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Developing an Elementary School Learning Commons physical space


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In September 2012, Georges Vanier Elementary School in Surrey, British Columbia began the transformation from Library To Learning Commons. One aspect of this process is a reconfiguration of the physical space.

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Developing an Elementary School Learning Commons physical space

  1. 1. Developing the Learning Commons -Physical SpaceGeorges Vanier Elementary SchoolAnna Crosland - Teacher Librarianhttp://commonsconnections.edublogs.org
  2. 2. The Georges Vanier Library has always been a busycenter for our school...
  3. 3. ContestsSto rytellers Buddy Read in g
  4. 4. Theme Days Book G iveawa ysStrong Sta rt Pre-School
  5. 5. Aboriginal CelebrationsResearch
  6. 6. lubsBook C
  7. 7. b Lunch Time p CluStam Clubs Origa mi C lub lub Ger onimo Stilton C
  8. 8. It is a compact library...but the way we used the spacewas not always ideal. One aspect of developing aLearning Commons is to examine the physical space.
  9. 9. Original LayoutWe took a look at how we could re-configure the layout.
  10. 10. Original LayoutEntrance area filled with stacks...
  11. 11. Hidden bulletin boardsDifficult to manoeuvre corners Original Layout
  12. 12. Out of reach shelvesUnder-utilized space Original Layout
  13. 13. Awkward book displaysStorage area for antiques Original Layout
  14. 14. anym ore... ed this on’t neGuess we dSo we went to the drawing board, interviewed students,gathered ideas from co-workers and colleagues andsought out advice on-line.
  15. 15. Husba nds we re pres sed int o labou rFor a while it was a bit of organized chaos. Shelves wereweeded, books were packed up, boxes were stored.
  16. 16. But the commons soon started to take shape.
  17. 17. We love how the space better reflects the collaborativenature of our learning.
  18. 18. Students use the multi functional cubes in a variety ofways, working together or in a group.
  19. 19. The cubes are lightweight and easy to move.
  20. 20. We took our original plan a step further. We eliminated allof the free standing stacks and refrained from buyingmore furniture to create a larger more versatile space.
  21. 21. We await the finishing touches such assome built in shelving to house bookstemporarily lining the window sills.However, we are pleased with thereactions of the staff and students to thenew look of the Georges Vanier LearningCommons. Developing the Learning Commons - Physical Space Georges Vanier Elementary School Anna Crosland - Teacher Librarian