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X rift presentation


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X rift presentation

  1. 1. Mobile augmented reality shooterIt’s another world...
  2. 2. The next generation of shooters“X-Rift” – is a multiplayer online shooter inaugmented reality for any mobile device withcamera.
  3. 3. Shoot real people, not a picture
  4. 4. Why X-RiftIt’s viral – player have to cooperate with others tocreate alliances and control vast territoriesIt’s global – goal of the game is to control the entireworld territoryIt’s multiplatform – Android, iOS, WinMobile etc.It’s trendy – X-Rift will run on Google glasses, Vuzixm100 and other AR devices
  5. 5. Glasses view
  6. 6. Not just shooter but StrategyCreate home base andprotect your territoryFarm to buy newweapons
  7. 7. That’s not allBut we can findsomething interestingthere…It’s a parallel worldbehind the camera.We can’t go there yet.
  8. 8. Business-model1. Premium account subscriptionthat improves performance and speed upprogress through the game2. Selling in-app add-ons“72% of App Store revenue comes from in-apppurchases through mobile game” ($$$Freee.g.:
  9. 9. Balanced. Professional. Passionate teamDaniel TonkopiyCEO. Entrepreneurwith 9 yearsexperienceDaniel KozakDeveloper FE7 android projectsIgor ZarvanskiyDeveloper BE4 years python/phpSvetlanaAtamanchukGame-Designer5 years experienceEvgeny LukinRussian Sci-Fi novelistBackstory by
  10. 10. Really fast-growing market$0,2ResearchAndMarkets.com2011 2016Global augmented realitymarket in mobile$5,6B
  11. 11. Fast growing segmentDirect competitor –“Urban Troops”“Best AR App of 2012”by Augmented PlanetPlenty pseudo-shooters:3D weapons, CamGun, etc.No gameplay. No multiplay.Just image on a canvas.1-5 mln downloads.It mean high potential demand
  12. 12. We have a working prototype85% of people(not just ourtarget audience)tell us“I want it” whenwe show themthe prototype.We have opened wait-list at to analyzebest traffic sources and conversion
  13. 13. And finally...We have developed our own Augmented Realityengine with GPS support and image processing. Itcould be used for other types of AR apps in thefuture: AR-browser, AR-advertising engine and newmobile games.It is not just a game but multipurpose AR enginewith the team of developers.We know that game’s lifetime is short. And we areprepared.
  14. 14. RoadmapCompletion ofprototypedevelopment2Q20133Q20134Q20131Q2014Test prototypewith the marketRunAlfaRunBetaRelease
  15. 15. Our killing features1. Right market – AR is growing really fast2. Right time to enter the market3. Right team – experienced and passionate4. Right project: eternal shooter game5. Global, scalable, for all platforms
  16. 16. Thank you!Daniel Tonkopiy, 38 (067) 44 77 your free invite here: x-rift.comIt’s another world...