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Введение в REST API


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Введение в REST API. подходы к генерации API документации

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Введение в REST API

  1. 1. Введение в REST APIПодходы к генерации API документации Oleg Zinchenko
  2. 2. О себеSymfony разработчик с 2009 годаTeamLead в Exercise.comПродвигаю Symfony2 в массы
  3. 3. Программы Видео Питание Советы тренера Упражнения Френды, лайки Oleg Zinchenko
  4. 4. REST REpresentational State Transfer Передача состояний Over HTTP State-less Кеширование Oleg Zinchenko
  6. 6. REST RESTful web API GET /api/v1/orders POST /api/v1/orders GET /api/v1/orders/12 PUT /api/v1/orders/12 DELETE /api/v1/orders/12 GET /api/v1/orders/12/delete forbidden Oleg Zinchenko
  7. 7. Задача Oleg Zinchenko
  8. 8. Задача{ "firstName": "Иван", "lastName": "Иванов", "address": { "streetAddress": "Московское ш., 101, кв.101", "city": "Ленинград", "postalCode": 101101 }, "phoneNumbers": [ "812 123-1234", "916 123-4567"]}<person> <firstName>Иван</firstName> <lastName>Иванов</lastName> <address> <streetAddress>Московское ш., 101, кв.101</streetAddress> <city>Ленинград</city> <postalCode>101101</postalCode> </address> <phoneNumbers> <phoneNumber>812 123-1234</phoneNumber> <phoneNumber>916 123-4567</phoneNumber> </phoneNumbers></person> Oleg Zinchenko
  9. 9. Bundles FOSRestBundle FOSRest JMSSerializerBundle jms/metadata Oleg Zinchenko
  10. 10. 2 Kernels AppKernel ApiKernel Разный набор конфигов Разный набор бандлов Oleg Zinchenko
  11. 11. authentication + authorization authentication + authorization Oleg Zinchenko
  12. 12. Authentication Oleg Zinchenko
  13. 13. Serialization Serializer map DemoAcmeDocumentFood: exclusion_policy: ALL properties: calories: expose: true caloriesPerServing: expose: true caloriesPerGram: expose: true caloriesPerFluidOunce: expose: true measurement: expose: true servingOptions: expose: true callback_methods: pre_serialize: [prepareMeasurement, prepareServingOptions] Oleg Zinchenko
  14. 14. Serialization Object Handlers { "id": "4fb1fb87944c4c0e240004de", "slug": "minimalist-article", "title": "Minimalist article", "updated_at": "2012-05-15T09:45:26+0300", "summary": "Minimalist summary", "body": "Minimalist body", "main_image": "" } Oleg Zinchenko
  15. 15. ТестированиеBehatBuzz + aka WebApiContext Scenario: /foods get list of food. Pagination supported. Given I authorized as: "fred" When I make "GET" request to the "/api/v1/foods" Then the response status code should be: "200" And the response body should be similar to JSON: """ [{"id":"4fb1fb8f944c4c0e24000622","slug":"bittermelon-cooked-a… }] """ Oleg Zinchenko
  16. 16. ДокументацияHippo docSwaggerNelmioApiDocBundle Oleg Zinchenko
  17. 17. ДокументацияHippo doc Oleg Zinchenko
  18. 18. ДокументацияSwagger apis: [{ path: "/pet.{format}/{petId}", description: "Operations about pets", operations: [{ httpMethod: "GET", nickname: "getPetById", responseClass: "Pet", parameters: [...] summary: "Find pet by its unique ID" notes: "Only Pets which you have permission to see will be returned", errorResponses: [...] }] } Oleg Zinchenko
  19. 19. ДокументацияSwagger Oleg Zinchenko
  20. 20. Документация NelmioApiDocBundle/** * This the documentation description of your method, it will appear * on a specific pane. It will read all the text until the first * annotation. * * @ApiDoc( * resource=true, * description="This is a description of your API method", * filters={ * {"name"="a-filter", "dataType"="integer"}, * {"name"="another-filter", "dataType"="string", "pattern"="(foo|bar) ASC|DESC"} * } * ) */public function getAction(){} Oleg Zinchenko
  21. 21. Документация NelmioApiDocBundle Oleg Zinchenko
  22. 22. Спасибо Вопросы? Oleg Zinchenko