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Evaluation 3


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Evaluation 3

  1. 1. Daniel Javelosa Q2. How effective is the combination of your main and ancillary texts?
  2. 2. How have you connected all three of you products? I’ve connected the three products by using the same font through out Using London as the main location Using the cover of the Digi-Pak as part of the magazine advert I’ve used a contrast of bright and dark lights As seen in the pictures above the fonts of the music video, Digi-pak and magazine advert were the same thus they had some kinds of synopticity as well as the famous Landmark being used in the music video and the two panels in the Digi-pak
  3. 3. How does each develop the other? • One develops the other by having links between them that lead to another product • For example, London was used in the music video and the same shots were used in panels in the Digi-Pak • In addition, the front cover of the Digi-Pak was used in the cover of the magazine advert too thus there is synergy and convergence across all three products
  4. 4. Do your three products have a shared identity? • All three products have synergy and convergence. This is because each and every one are interlinked together. Not one aspect is random instead all products have been made with connections and meticulous planning in mind • Once again, the use London landscape with the fact that one of the panels informed the reader that the band was from London proved effective and it meant there was associations within products as well as between them.
  5. 5. How could you have developed your products to increase their synergy? • To increase synergy further, the symbols used in the Digi-Pak and the magazine advert could have been used or at least shown in the music video. • This could have been by painting the symbol in the background or have one of the band members wear an accessory which contain the symbol called triquetra
  6. 6. How do you feel about the final products? • I was pleased with all 3 products • All three products have synergistic elements in them • What was planned was accomplished. The ideas during the planning stage was turned into an actual product • The aim was fulfilled in that the three products were very closely related together and that if you recognize one, you can link it to another • However, there are rooms for improvements. As stated before, perhaps the triquetra symbol could have been shown in the music video. Also, the brightness of the Digi-Pak and magazine could have been less as it was difficult to read the title at the bottom