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Marca turismo Google Adwords


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A Google Adwords test campaign for a website about marketing related to tourism.

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Marca turismo Google Adwords

  1. 1. SEM CAMPAIGN Using Google Adwords to promote a website of tourism marketing.Ana Mendes, Dario Furente, Luciano Almeida, Rodolfo Cardoso
  2. 2. MARCA TURISMOWhat is it?
  3. 3. MARCA TURISMO Marca Turismo is a web site focusing on Marketing related entirely to tourism and leisure. It is the only website treating this specific field thought in Portuguese language.
  4. 4. MARCA
  5. 5. WHY TO CREAT A GOOGLE CAMPAIGN?Objectives: Create Brand awareness Enlarge the niche target Generate contacts/leads Promote the website content
  6. 6. Structure of the campaign We created 2 specific landing pages and we also used the homepage as a landing page Marca Turismo Home page Marca Turismo Landing Page Marketing Digital Landing page 2 ADS 1 AD connected 1 AD connected connected to to the landing to the landing the “Home page page “ page” MarketingCampaign’s structure “ Marketing Hotelero” Digital emClick on the pics to get directly Turismo”to the related web page.
  7. 7. CAMPAIGN’S STRUCTURECopy of the 4 campaignsClick on the AD to go to the related landing page.
  8. 8. Google Insights for search and other toolsLooking for the correct keywords.
  9. 9. ABOUT THE KEYWORDS We focused on keywords related to the online world-marketing-business-information. Excluding booking and similar words related to ticketing, online booking of flights, holidays, cheap trips etc. (used as negative keywords) Used language: Portuguese (the site is mainly thought for portuguese speakers)
  10. 10. PRICE/BUDGET AND TIMING Being a test campaign budget was limited to € 75 Daily budget: € 10 CPC max: € 1 Time scheduled: Jan 10th 2012 to Jan 27th 2012
  11. 11. RESULTSOverview
  12. 12. RESULTS Total clicks: 104 Impr.: 83.907 CTR: 0,12% Avg. CPC: € 0,64 Tot. Cost: € 66,18
  13. 13. SINGLE CAMPAIGN RESULTSA Marketing Turistico Linked to home page B Marca Turismo Linked to home page Total clicks: 52  Total clicks: 9 Impr.: 3662  Impr.: 1350 CTR: 1,42%  CTR: 0,67% Avg. CPC: € 0,62  Avg. CPC: € 0,64 Tot. Cost: € 32,12  Tot. Cost: € 5,78
  14. 14. Marketing para Turismo Linked to the spacific landing page  Total clicks: 20  Impr.: 12.080C  CTR: 0,10 %  Avg. CPC: € 0,74  Tot. Cost: € 14,78
  15. 15. Mkt Digital no Turismo Linked to the spacific landing page  Total clicks: 8  Impr.: 12.771D  CTR: 0,06 %  Avg. CPC: € 0,59  Tot. Cost: € 4,69
  16. 16. RESULTS ANALYSISCampaign A : Got the best CTR (1,42%) The highest number of clicks Most reseached keywords are Marketing Turístico and Marketing Turismo (witch are linked to the campaign A) These keywords, being really specific, are the most used words to look on Google by the niche market interested in Marketing related to tourism