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Social Business - The Patchwork Elephant 07 - pushing big boulders uphill - Anne-Marie McEwan


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Within Social Media Week London 2013 The Patchwork Elephant Team ran an event discussing the future of Social Business (or what some people call Enterprise 2.0) - about using social tools inside as well as outside the organisation, for internal and external teams to collaborate to make business more effective. We ran a similar event within the February 2010 edition of Social Media Week London. We called it "Social Media in Enterprises - The Elephant in the Ecosystem" and we used a patchwork elephant to symbolise the theme - it's a patchwork elephant because it's very large, in the room, but it's hard to see the whole thing!

Business models are changing, and social technologies are ever more important in the way we work, but where are we really? 8 Different speakers asked:

* How has social business evolved?
* What is the current state?
* How does social integrate with our systems and processes today?
* What are the challenges for implementation and achieving success?
* Where are we headed?

Our speakers were:

Alan Patrick - Broadsight (and The Patchwork Elephant Team)
Janet Parkinson - Technotropolis (and The Patchwork Elephant Team)
Will McInnes - NixonMcInnes (author of Culture Shock)
Mat Morrison - Starcom MediaVest Group (World's Oldest Living Social Media Guru™)
Luis Saurez - IBM (famous for living outside of the inbox)
Neil Usher - WorkEssence
Anne-Marie McEwan - The Smart Work Company (author of Smart Working: Creating the Next Wave)
David Terrar - D2C (and The Patchwork Elephant Team)

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Social Business - The Patchwork Elephant 07 - pushing big boulders uphill - Anne-Marie McEwan

  1. 1. Pushing Big Boulders Uphill Anne Marie McEwan The Smart Work Company Ltd
  2. 2. Who? Wants to make a business school education available to anyone who wants or needs it .... ... but a very different sort of learning experience
  3. 3. What?
  4. 4. How?
  5. 5. What could possibles go wrong? (attributed A. Orlov)
  6. 6. Hindsight a wonderful thing
  7. 7. Moving on ....