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The Next Web Conference 2013: A Photographic Journey #TNW2013


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This slideshare was inspired by my recent visit to The Next Web Conference 2013 in Amsterdam and consists of pictures taken from the event. It covers a small section of themes from the conference. For my full round up of the event visit -

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The Next Web Conference 2013: A Photographic Journey #TNW2013

  1. 1. The Next Web Conference 2013:A Photographic Journey
  2. 2. The Influence of Europe’s Entrepreneurship Community is Growing
  3. 3. We Are Going Through a Period Of Rapid Change Not Seen Before
  4. 4. Global Economies Are Evolving and New Financial Systems Are Emerging
  5. 5. Science and Technology Is Empowering New Ways of Interacting With Data
  6. 6. Funding Influence for Innovation is Shifting to Consumers
  7. 7. With Clear Vision & A Flexible Business Model Rapid Growth is Possible
  8. 8. The Internet Simplifies Internationalisation and The Creation of Born Globals
  9. 9. Peer-to-Peer Commerce is Empowering Individuals to Trade Online
  10. 10. Brands Need to Adopt New Values to Compete in This New Economy
  11. 11. Being “Great” Isn’t Enough, Consumers Need to be Delighted
  12. 12. When The Right Culture Develops The Money Follows
  13. 13. Cross Functional Teams Tend to Create Exceptional Organisations
  14. 14. However The Best Talent Needs to be Inspired By Their Work
  15. 15. The Shift is Happening Across Industries and Changing Business Models
  16. 16. Publishers are Becoming Social Machines of Mass-Publication
  17. 17. The News is Being Driven By Consumers Rather Than Journalistic Enquiry
  18. 18. Compelling Content Can Be Created & Distributed By Anyone
  19. 19. Unpoliced Organisations With Hidden Agendas Are Commanding The Media
  20. 20. The Same Weakness Allows Anyone To Manipulate The Conversation
  21. 21. When Armed With The Right Information We Can All Make a Positive Impact
  22. 22. Companies That Embrace Disruption & Innovate Are Finding Massive Success
  23. 23. #TNW2013 Photographic Journey by - @danielmcclureThere is a New Internet Order… What Will You Create?