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Credibility 3D presentation


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Published in: Design, Technology, Business
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Credibility 3D presentation

  1. 1. CREDIBILITY 3D Multimedia virtual representation BARCELONA© Credibility3d 2011 - All rights reserved
  2. 2. CREDIBILITY 3D is the solution to your companys needs of 3D virtual representation, offering renders of spaces and objectsbefore their realization.We offer virtual graphics for Web, print and billboards in high resolution applied to architecture,urbanism, landscaping, interior design, decoration, window dressing, advertising and ephemeral architecture (stands).3D videos for real estate development purposes or educational purposes, with different durations and standard, HD andFullHD resolutions.Virtual developments for advertising, Tv, film, science and medicine.Highly realistic Interactive virtual tours, interactive maps, 360 panoramic views and 360 object views.3D environment development for web, mobile and PC.Our team of graphic designers, architects and technical designers, with over 15 years of industry experience, offers thefollowing solutions:Be able to understand your ideas and projects, and even interact with them, prior to their materialization.To have a useful tool for making decisions and easily identify mistakes or find improvements in the previous stages (bestlocation, views, colors, materials, etc..) So you get a cost saving by identifying them before hand.An art business tool, that will make purchasing much easier and attractive for your customers.To make a distinction from your competitors and improve your corporate image, as you will feature the latest technicalrealeses at the time to show and offer your products.All in record time, thanks to the dominance of 3D rendering techniques, with a high-performance hardware and adapted to themultimedia needs of virtual representation and infographics.