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The Master Builder


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Originally this article was supposed to be on the two commonly used project delivery methods - Design-Bid-Build (DBB) also known as the traditional method and Design Build (DB) often referred to as the modern version of the ancient Master Builder. In fact both methods originated and developed overtime from the ancient Master Builder. In order to appreciate the differences between both methods and for personal reasons I decided to dedicate this article entirely to the concept of the Master Builder

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The Master Builder

  1. 1. 26 DALIA SPEAKS JUNE 2012 27 The Masterbuilder figure is a design-build • Cost and Time control due to single control over Picture credit : John Morad Work team in site - Dezines professional, a multi talented maven, who has design and work execution , a lot of cutting existed for about 7,000 years. The history of down in expenses and time could be smoothly this profession extends all the way back to the managed , as in providing alternative less buildings of Ancient Egypt and the worlds first costly solutions before work proceeds with civilizations, such as Mesopotamian, Babylonian, a eye on maintaining the artistic integrity of Greek, Roman, Incan, Mayan, Byzantine and the aspired design. Minimal cost damage as a Ottoman empires, Indus , Islamic and Persian result of conflicts of design and construction. civilizations. The surprising datum is that the Over the former six articles ,I have elucidated on vast majority of the history of architecture, and When considering these things, one is able to the disciplines of all team players in the process its most substantial historical landmarks till the see why this highly-trained professional, the of constructing your dream home such as The modern 19th century, were designed and built Masterbuilder, was very much respected in Architect , The Interior Designer, The Landscaper by Masterbuilders. The most acknowledged society. He differs greatly from today’s architect as well as The Contractor in all his various mesmerizing places carved in history whether or contractor, in breath, scope, and depth of practices .I have highlighted the definition , temples, homes, arenas, palaces and even responsibilities. the responsibility and the job expectation whole planned cities were conceived by this of each one of the eminent practitioners. A wonder maker, who was responsible for the clarification was also presented on the vital entire built protocol. factors necessary to be fulfilled in choosing the appropriate professional, the most successful THE PRIVILEGES OF THE policy in dealing with them and broad rules of calculating their fees. I have tipped on where to MASTER BUILDER best pinpoint the most eligible expert. The fields themselves that these pros practice such as Back in time the visionary nations were Architectural , Interior and Landscaping design farsighted enough to identify the benefits of in addition to the area of Contracting have been this master mind such as ; merely scratched at the surface simply to give a Stepped Pyramid of Sakkara, Egypt by Imhotep broad idea to help you in your hectic quandary • Responsibility for design strong design of turning your aspired wish into an existing mastering and drawing skills, profound reality , since these fields sincerely deserve to be supporter my Father, whom I quote said" Build understanding of the utility of the building HISTORICAL CITATIONS elaborated on in separate explanatory articles us a magnificent summer home" , and I didnt and the zoning of its spaces. The fact that *For thousands of years the name Masterbuilder by themselves . quite grasp at first the word "build " which insightful knowledge of how buildings are has emerged in numerous historical intended to be a design and build project under really built, how materials are administrated manifestations. The engravings on the Egyptian the supervision of professional engineers .And and all elements of the built environment , temple walls glorified this legendary figure. This article was intended to progress into as an Architect , the process of design streamed deepens the design capabilities. Egyptology reveals one of the most fascinating discussing a controversial topic about methods smoothly ,but as the construction phase started characters in the intriguing history of Egyptian of executing a project whether residential , I felt my week point surface. I was not at all • Responsibility for construction ensuring expert Architecture The Worlds first ever known commercial or hospitality .The pros and cons familiar with the knowhow of the procedures. craftsmanship in the building arts, knowledge Masterbuilder ,Imhotep 27th century (2650 - of each method has been a worldwide debate That personally frustrated me over the years , about how an atheistically appealing building 2600 BC) who served under the Third Dynasty , a silent war between the orthodox method of I realized that design was a dreamy concept in is built, as gained from actual construction King Djoser as Chancellor of the King of Egypt, design bid build or the unconventional design application, functionality and material detached experience and on-site project management Doctor, Poet, Philosopher, Astronomer, First in and build approach. Let me give a short brief on from the real life obligations and requirements involving leadership, organizing and line after the King of Upper Egypt, Administrator THE the definition of each. in the process of execution that could easily supervising workers, financial oversight and of the Great Palace, Hereditary nobleman, alter all aspects of design. sharp quality control. High Priest of Heliopolis ,Master Builder, Chief The "design -bid-build" Known as DBB method Carpenter, Chief Sculptor, and Maker of Vases in is the traditional method used, where the owner Chief .He designed the words first monumental MASTERBUILDER would follow these steps; So I decided to dedicate this article to the • Complete and total authority on the concept of Masterbuilder ,not just to mention building site authority over on-site design Step Pyramid of Djoser at Saqqara, Egypt in 2630 that figure as a side note in an article about / construction decisions, authority over all – 2611 BC. He may have been responsible for • Hire a designer , that would be an Architect, the first known use of columns in architecture. Interior Designer or a Landscape Architect to methods of approaching the execution of a workers, unquestioned authority over the project. The Masterbuilder is a worthy concept entire construction phase from start to finish He was credited with inventing the method of prepare needed Designs. a stone-dressed building during Djosers reign. • Bids are prepared for all works. that was a landmark in my life , that overturned which in return eliminates point-fingering it , when I plunged into studies of that honorable problems emerging between unlinked Imhotep became even more famous with his • Hire a contractor to execute all types of death and was worshipped for 2,000 years contracting . figure and his methods, that is almost extinct individual professionals. afterwards by the Romans and the Greeks who "Dalia Sadany ASK Magazines design The "design & build" Known as DB is a method that has falsely seemed to have emerged lately now in its true sense. according to their mythology associated him with Asclepius the god of medicine, some even consultant, Chief Designer & Founder of ,its implementation is as follows; • Hire a single entity that performs both jobs of As I mentioned above that the concept of DB emerged and surfaced recently , the truth is believed that he was Asclepius himself. that concept has been the procedure used since Dezines Architecture & Interiors, Managing The Design and The Contracting (The Build). the beginning of time !!! So I will take you on a historical trip that goes back more than 7000 Director & Partner of Divine Contracting As I was commencing to write about this important issue in depth, it halted me that the years ago where that method was used then embodied in the figure of The Masterbuilder. application of the methodology of Design & as well as the creator of the new furniture Build prevails the figure of The Masterbuilder , the individual capable of wearing both hats and THE DEFINITION OF THE brand GUSH is dwelling into the world of mastering the elaborate tools of design while conquering the strenuous skills of construction. MASTERBUILDER Architecture, Interior Design landscaping, It is a concept that altered my career track The word "Architect " we use today is derived from the Latin word " Architectus" which in return and Contracting." since I was 18, when faced my first quandary to execute my first project when my biggest originated from the Greek word "Arkhitekton" meaning Masterbuilder. Imhotep Hammurabi ASK JUNE 2012
  2. 2. 28 DALIA SPEAKS JUNE 2012 29 Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci 1952 Le Corbusier Unite dHabituation Sir John Soane *Almost 9 centuries later , a legendary advocate *The figure of Masterbuilder remained to be of the criteria of the Masterbuilder occurred dominant in the prosperous era of Renaissance to be the first to document building codes, such as the brilliant Fillipo Brunelleschi (1377 - Hammurabi (1792 - 1750 BC ) . He was the 1446 ) a Florentine Artist, Architect - Builder , is first king of the Babylonian Empire extending noted in history of architecture for discovering Babylons control over Mesopotamia by winning the mathematical laws of perspective as well a series of wars against neighboring kingdoms. as designing and constructing the breath taking Gothic Cathedral of Florence (Duoma) . The Hammurabi is known for the set of laws called innovative fact of his work is that he designed Hammurabis Code, one of the first written and manufactured the construction equipments codes of law in recorded history. These laws that assisted in executing the genius work at the were inscribed on stone tablets , standing over time , such as the revolving crane which definitely eight feet tall (2.4 meters), they were discovered required extensive knowledge in theories of in Persia in 1901. Owing to his reputation physics and mechanical engineering in addition in modern times as an ancient law-giver, mastering the management of site from hiring Hammurabis portrait is in many government and supervising craftsmen and workers, and selecting materials and specs adjustments. Artist Michael Angelo buildings throughout the world. Here are some of the most famed verses of these *An influential situation in the history of the Masterbuilder surfaced at the time, initiated the *That disjunction was not officially materialized codes highlighting a singular legal responsibility segregation of the designers from the contractors except at the time of the Industrial Revolution for design and construction as one entity ; , when artists such as Michael Angelo , with no in the 19th century when a new category background of the criteria of building science of a business figure known as "The General 229. If a builder builds a house for someone, and Contractor" emerged with the help of the does not construct it properly, and the house started taking Architectural design jobs . As *A substantial documentation of the solitary well as the writings of Leon Battista Alberti recognized Sir John Soane , he was titled "The which he built falls in and kills its owner, then existence of a design and build individual is Father of Modern Architecture" who arrogantly that builder shall be put to death. (1404-1472), how was in charge of rebuilding the writings of renowned Roman author Marcus Saint Peter’s Basilica and the Vatican. His book and insistently stipulated that an Architect Vitruvius as early as the 40 BC , Vitruvius the "De Re Edificatoria" was the first printed work should detach himself from a society demining 230. If it kills the son of the owner, the son of that foremost prominent Architect, is the author of occupation such as contracting .Several laws and builder shall be put to death. on architecture of the Renaissance. His work the famous book "De architectura " that is still a and writings helped to establish architecture creeds were drafted to legalize that separation vital part of nowadays architectural universities as a profession separate from the science of as well as independent establishments and 231. If it kills a slave of the owner, then he shall curriculums known as "The Ten Books On associations anchoring the individuality of each engineering and the craft of building. *The Industrial Revolution had its reasons to pay, slave for slave, to the owner of the house. Architecture". He elaborated on the essential persona whether for an Architect such as Royal father that divorce between architects and bond between design and actual competency in Institute of British Architects – 1835 and American contractors; 232. If it ruins goods, he shall make compensation implementation , and forewarned " Architectus Institute of Architects – 1857 or for a contractor for all that has been ruined, and inasmuch as he who relies solely on theory and ignores the such as American Society of Civil Engineers – did not construct properly this house which he craftsmanship skill of building with his own hands 1852. By 1897 there were separate licensing laws • The new facilities of mass production and built and it fell, he shall re-erect the house from follows a shadow not a reality " (P.S. Vitruvius for Architects, Designers and Contractors. the rapid nature of construction during his own means. invented the Vitruvian man that illustrates human the Industrial Revolution required more Leon Battista Alberti specialized design skills and breaking the proportion that was accredited to the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci who merely drew it ) production process down into basic individual 233. If a builder builds a house for someone, tasks. And that could be handled by a single even though he has not yet completed it; if then Industrial revolution architecture mind that would so be responsible for design the walls seem toppling, the builder must make and its execution. the walls solid from his own means. • Because builders had to be on the site of construction to monitor the swift building processes and designers did not, there was a move towards remotely located designers communicating their design intent through drawing and written instructions only. • Builders needed large amounts of capital to compete but designers had much lower capital needs • Architecture and design by definition is a Marcus Vitruvius risk free occupation. Because of the desire of new factory owners to have advance assurance of performance and cost, builders became risk takers. That concept was materialized by what is known as The Miller Act – 1935 – This law requires a contractor on a project exceeding over $100,000 to post a performance bond and a labor and material payment bond. Even the private sector has followed suit with bonding requirements. This need for capital presents a barrier to design professionals offering construction Fillippo Brunelleschi Florence Cathedral(Duomo) by Brunelleschi services and cost guarantees. Santa Maria Novella by Alberti ASK JUNE 2012
  3. 3. 30 DALIA SPEAKS JUNE 2012 31 After the 1952 Egyptian Revolution, more attention was given to economically constructed North Tower Casa Grande by Julia Morgan, Heliopolis buildings,El Korba, Cairo, Egypt where she handcrafted some of its ornaments buildings, lacking architectural vision , in addition to vigorous needs for constructions of bridges, factories. Subsequently higher demand was for General Contractors than Architects which demolished the necessity for the legendary Master Builder. The division of these two entities exists till the modern day with some exceptions as Frank Lloyd Wright (1867 - 1959) who was titled the greatest American architect of all time. Another eminent Masterbuilder is Julia Morgan in 1920s ,whom I personally consider as a role model that I aspire to trail her footsteps, Morgan was the first and 1970s buildings, Cairo, Egypt only documented female Masterbuilder who Frank Lloyd Wright mastered both design and extensive contracting abilities to the finest detail of craftsmanship. Falling Water Villa by Frank Lloyd Wright The same routine was locally re-acted in Egypts Entrepreneur, Financier, Industrialist as well as 1952 revolution , where before the revolution, an Egyptologist, Édouard Louis Joseph, known the Architecture in Egypt was globally as The Baron Empain ( 1852 - 1929).In 1906- competing in essence, value and character 07 Empains company proceeded with the by the hands of world known Masterbuilders building of the new town of Heliopolis, in the shown in constructions such as Down Town desert ten kilometers from the center of Cairo. residential buildings, the Royal Opera House as It was designed as a "city of luxury and leisure", well as the world famous Baron Empain Palace with broad avenues and equipped with all that was designed and constructed by the necessary conveniences and infrastructure; genius French Master Builder Alexandre Marcel water, drains, electricity, hotel facilities, such as By the 1980s a reverse direction in the leaves the comfort of his office and steps into under the management of Belgian Engineer, the Heliopolis Palace Hotel. relationship between designer and builder the construction world. Most of the tradesmen transpired. When it was solidly proofed that the look at an architect on the jobsite as the ivory success of the production of any object whether tower thinker with no clue how to actually build Tiring Building, Ataba, Cairo, Egypt a decorative item or a building depends on the design he created. A picture of Arch. Julia Morgan the designers intimate familiarity with the A post Egyptian 1960s building, State TV , Cairo, Egypt process of its creation. And eventually there In the same context Modern day general Belgium Baron Empain was a sensed detachments between the mere contractors left to make design field pretty images in a designers head that could changes will make those changes through be pompous, unrealistic , over budget and a construction point of view, not solving the Another example of post revolution building, Hearst Castle by Arch. Julia Morgan Tahrir, Cairo, Egypt completely incoherent with the peoples lives problem through a design vision. His design and needs, while abandoning the upper hand in construction choices will typically be based site and budget to the general contractor who is on how best to expedite the change without notoriously condemned of seeking only making regard to the architecture. He will do it the a quick profit. cheapest and fastest way, especially if it comes Baron Empain Palace, Cairo, Egypt out of his pocket. By Mid 90s more laws and creeds were altered to legalize the existence of the Design & Build The relevant studies to be a true Masterbuilder approach , that has prevailed by time and are far deeper and more complex, it is a numerous years of defiance to be the more profession that is very distinct and different convenient approach in bringing a visionary than anything known today in the 21st century. design harmoniously and skillfully to life. It requires very intense knowledge of both worlds as intermingling medias. Specialized Its a drastic mistake to assume that the universities should be established for this Masterbuilder is equal to todays Architect and intention. It is ironic that we need to examine Contractor banded together in collaborating scrolls written 7000 years ago to be able to map identities by fallaciously advertising " Turn-key out educational methodology to introduce this solutions" that you read about all the time . A professional to the world. I am continuously Masterbuilder cannot separate his design from gratified to be one of the few maverick the construction , it is this driving passion that engineers who attempt to mimic the job of leads him to excellence. It would be a great a Masterbuilder as closely as we possibly can mistake to think that any qualified architect by using the design and build approach , but can assume the role of a Masterbuilder unless for that to succeed a lot of time, experience be committed to learn the construction trade, and effort is exerted to have the capabilities to not simply sub it to a different identity under attempt to master both worlds skillfully. his wings. There exists an entirely different You can reach me at my email environment when the modern day architect ASK JUNE 2012