Brookhaven Free Library                                           Proposed 2013-2014 BudgetOPERATING BUDGET INCOME        ...
2013 – 2014 Budget and Vote FAQsQ. I see the budget has a larger increase        $147.00 for the year.this year than in pa...
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Bfl public budget summary 2013 14


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Bfl public budget summary 2013 14

  1. 1. Brookhaven Free Library Proposed 2013-2014 BudgetOPERATING BUDGET INCOME 2012/13 2013/14Tax Appropriation $687,641 $780,590Fines, gifts and donations,and other Income $97,885 $73,588Total Income $785,526 $854,178OPERATING BUDGET EXPENSESLibrary Programs and Materials $76,975 $75,492 Books, Periodicals, Electronic resources, CDs, DVDs, Downloadables, Children’s, YA, and adult programs.Employee Salaries and Benefits $568,654 $595,117 Salaries, Health Insurance, Payroll taxes, Retirement, EAP, other Insurance,Building Operations $41,000 $43,500 Fuel, utilities, custodial supplies, building And grounds repair, insurance, service ContractsLibrary Operations $85,397 $74,819Online catalog, member support, library supplies,telephone, Internet, postage, newsletter, traveland conference, professional fees, TAN interest,vote.Computers and Capital Expense $13,500 $65,250Total Expenses $785,526 $854,178% increase (based on tax appropriation) 8.7%Calculating your library tax:For 203/2014 a homeowner assessed at $5000 would pay an annual library tax of $147.00; anincrease of $5.50, or 3.9% over last year.
  2. 2. 2013 – 2014 Budget and Vote FAQsQ. I see the budget has a larger increase $147.00 for the year.this year than in past years, can youexplain why? Q. What other changes have affected thisA. As the Board of Trustees and the Director year’s budget?discussed our present and upcoming needs A. On the income side we have seen lesswith the staff, we realized that we are in interest income, less income from finesvery dire need of more public computers, (due in large part to our “Food for Fines”and a space for computer and technology- program that gives back to the communityrelated instruction, another public ADA in a way you have told us yourestroom, and outdoor programming and wholeheartedly support), gifts andperformance space. With interest rates at donations. On the expense side, just aboutan all time low and Caithness PILOT every aspect of keeping a building warm(payments in Lieu of Taxes)money coming and lit, plus the cost of providing libraryto the library for a limited time, we decided services has risen. We have kept increasesthe time to act is NOW, when it will have to the bare minimum necessary. After all,the smallest possible impact on the we pay taxes too!taxpayers.* Q. Will you be holding a public forumQ. How much will this project add to the before the vote?budget? A. Yes. The Brookhaven Free Library AnnualA. We have budgeted approximately Meeting will be held on Wednesday, March$500,000.00 for the project. We hope to 27, at 7:00 p.m. At this meeting we presentqualify for a 10 year loan, which will add the budget, introduce the candidates whoabout $57,000 to our annual expense are running for the Board of Trustees,budget in principal and interest. answer your questions, review the pastQ. So does this mean you will be exceeding year, and celebrate staff anniversaries. Jointhe State Tax Cap? us to get informed and help us celebrateA. Yes. The Board voted unanimously to our wonderful staff!support this budget and to exceed the taxcap by almost 7%. *Please see the Building Project FAQs forQ. What do these numbers mean for me as more about the proposed project.a taxpayer?A. The average homeowner will pay $5.50more annually in BFL support, for a total of