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  1. 1. CREDITWRENCH %20coffee&hl=en&output=search&tbs=qdr:n10&tbo=1 Notice the URL parameter qdr:d. I assume qdr stands for Query Date Range (sounds about right). All you have to do to search for the query in the past minute is to change the parameter to qdr:n, and for the past second to qdr:s. Creditwrench past second Creditwrench past minute Creditwrench past hour Creditwrench past day Creditwrench past week Creditwrench past year search
  2. 2. Creditwrench links page Do you need help dealing with abusive debt collectors? Do you need help responding to a summons and complaint? Do you need help getting rid of a judgment? Call us at (405) 237-2174 or (405) 227-9423 or Email me