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Stump final presentation


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DePaul University graduate student talks about the current debate between responsive and adaptive web design and the importance of adaptability for all modern web designers.

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Stump final presentation

  2. 2. Responsive Vs. Adaptive DebateThis project evaluates the current debate among many web designersbetween responsive and adaptive web design techniques. The aim is todiscuss the debate and examine the importance of design adaptation inmodern web design.
  3. 3. Responsive Design Coined by Ethan Marcotte in A Book Apart series Centers on belief that user should have same experience no matter the device used Focuses on adjusting the layout of a design to fit the resolution of the device/media
  4. 4. Adaptive Design Definitive work on technique by Aaron Gustafson Centers on the belief that design and content should be altered based on context of user Context includes device, location, orientation, history, etc. Context information should be used in crafting user experience
  5. 5. Responsive vs. AdaptiveDesignResponsive Design - Layout Adaptive Design – Content
  6. 6. Findings Adaptive is not a competitor or alternative to responsive design Instead, it is the evolution of responsive design Using all user context available is essential to web design Most important technique in modern design is adaptation A designer must adapt to client needs, user needs and user context
  7. 7. Adapt Or DieAdaptation is the most important concept in modern web design. A gooddesign adapts to fit the client needs, the user needs and adjusts theexperience based on the context of the user – including deviceused, device orientation, geolocation, browser capability, user history andmore.
  8. 8. Project Timeline 05/02/2012 – Submit Project Proposal 05/16/2012 – Present Project Progress 05/30/2012 – Submit Project Presentation 06/06/2012 – Final Project Report Due Presentation References Marcotte, E. 2011. Responsive Web Design. A Book Apart, New York, NY. Gustafson, A. 2011. Adaptive Web Design. Easy Readers, LLC, Chattanooga, TN. Web Devices – Dodo Bird Marketing –