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  1. 1. Knolidge©<br />Unlocking Intrinsic Knowledge<br />1<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  2. 2. In Enterprises, Day-to-Day Data / Information is captured in documents<br />BUT<br />Documents-based data Generation in enterprises is mostly UN-STRUCTURED<br />2<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  3. 3. Even if employees are genuinely interested in creating well-formatted and Data-Complete documents, they end up making Un-Structured and inconsistent documents.<br />3<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  4. 4. Various “Application Architecture Document” sample documents made by employees of a Mobile App Development company<br />4<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  5. 5. Storage of Unstructured Documents<br />Distributed on PCs<br />Shared Drives and Folders<br />Un-Structured <br />Documents<br />In a CMS/DMS Repository<br />CMS - Content Management System<br />DMS – Document Management System<br />5<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  6. 6. Benefits of CMS/DMS<br /><ul><li>Can create folders and organize documents into directories/folders
  7. 7. Access Control Rules over documents/folders access.
  8. 8. Document Versioning
  9. 9. Check-In/Check-out features
  11. 11. Enterprise Search Engines<br /><ul><li> Enterprise Search is significantly different from Web Search and most search engines depend on content categorization which is pre-dominantly manual , time-taking and a process in continuum.
  12. 12. “Semantic enhancements” done by manual/automatic “Content Classification” by using both generic and enterprise-specific taxonomies and ontology managers.
  13. 13. Some Search engines provide additional “navigational capabilities” for further filtering down on relevant search results.</li></ul>7<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  14. 14. Enterprise Search Engines Shortcomings<br /><ul><li> Good for searching people, good for searching documents as A whole but are basically incapable to intelligently (“Semantically”) mine data ‘within’ Un-Structured documents.
  15. 15. Never help creating any insight into data.
  16. 16. Search results presented in form of links to ‘positive hit’ documents. User is required to click->open->read all listed documents to find whether they really contain any useful data. This process is very cumbersome and thus practically unusable by employees.</li></ul>8<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  17. 17. Sample Search Results screen from a Google Search Appliance(GSA) implementation. User need to click->open->browse each document to find searched information.<br />9<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  18. 18. Knowledge-Rot<br /><ul><li> Creates a situation of ‘Knowledge Rot’.Lots of data/information is generated daily within enterprise which is never analyzed, which can otherwise be powerfully mined for
  19. 19. Highly Efficient Information reuse within Enterprise
  20. 20. Impressively reducing redundant work
  21. 21. Very powerful and actionable Knowledge Insights
  22. 22. Single-point visualization of Enterprise data
  23. 23. etc. , etc..</li></ul>10<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  24. 24. Introducing Knolidge<br />11<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  25. 25. World’s First platform for Structured Information Generation And Knowledge Mining<br /><ul><li>Drag-drop, point & click UI based designing of content-rich & visually-rich, structured MS-Word-like document templates(XSD & XML Templates)
  26. 26. Creation of XSD-conformed and consistent documents (XML documents)
  27. 27. Content based Knowledge mining
  28. 28. Topic-wise search. Able to find EXACT data.
  29. 29. Listing only specific area(s) of documents
  30. 30. Search within specific area(s) of documents
  31. 31. Creation of intelligent Boolean search expressions.
  32. 32. Compound document generation on-the-fly( filtering-out unwanted/confidential data from documents or search results )</li></ul>12<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  33. 33. Knolidge Document Template Designer<br />Drag-Drop, Point & Click based Rich Document Templates Creation ,complete with document formatting and visual details. Absolutely no need for user to know XSD, XML, CSS, HTML or any other technology.<br />UI<br />CORE<br />Well-defined XSD & XML Templates Generation Engine in background.<br />
  34. 34. Knolidge Document Creator/Editor<br />MS-Word like Editor Interface for document creation/editing. Absolutely no need for user to know XSD, XML, CSS, HTML or any other technology.<br />UI<br />CORE<br />Well-formed and XSD-conformed XML generation Engine in background.<br />
  35. 35. Knolidge Search<br />Point & Click based Knowledge Mining Tool. User can <br /><ul><li>Search within a specific category of documents
  36. 36. Search within specific area(s) of a specific category of documents
  37. 37. Can create Boolean search expressions for pin-pointing data accurately </li></ul>Search Results presented as a SINGLE document( Huge improvement over existing processes)<br />UI<br />Search Results document created dynamically<br />Document <br />XMLs<br />CORE<br />Knolidge Search Interface <br />
  38. 38. Knolidge is KNOWLEDGE<br />Example Document template for an Mobile Application Development company<br />General Information<br />Handset Requirements<br />Application Name<br />Processor/RAM<br />Purpose<br />Supported Screen Resolutions<br />Feature Set<br /><ul><li> --------------------------------------------------------
  39. 39. --------------------------------------------------------</li></ul>Network Dependencies<br />Bandwidth Requirements<br />Architecture<br />Installation Details<br />Description<br />OTA support<br />Architecture Diagram<br />Features to Add<br />Languages Used<br />Miscellaneous<br />External Libraries Used<br />Supported Platforms<br />Platform Requirements<br />
  40. 40. Few examples of ‘Knowledge Insights’ gained using just one single template created on Knolidge platform<br /><ul><li> Give all Applications with their Feature Sets
  41. 41. Give all applications with their purposes
  42. 42. Give applications with purpose of game/Leisure/fun/m-commerce etc.
  43. 43. Give application named X , and give me its Features set.
  44. 44. Give all applications having ‘ABC’ in their name and their ‘Architecture Description’
  45. 45. Give all applications which use J2ME/Java as their Development language
  46. 46. Give all applications which uses external ‘libconfig’ library
  47. 47. Search for applications whose Architecture contains XML/Sockets/RPC
  48. 48. List all applications with their Full Architectures/Architecture diagrams
  49. 49. List all applications which are supported on android/ iPhone.
  50. 50. Give all applications where Platform requirement contains winCE
  51. 51. Give application X and its Processor/RAM requirement and also list ‘Bandwidth Requirement’
  52. 52. Give application X and its supported screen resolutions
  53. 53. Give application X and its ‘Architecture’ and ‘Network Dependencies’
  54. 54. List all applications with their ‘Installation Details’
  55. 55. List application X and its ‘Features to Add’ and ‘Miscellaneous’ section</li></ul>And On and On……………<br />Imagination is the only limit here !!<br />
  56. 56. This is REAL Knowledge Creation<br /><ul><li>Maximum reuse of existing Information
  57. 57. Minimizing redundant work</li></ul>Imagine Knowledge Capital generated when document templates made for most of enterprise technical/non-technical processes !!<br />18<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />
  58. 58. Some ‘Other’ benefits of Knolidge<br /><ul><li> Single point control over all documents and templates.
  59. 59. Addition/Deletion of a field in template will automatically add /delete that </li></ul> field in all existing documents and subsequently in all new documents.<br /><ul><li>Change in template will be effected in all existing documents. For example, </li></ul> Changing Company logo in template will automatically change that Logo in <br /> all documents.<br /><ul><li> Filtering out confidential/irrelevant information from document before presenting it to external parties.
  60. 60. Company’s data is generated in most future-proof format i.e. XML, and it opens up many possibilities like externally using all XMLs for other BI purposes or for </li></ul>generating visual graphs and statistics by applying XSL Transformations over XMLs.<br />19<br />Lightflake Technologies<br />