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Creditwrench teaches consumers how to deal with abusive debt collectors and beat them at their own game. Make them pay you to go away and leave them alone! Stop abusive phone calls easily.

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Creditwrench's Google Docs links

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  2. 2. For more information and assistance with your problems call me at: (405) 237-2174 or (405) 227-9423 Index of Creditwrench docs on Google and Creditwrench web sites Results of trying to fix your credit. Why fight if you can't win the case? Respond to a demand for assets questionairre. How to Read a Legal Opinion: A Guide for New Law Students How to prepare a response to a summons & complaint Richard needs help defeating a debt collector False & Misleading information Creditwrench web site Creditwrrench TV & podcasts Creditwrench Message Forum Friday night conference calls by Creditwrench Free legal research links List of community property states Open Office is free and it is a better word processor than Microsoft Word. The Open Office package contains everything that Microsoft Office carries however most of their
  3. 3. programs are not as good as those contained in Microsoft office. Download Open Office. huge list of collection agencies and their contact info How to win in court without lawyers How to deal with municipal harassment A worthless ebook you can buy for $37.00. FTC web pages. How to dispute credit report errors Supreme Court decision threatens speed camera industry Alll My Youtube videos Mortgage and foreclosure links and information If you suspect your loan is in an asset trust pool that you have a name for but don't have proof, If you are officially in foreclosure or bankruptcy , get a 10-D report on this entity at the SEC search engine Mortgage file locator from SEC This will break down the holdings into these categories and you can search for your loan number and other loan information to see if it is in this Asset backed Trust Pool. When in the 10-D report look for EX-99.1 CHARTER and find your information. If it is there it will be under FORECLOSURE LOAN DETAIL REPORT or BANKRUPTCY LOAN DETAIL REPORT. Then on the same search engine get an 8-k report for this entity. This will show other corporate entities connected with the pool and where such an entity is chartered or created. Then you can find out from that state if that is true.
  4. 4. You can also get the prospectus for this entity which will also show theses things as well. The 8-k will also have addresses and phone numbers for these entities and you can call and ask about that pool if it has a loan of the amount and date as yours. Call the Sec of State first and confirm they are incorporated where the SEC reports say they are as the exact name you have or is given to you by the SEC. If it is New York you will also need to contact the Investment Protection Bureau of the Attorney General’s office. If they are there, ask them to fax you a copy of the charter. If there is no charter under this exact name (assuming this is the name that is suppose to be holder of the debt) Ask them to fax this fact to you so you will have something to take to the closing or into court. Ask for a letter to this effect for later purposes. If the sale is imminent take the charter and let the lawyer read it and see it does not authorize their actions with it if you think it does not. Or take what facts you have and Tell him if he is wrong to have the sale, you'll have his bar license if he goes through with the sale and sue him for your loss when the contract or rights of the party he is foreclosing for is found void. If Dunn and Bradstreet has no profile on the holder of the contract Ask Dand B why they have no profile on this corporation or if their lack of one means they are not a corporation. Seek to get a fax now and a written explanation later.