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Building fa qs (3)


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Building fa qs (3)

  1. 1. Proposed Building Addition FAQsQ. Why are you proposing an addition?A. The library has long had a need for additional computers, and our patrons have repeatedly askedfor computer classes. This addition will give us the space we need for a minimum of 6 publiccomputers, and will enable us to hold computer classes and tutorials. In addition, staff will be able toengage in group learning activities, which can only help us serve you better! Additionally, we desperately need another public restroom; one that is not in the children’s room.A conveniently located, handicapped accessible restroom is one of the planned changes.Q. Anything else?A. The west side of the library is the oldest part of the building. If you look at the many ells andindentations, you will see they incorporate numerous roof angles and drainages. Over the years thesehave become problematic and tend to cause leaking at times of heavy rain. The roof would need to beextensively repaired anyway. Why not realign it over a new substructure to prevent future problemsand solve our space needs all at the same time?Q. What else will we see?A. We are very excited about our plans to include landscaping that will incorporate outdoorperformance, programming and story time areas, perennial gardens and benches for reading andreflection. Our intention is to increase the amount of outdoor programs, and we hope to be able tohost concerts “in the garden” on summer evenings.Q. Why do it now?A. Interest rates are at an all time low, and building costs have dropped. Our Caithness PILOT money(see budget FAQs) is not infinite. It made a lot of sense to our Board of Trustees and our financialadvisors to use Caithness funds toward a permanent benefit for the library and our patrons; one thatwill remain long after the PILOTs have come to an end. A ten year mortgage will be paid off shortlybefore the PILOTs stop. We will not have to have a large budgetary increase at that time if we use itfor this valuable, but finite, purpose.Q. How much will it cost?A. We have estimated the budget for this project at $500,000.00. At prevailing rates we estimatepaying $57,000 annually for 10 years in principal and interest, coincidentally, almost the exact amountof our annual income from Caithness.Q. What does that mean for me, the individual taxpayer?A. This year’s budgetary increase amounts to an additional $5.50 for the average homeowner, or atotal annual library tax of $147.00. That is $12.25 per month; or $2.82 per week for your entirehousehold! Books, movies, programs, computers, homework help, friends, fun and more! Somethingfor everyone at the Brookhaven Free Library.