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Introducing Landscape Design


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What is landscape design? Why do you need it? What are the factors and components of landscape design? How to have a successful landscape design project? How to budget for a landscape project? These are some of the aspects that Dalia Sadany addresses in this article about landscaping which also includes useful tips and illustrative diagrams.

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Introducing Landscape Design

  1. 1. 20 DALIA SPEAKS MARCH 2012 21 INTRODUCTION In later centuries no civilization stood Picture credit: All photographs are taken from actual Dezines’ sites In the previous articles we discussed the out in its divine attribution to landscape elaborate building process, how to plan it, design more than the Islamic golden era budget it, organize its decisive decisions. breath taking example is Calat Elhambra in To initiate the knowledge of that process Andalusia, Spain in the 14th century. especially to home owners with little awareness in that domain, who could In the 1700s, the history of landscape find this process dreary and hectic, the gardening (later called landscape roles of professionals involved in it could architecture) is largely that of master be extremely confusing. For that, I have planning and garden design for manor progressed into discussing extensively the houses, palaces and royal properties, key players in the construction process in an educational feedback on their roles, WHAT IS LANDSCAPE DESIGN? how to choose them, deal with them, the Landscape Architecture is the design of scope of work expected from each and how outdoor and public spaces to achieve to calculate their fees. environmental, socio-behavioral, or aesthetic outcomes. It involves the I have started off with the prominent systematic investigation and integration of Architect, as well as tips on how to suitably various disciplines such as existing social, make your architectural design, elaborating ecological, and geological conditions, from there to the role and responsibilities of aspects such as botany(the scientific study The Contractor and lately over the last two of plants), horticulture (study or activity articles the fascinating world of The Interior of growing garden plants), fine art as well designer .In this article; I will plunge in the as architecture, collaborating all these anonymous world of Landscape. expertise to produce the desired outcome. The scope of this profession is quite broad. “Never underestimate the significance of it includes: town or urban planning and a properly designed landscape“ I always design, parks and recreation planning, stress on to my clients. It is a commonly environmental restoration ,green religious complexes, and centers of made mistake among home owners to exert infrastructure planning, private estate government .An example is the extensive excess effort on the architectural design of and residence landscape master planning work of King Louis XIV’s at the Palace their dream houses and as much devotion and design; all at varying scales of design, of Versailles. By later that century, the to the interior design of the dwelling and planning and management. We will focus distinctive profession of a landscape tend to pay less attention to performing a here on the residential landscape. architect was recognized. successful, coherent landscape design. HISTORY OF LANDSCAPE Through the 19th century, urban planning When I initiated writing about this topic became a more important need. The , I realized that is such a vast topic with its ARCHITECTURE combination of the tradition of landscape various fields from its professionals to its Needless to say that any form of design in gardening and emerging city planning that THE LANDSCAPE department would effortlessly fill up 10 any field originated in Ancient Egypt , in gave Landscape Architecture its unique articles and there would be still more to the landscape design of its royalty palaces, focus to serve these needs. . Among these be said .In this article we will shed light on merging meticulously designed water features were Central Park in New York City, as well DESIGNER landscape generally while in the next article with plantations and ornamented pathways. as and world famous private estates. we will focus more on the practitioner in Followed by the Greek touch of complimenting this profession; The Landscape Architect or the nobility gardens with legendry statues of Landscape architecture continues to commonly known as a Landscape Designer. gods carved skillfully in marble. develop as a design discipline, and responded to the various movements in architecture and design through the 20th century. Innovation continues today solving Dalia Sadany Ask Magazines design consultant, challenging problems with contemporary design solutions for master planning, Chief Designer & Founder of “Dezines” landscapes, and gardens. Architecture & Interiors, Managing Director & Partner of Divine Contracting as well as the creator of the new furniture brand GUSH is dwelling into the world of Architecture, Interior Design, Contracting and Landscape." ASK MARCH 2012
  2. 2. 22 DALIA SPEAKS MARCH 2012 23 annual plants installed along pathways to 1-The first and most important aspect to be add color in the summer. Arranging all of taken into consideration and certainly to be these elements in an aesthetically pleasing laid crystal clear to your designer would be way is the cornerstone of softscaping. budgeting and determining how much you are willing to spend for your landscaping. One of the most profound elements of Creating a home landscape for your yard is softscape that have a striking visual impact something that can be very costly if you do and affect the overall appearance of a not carefully plan it. property is flowers. Seasonal color beds are an exciting and dramatic way to add beauty Tip: Note that in a landscape project , you can and value to any site. Properly designed & easily plan it into phases, simply pinpoint that installed, seasonal flower beds will provide to your designer and he will draft you a plan brilliant displays of color. However, the of phases that not only would assist you to success of any seasonal color program reach your goal one at a time , but also the relies heavily on the care and management exact budget for each phase note that he/she of this areas.The purpose of softscape would consider primary preparation requisite is to lend character to the landscaping, for later stages . For example, if your design creating an aura and ambiance that involves a pool, but you have postponed reflects the character and sensibilities of its execution for a subsequent stage, you the inhabitants. Below is the diagrams would be advised to implement all your explaining the sectors of softscaping. electromechanical work in your initial layout. Most gardens and landscapes combine 2-Another thing to do when planning your softscaped and hardscaped elements. A landscape is to keep in mind the needs you garden is not a garden without plants, but have for the space. You do not want your stone walkways, walls, fountains, and other landscape ideas to interfere with family hardscape features are equally important. A activities and the family routine, consider WHY IS A LANDSCAPE POINTS TO PUT INTO CONSIDERATION WHAT ARE THE BRANCHES Softscape are elements that are fluid good landscaper takes the condition of the TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL LANDSCAPE carefully as well any future possible use for OF LANDSCAPE DESIGN and changing as they mature. It refers underlying land into account, looking at how DESIGN NEEDED? FOR YOUR PROJECT? all elements, the easily flowing circulation to the live, horticultural components the features of the land lie, and then works The fact that most homeowners overlook is yet another factor in the success or failure Landscape is a field that has two main of a landscape. The composition of the with inanimate and living objects to create is that simply the gardens are an When you decide to plan your landscape, of a smart landscape design. Figure out components;”hardscape” and “softscape”. softscape is a critical part of landscaping. a pleasing whole. A balance of hardscape extension of their homes. There are more it does, indeed, require a plan. Even if how you and your family move through Numerous things can be incorporated and softscape elements bring an enduring, aspects to landscape design than most you are going to a professional, there the landscape. For example; You do not Hardscaping," or "hardscape" refers to the into a softscape, including plants, trees, yet living quality to any landscape .Seamless homeowners realize. Landscaping plans are factors that you need to thoughtfully want to create a design that suddenly inanimate (i.e., non-living) elements of a shrubs, and groundcovers. Some items integration of the natural look of flagstones, are far more elaborate and involved than address and decide upon before tackling makes it more difficult to get groceries landscape, these hard elements are the may be fixed, as in the case of evergreen slates, rock walls, colored concrete and just deciding which plants to purchase this mission, and if you decide to hire a from the car, or considering where you solid and unchanging as years go by such trees and shrubs which remain consistent other elements to complement and shape and where to plant them. The possibilities designer to execute the work then you would like children to play, that would as those composed of concrete, brick, year round, while others are temporary, like the beauty of your outdoor space. are literally staggering, which entails have to provide him / her with these affect how trees, fences, flower beds, and stone or rock, gravel, concrete, timber, utilizing a swarm of landscape ideas, guideline so that he/ she can interpret other elements will be incorporated into glass, metals, in addition to wood. For including hardscape items as previously them accurately to a desirable design that the space without damaging its utility. instance, constructing a patio or deck is a mentioned and clarified in the relative both appeals to you as well as fulfills your This is an essential part of the landscaping hardscaping project, as is a brick walkway, diagrams as well as plants and other requirements skillfully. process, as the best designs combine a stone wall, or a wooden fence, stairs, gardening additions also elucidated in its attractiveness with utility. pathways, patios as well as water features. two diagrams, all these are just scraping But hardscaping goes beyond large-scale the surface of what your options are projects such as these. It can also describe when it comes to landscape design. outdoor furniture and other landscape products. Any non-living ornamentation is If your goal is a unique, distinctive technically part of your hardscaping. landscape, then solid landscape design is unquestionably needed. Whether you Hardscape projects are an essential part decide to tackle that ordeal by yourself of the landscaping. They are often very or seek the services of a professional utilitarian, and they can be made to be landscape designer, are definitely worth quite attractive. Additionally, hardscape the investment and time it requires. In elements decrease the amount of space either case there are various substantial in the landscape that needs active and elements that have to be taken into frequent care, allowing you more time consideration to achieve your goal in to enjoy your yard. Above is the diagram having an outstanding landscape as much explaining the departments of Hardscaping as you have in designing the interior of your and the second diagram shows images of home. Remember Landscaping increases the numerous Hardscape components. the value of your home and provides you with years of enjoyment. ASK MARCH 2012
  3. 3. 24 DALIA SPEAKS MARCH 2012 25 Tip: Elucidate on your usage of spaces some eye popping throw pillows. Don’t clearly to your designer in a list of activities overlook the coherence of these colorful as well as the number of people using the accents with your flowers’ arrangements. designated space. Make sure you clarify your preferences in maneuvering round 7- When contemplating furnishings for your your garden, as to simply the job for him/her patio space, keep these pointers in mind, to design your space in a way that mirrors that while your indoor living space may yours and your family’s lifestyle, not just a bow to convention and style at the cost of pretty layout with irrefutable obstacles. comfort, the patio can be a sanctuary for relaxation without worry. Make sure that 3-Keeping a journal or folder of the furnishings you choose for your patio landscape ideas is another way to help keeps the space open. Also remember to your designer to plan your landscape. keep your patio looking good for longer You can keep your lists of current things than a season or two by choosing furniture you like and dislike. You can gather thats built to last outdoors. ideas you like from looking at pictures in magazines, books, on the Internet, or by 8- A major patio activity is barbecuing so driving around the neighborhood and deciding on the type of grill you want is taking pictures. key. A portable propane grill is convenient, but a bricked and tiled grill adds elegance. Tip : Make sure you include next to any images you have the things that you think 9- Light is a dramatic feature in any landscape you will need to build a particular feature, design, it could vary your same garden from or notes on things you would do to fine a romantic haven portrayed by scattering tune a design to make it all your own. small indirect lighting elements, to a lively fiesta by brightly lighting the whole area 6- An underestimated aspect that you and emphasizing any desired landmarks . ought to take into your consideration is sunlight. How does sunlight cover your And now as we have clarified all need to property? You need to know whether know information about Landscape, ,in certain sites receive full light (at least six Common Tip: A professional designer will a pool and it’s supplement deck since it’s more chilling then taking a plunge after a 6- Your sense of sight would be pleasured the next issue we will extend our research hours a day of sunlight), partial shade sit you down to fill in a questioner with quite an expensive item on its cost could long days work or having a friendly gathering by usage of lavish color accents as an to the landscape designers who are they, (four to six hours — this is also called all your preferences and requirements vary drastically according to its type , size on a weekend so ENJOY THAT. enhancement to your outdoor living. If what do they do, how to choose them, deal partial light) or full shade (less than four whether in usage, circulation, orientation, and finishings and that will be elaborated youre dealing with plain finishing flooring with them and pay them. hours). If would affects your inclination to he/ she would present you with explicit on separately later. 4- Add fragrance to your backyard materials for example, brighten it up with You can reach me at my email allocate your pool whether you wanted images to visualize different styles for summer landscaping with trees like vibrant upholstery for your furnishings or it to be in a sunny or a shaded area, and landscaping, pools etc. He/she would even TIPS Jasmine. Make sure that your landscape that would inevitably affect your pool or question your preferable color palette in 1- Sometimes I find it fascinating that you accentuates all your senses among which, Jacuzzi heating plan . Sunlight directly both hard and softscape. He/ she needs that spend 10% of a home’s budget, on a place is your sense of smell. affects also the location of your sitting input data to draft from it a personalized that you will spend 80% of your time in, areas whether they are naturally shaded design that combines his/hers expertise day and night .Putting into consideration 5- Another sense that you need to or need a pergola which would vary with your persona in such a way that that Egypt’s weather is moderate almost invigorate is your sense of sound as we accordingly your budget. guarantees optimum, most efficient use of all year round. For at least 9 months your mentioned prior via pools, water features your available space and your money. outdoor landscape would be the vicinity such as ponds, waterfalls or fountains would where you would spend most of your time, effectively achieve that. Also consider ELEMENTS THAT AFFECT A LANDSCAPE with an exquisite outdoor who would adding a sound system to increase your DESIGN remain indoors? auditory enjoyment. The factors that would influence the design 2- Don’t sweat too much on expensively of any landscape and ultimately would be finishing and furnishing your upper floors the designers’ checklist are easily clarified balconies, you undoubtedly won’t spend in the diagram above. your time sitting in a balcony knowing you have a magnificent garden down there, WHAT IS A REASONABLE leave the cooped up balconies for apartment owners , go out there appreciate your yard . BUDGET OF A LANDSCAPE PROJECT? 3- Put a pool even a small Jacuzzi , leave it to A budget rule of thumb is as follows: costs your designer to study your space and locate of landscaping should be about 10 percent one , a pool plays an important role not simply of the value of the home. This cost includes for a swim the sight of water is tremendously things like irrigation, fencing, decks, patios, relaxing day and especially night with the ponds, and any other element you wish right studied lighting, the sound of water is to include in the yard except of course for therapeutically soothing. There is nothing ASK MARCH 2012