WORK FORWARD.                                                                  Top Reasons to Purchase a                  ...
WORK FORWARD.Microsoft Dynamics helps makes your people more proactiveand productive by giving them flexible, agile tools ...
WORK FORWARD.range of solutions that address industry needs and ensure thatbusinesses have access to a wide pool of talent...
WORK FORWARD.with easy access to the local resources and expertise you need.   ConclusionAs a Microsoft Dynamics customer,...
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Microsoft Dynamics for Small and Mid-sized business brochure: Work Forward


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Microsoft Dynamics for Small and Mid-sized business brochure: Work Forward

  1. 1. WORK FORWARD. Top Reasons to Purchase a Business Solution from MicrosoftYou’ve worked hard to build your small or midsize business, and when it comes to the technology that helps you run it, there’s noreason to compromise. Whether you are outgrowing entry-level accounting software, rubber-banding an outmoded solution, orsimply tired of paying annual maintenance fees to a vendor that provides little to no value for your money—now is the time totake the next step and give your people the tools to propel your business.You’re in the market for new business software because your current solution is no longer able to keep up with yourrequirements. It does the basic job, but not efficiently or cost-effectively. It’s creating roadblocks to growth: slow performance,transaction limitations, or disconnected data that requires reentry. The old solution hinders your ability to make sound businessdecisions, which can be enough to keep you up at night. And it doesn’t accommodate new lines of business easily, so it limits yourpotential for growth.One way that small and midsize businesses can meet these challenges head-on is by implementing a Microsoft Dynamicsenterprise resource planning (ERP) solution. Microsoft Dynamics offers a line of business management solutions that givecompanies higher visibility into their businesses and greater control.So what are the top reasons to consider Microsoft Dynamics ERP?Gives You More Than Just ERP Helps Your People Work Better,Businesses today, no matter what their size, are likely to Faster, and Smarterevaluate multiple technology vendors in a quest to find the The most successful businesses are powered by passionatebest, most flexible, and most cost-effective solution for their individuals who are engaged, committed to theirbusiness. These vendors all have good solutions that can organization’s success, and working at their maximumbalance the books, manage inventory, and create a budget. potential.But Microsoft has a complete vision for business applications,and this vision goes well beyond what a simple stand-alone “In our operation, the payback period forERP solution can do. It starts with a unique combination of Microsoft Dynamics ERP with the Role-Tailoredbusiness intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools interface was less than one year. The solutionembedded across your business processes. This creates a fits very closely to people’s functions, whichconnected, productive workforce with a solution that linksyour people and your company and is available virtually makes our work extremely efficient.”anytime and anywhere your people need to work. And it – Jan Hessellund, Billund Airportfeatures comprehensive built-in capabilities that are easy toadapt to match your specific business needs.
  2. 2. WORK FORWARD.Microsoft Dynamics helps makes your people more proactiveand productive by giving them flexible, agile tools based on “The ability to have an ERP solution based inthe familiar, integrated Microsoft technologies they work with the cloud was critical for us, as it allowed us toevery day. deploy the software very quickly. And we wereIn addition, a role-tailored user experience uncovers the confident knowing that it was a proven productinformation and tasks relevant to their specific job function, from Microsoft.”right on their home page. The solution maps tasks to key rolesin your business, so your employees can take advantage of an – Faribault Woolen Millinterface that matches their preferences and work styles. Asa result, they can work smarter, faster, and more efficientlythan ever. Gets You Up and Running in Days, Not Weeks To run a business in today’s fast-paced, ever-changing world,Looks Forward, Not Backward you have to be able to quickly and easily deploy innovativeWith Microsoft Dynamics ERP, you can have a system that technologies. Microsoft Dynamics features RapidStartis proactive and predictive, with built-in workflows that implementation tools that make the solution fast and simpleguide users forward through their work. It gives your people to deploy. These tools simplify the configuration of an ERPpowerful embedded business intelligence tools that offer the solution to meet specific requirements and offer best practicesability to transform data into insight. In turn, your teams not and other guidance to find the perfect setup for your business.only can solve problems, but they also can prevent them from Microsoft Dynamics also combines comprehensive out-of-the-occurring in the first place. box financial and operations management capabilities withAs an example, Microsoft Dynamics features intuitive rapid, flexible deployment options designed to get you up andworkflows that give your employees a clear view of business running quickly and affordably. With these tools, you can beoperations. The solution integrates systems and provides working in days instead of weeks. You can speed time-to-valuedrill-down capabilities for better visibility into transactions and get productive immediately.and more detailed audit trails. As a result, you can have In addition, many Microsoft partners can provide fixed-scopemore confidence that the right people are making the right implementations that can help your business focus on whatdecisions. matters most to you. And they can be expanded when your needs change.“As the CEO, I love Microsoft Dynamics solutions Works the Way You Dobecause they present a wealth of extremelyuseful information in simple ways and much In today’s business world, one size does not fit all. You need a technology solution that fits your unique style.earlier in the business cycle. We can look atour business in new ways, easily identifying A Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution does this by meeting coreopportunities for top-line growth and bottom- business needs with comprehensive built-in capabilities thatline savings.” are easy to customize to achieve specific business needs. You can be confident that our global ecosystem of partners— – Urban Ministries Inc. backed by the strength of Microsoft—have built a broad
  3. 3. WORK FORWARD.range of solutions that address industry needs and ensure thatbusinesses have access to a wide pool of talent, resources, and “Microsoft Dynamics ERP has played a criticallocal expertise. role in our successful growth. With this solution, we can do business effectively with enterprises by offering resources and service levels thatTransforms the Way You Work one would expect from a company muchand Connect larger than ours. We quadrupled our business without adding people to the finance and ITThese days, being “connected” does not mean the same thing departments.”it did just a few years ago. The opportunity to use technologyto interact at any time, in any place, is changing the way – Computer Data Sourcepeople work and how customers want to connect and interact.Microsoft Dynamics helps transform the way your peopledo business with a solution that works the way they want to Provides a Sensible Deployment Modeluse it—over the web, through a SharePoint portal, or using a Businesses are demanding flexibility when deploying newtraditional desktop computer. With Microsoft Dynamics, your technologies. There are many factors to consider whenemployees can communicate through the tools and channels choosing the deployment model that is right for your business.they’re used to—such as instant messaging, email, voice, andpresence—from within familiar applications. And remote staff With Microsoft Dynamics, you can choose the model thatmembers have the device flexibility they expect, so they can makes the most sense for your business, whether on-premiseswork across different browsers and all types of mobile devices or in the cloud. Plus, you’ll have the elasticity to adjust as yourto be productive wherever they are. needs change.With these tools at their fingertips, your people can have And if you do choose a cloud-based implementation, youmore timely communications with customers, suppliers, and will see that the cloud has a lot more to offer than just aother business partners, with the assurance that every single deployment preference. You can now take advantage of theinteraction will have greater context and insight. unique combination of business intelligence, collaboration, and communication tools offered by Microsoft by bringing them all together. A complete cloud offering can beDrives and Supports Your implemented that includes Microsoft Dynamics ERP, Microsoft Office 365, and Windows Azure.Business GrowthBusinesses with a vision for the future don’t let systems holdthem back. Microsoft Dynamics is a solution that propels and Reduces Your Risksupports your business goals and overall growth. It easilyaccommodates new processes and additional lines of business, When considering business technologies, companies areand it scales to meet higher demands, without sacrificing looking for a solution offered by a provider they can trust, oneperformance or incurring major increases to your original that shows a long-term commitment to their business so theytechnology investment—or your payroll. can concentrate on success without worrying about risk.At the same time, Microsoft Dynamics offers a standardized When you purchase a Microsoft Dynamics solution, you can beenvironment that reduces training and support requirements assured of support for the version you buy for up to 10 yearswhile building on the value of existing IT investments, so your after its release. Millions of users around the world alreadybusiness can achieve a fast time-to-value and a lower total trust Microsoft to deliver innovative consumer and businesscost of ownership. solutions. And our global partner network provides customers
  4. 4. WORK FORWARD.with easy access to the local resources and expertise you need. ConclusionAs a Microsoft Dynamics customer, you also have visibility into With a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution, your people willproduct life cycles and roadmaps describing how Microsoft have the innovative, flexible tools they need to work fasterDynamics solutions will evolve, 12 to 18 months in advance and more proactively. No matter where they are working orof the next version releases. A strong and upfront product how they choose to communicate, they can take advantageroadmap enables you to undertake your own IT planning of proactive tools that make it easy for them to turn theirwith greater confidence. insights into action, making every interaction and transactionIn addition, you can be confident that the deep thinking productive. Equipped with the right data and the right tools,and extensive R&D investments that have made Microsoft your employees can contribute forward-looking businessa global technology leader will continue to drive your insights that propel small and midsize business and ensurebusiness platform forward, ultimately contributing to your their long-term growth.long-term success. By implementing a business solution from Microsoft, you can help your people work forward, setting the pace for your business. With tools that increase flexibility, they can work smarter, gain new insights, and improve decision“After considering our options, we chose making so they can guide efficient processes and helpMicrosoft Dynamics NAV over competing uncover new opportunities.offerings for three reasons: superior technicalflexibility, the partner ecosystem, and a long- As a result, your business can move ahead instead of standingterm cost advantage.” still. Your employees can be agile and adapt to rapidly changing internal and external needs, driving the business in a – Print Management Partners world of change and increased competition. You can anticipate success, so you can see your business beyond tomorrow. © 2012 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. MICROSOFT MAKES NO WARRANTIES, EXPRESS, IMPLIED, OR STATUTORY, AS TO THE INFORMATION IN THIS DOCUMENT. Microsoft, the Microsoft logo, Microsoft Dynamics, the Microsoft Dynamics logo, SharePoint, and Windows Azure are trademarks of the Microsoft group of companies.