Need for ”Digital Twin”. You need to update the virtual building before or after renovations / minor changes. It has to be ”a process” in FM workflow  If information content differs in Digital Twin, virtual model will be useless after couple of years. Information in virtual model has to be reliable (depending of the use cases) ▪ Normal FM operations will be different  ”BIM2FM” usability cannot be compared to existing use cases. Methods to fullfil the needs of existing use cases will change  Facility management and property owner organisations need to be ready for change and be willing to change their workmethods
  15. 15. Building on Innovation 3D-Model IFC Information Enrichment Granlund Designer Asset Information Model, AIM AIM-system Applications Utilisation of Information Granlund Manager UseCase UseCase UseCase Documented API Sharing Information New Information User-, Building- and Phase Management Dynamic Information IoT, Building Automation System, User Feedback Manager Performance Optimisation IoT Granlund Designer Other Applications VirtualProperty Business needs DigitalTwin ToolsforupdatingDigitalTwin Property Management FLMFacilityLifecycleManagement Propery Portfolio TheConceptofVirtualProperty Tactical level Strategic level Operative level Road map to Facility Life Cycle Management
  16. 16. Updating the Models How to update changes in Digital Twin
  17. 17. Building on Innovation Facility ManagementNewbuilding Renovation Guarantee period Facility Management Update to native models Little retrofits: 2D-drawings, hand-made drafts… Copy from native model if needed Project drawings / models Update to native models Renovation: Modelling to native model or copy from it Project drawings / models Designers Service for building owner IFC / PDF publish FM information systems API interfaces Daily use of FM software Designers Service for building owner IFC / PDF publish FM information systems API interfaces Daily use of FM software IFC / PDF publish FM information systems API interfaces Daily use of FM software Facility owner’s native BIM models and databases BIM native model updating during lifecycle
  18. 18. First Use Cases
  19. 19. Building on Innovation Phase 1 Service Request User activity Conditions Temperature, RH, VOC, CO2 ... Granlund Manager "Virtual Property" Release: Q3 / 2018
  20. 20. Building on Innovation MEP Networks • Device specifications • System Information • Service Area Zones • Locating Equipments • Design Values • Measured Values • Real Time Measurements • Warranty Periods • Indoor Locating • Augmented Reality • ... Manufacturer: Trox Design Air Flow: 35l/s Measured Air Flow: 31l/s 312AHU01, Offices, A-block Next phases in Granlund Manager
  21. 21. City Digital Twin Picture by Granlund from VR environment: YIT Tripla at Pasila, Helsinki
  22. 22. Building on Innovation City Digital Twin
  23. 23. Building on Innovation
  24. 24. Building on Innovation City Level Platform Economy Technical View
  25. 25. Building on Innovation
  26. 26. Building on Innovation Thank You!