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Plan View Catalog 2009.1


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This is PlanView\'s services catalog for 2009. If you don\'t see an exact match for your production, please call us and we\'ll refer to you a great resource!

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Plan View Catalog 2009.1

  2. 2. 949.677.8318 Web Development Interactive 3D Visualization Video & Audio Signage Print Planning and Strategizing Outreach Solutions and Implementation Media Relations – print, web, tv, radio Municipal and Public Agency Services Full Service Marketing Planning and Strategizing Implementation Advertising Branding Municipal and Public Agency Services Web Site Design Turnkey eCommerce Solutions Email Marketing Solutions Search Engine Optimization Touch Screen Kiosks CD-ROM Development Interactive Presentations 3D Simulations & VIsualizations Architectural Virtual Tours Before & After/Massing Studies View Shed Analysis FULL HD Video Production DVD/BluRay Production & Duplication Video Animations & Bumpers 24-bit Digital Audio Studio Mastering & Duplication Corporate & Municipal Signage Banners, Flags & Specialty Large Format Printing Vehicle Wraps Design & Installation Corporate Identity & Stationery Catalogs, Booklets & Folders Direct Mail Design & Management Packaging Design & Fulfillment Public & Community Relations Marketing PlanView Communications specializes in developing multi-media communications and marketing tools for our corporate and municipal clients. Our products empower you to communicate, educate and inspire audiences. From web-based solutions to HD video, print design & fulfillment, interactive appli- cations, public relations campaigns and even televi- sion and radio programs, our efforts have proven vital to the success and growth of our clients’ businesses. Innovation and creativity are central themes, which drive each production we undertake. We strive to maximize your budjects and achieve the most effective return on your pr, marketing and visual communica- tions investment. What can PlanView do for you?
  3. 3. ...and that just scratches the surface! Our Commitment to You PlanView Communications is a team of highly-qualified and experienced professionals working together to develop and deliver beautifully designed, accurate and useful tools for our clients. Our teams of specialized, yet complementary disciplines each have their own focus and specific areas of expertise. As a whole, our PR, web & interactive, 3D visualization, Video & Audio, signage and print teams provide a unique blend of market- ing communcations solutions, under one, very proud badge - PlanView Communica- tions. We are confident that our collective abilities and our dedication to quality is second to none. Customer satisfaction is our highest objective. We commit ourselves to delivering the very best for you - our valued client - on time, every time. Give us a call today - and let’s make progress this year. 949.677.8318
  4. 4. Public Relations PR Plan development and implementation Business outreach activities Community relations activities Public awareness activities Press release development and distribution Media relations and liaison Media buying and placement Press kit development and distribution Presentation development and delivery Press conference coordination Copy and speech writing Municipal and Public Agency Services PlanView Communication’s public relations practices include ongoing activities to ensure that your organization has a strong public image as we help the public to understand your organization and its services. Over the past 6 years we have achieved outstanding results for clients by building strong relationships with journalists and the media, while adding value by lifting and strengthening your public profile. Our staff become a seamless extension of your team and deliver results on time and within budget. 20 0 2020949.677.8318
  5. 5. Strategic planning Marketing Plan development & implementation Market research Multiple stakeholder profiling Key issue identification Customer & consumer feedback Trend analysis & benchmark audits Direct marketing Media relations Media Planning & Buying Advertising Branding Questionnaire development & distribution Focus Group coordination & reporting Improve your competitive positioning with a great marketing plan and improve customer retention with the perfect marketing strategy. PlanView will analyze your company's funda- mental business objectives and align your mar- keting strategies to support these. You need a competitive edge to stay ahead and our team can deliver a comprehensive plan to help navigate you through day to day business and insure that your company not only retains its clients but GROWS. Marketing 20 0 2020949.677.8318
  6. 6. Web Site Design Web-Based Applications Web Marketing Strategies Turnkey E-Commerce Email Marketing Tools Flash Animation/Web Video Interface Design Search Engine Optimization Since 1996, our team has been leading the way with dynamic, search engine-optimized, engaging and effective web solutions that have made the difference for many companies and organizations - from Fortune 500 name brands to our more locally-focused clients. Whatever your web development needs, look to PlanView to engineer fully W3C and XHTML- compliant web sites that not only function correctly and look great - but are also devel- oped with SEO in mind - right from the drawing board. Web-compliant and optimized code can make the difference between a just a great idea and online success! 949.677.8318 20 0 2020 Web Sites/Web-Based Applications
  7. 7. We Design... ...and that just scratches the surface! Need an effective and engaging interactive presentation or touch screen kiosk? Would you like to be able to edit content or track the usage details of your publicly-located system right from your desktop or PDA? We thought so... PlanView is developing 3rd generation kiosks and interactive presentations for our clients’ demanding and evolving markets. We offer turnkey systems that include hardware, interactive software content, web connectivity and maintenance plans - all designed to get results in a cost-effective worry-free package. Touch Screen Kiosks Interactive Presentations POS Solutions Interactive Sales Offices Web & CD-ROM applications Large Format Touch Screens POS/Card Swipe Systems Portable &Wireless Systems Walk-up Touch Screen & Kiosk Systems 20 0 2020Interactive Touch-Screens & Presentations 949.677.8318
  8. 8. Since 1992, our staff has been developing 3D visualizations. Much has evolved over the years - and we’ve remained on the cutting edge of production methodologies, software advancements, surveying equipment, photography and all the many factors that go into developing accurate and realistic 3D simulations. Whether you’re developing a hotel, residential community, commercial building or municipal facility, 3D simula- tions bring your project to life. Important questions can be answered before it’s too late, and team members and communities alike can get behind your project - right from the start! 3D Simulations & Visualizations Architectural Virtual Tours Before & After/Massing Studies View Shed Analysis Product & Prototype Modeling Virtual Re-enactments 3D/2D Composition 20 0 20202D/3D Visual Simulations & Virtual Tours 949.677.8318
  9. 9. We Design... 20 0 2020 Simulations (con’t) 949.677.8318
  10. 10. PlanView Communications’ HD video team has more than 15 years experience in the production of state- of-the-art productions for TV, web, interactive, DVD, BluRay and a myriad of other corporate, organiza- tional and entertainment applications. We have the latest cameras, lighting, cranes, dollies, run-and-gun stabilizers and editing equipment and software for high-energy, beautiful HD productions. Whether you need a 3 minute spot for your web site, a 30 second commercial, a music video or corporate communications piece, PlanView’s got you covered. HD Video - On-site & Studio Video Editing & Special FX Corporate Communications Sports & Public Gatherings Commercials & Broadcast DVD & BluRay Development 20 0 2020 HD Video Production 949.677.8318
  11. 11. 24-bit Digital Audio Studio Voice Over/Narration Music Production/Jingles Audio Mastering & Duplication PlanView’s audio department has the very latest training, software and equipment for the production of crisp, clear, innovative and effective audio for video, web, interactive presen- tations, telephony applications, music, sound FX and more. From complete albums for song-writers and musical productions, to video and interactive soundtracks, to virtually any sound application, PlanView is your one stop audio solution. 20 0 2020 Audio Production 949.677.8318
  12. 12. Municipal agencies and corporate clients look to PlanView Communications for innovative, creative and extremely well-built signage for all types of applications. From street signs to specialty residential and public environmental signage, to custom monumentation and even billboards, our years of experience guide us in selecting the right size, materials & design for every situation. Billboards & Large Format Municipal & Environmental Housing & Multi-Family Bootlegs, Flags, Human Signs Monumentation/Permanent Trade Shows, Corporate Public Places, Entertainment 20 0 2020 Signage Solutions 949.677.8318
  13. 13. PlanView Communications’ printing services are second to none. Our state-of-the-art print facilities and detail- oriented staff have produced beautifully-crafted printed materials for marketing purposes, corporate collateral, communications pieces, product catalogs and thousands of other products. We are absolutely committed to quality and timely deliver- ies done right - the first time, every time. Trust all your printing needs to our team - and find out why PlanView customers keep coming back, year after year. Corporate Identity & Stationery Catalogs, Booklets & Folders Specialty Marketing Pieces Postcards, Flyers & Door Hangers Direct Mail Design & Management Packaging Design & Printing Large Format: Posters, Banners Labels, Stickers 20 0 2020 Print Design & Fulfillment 949.677.8318
  14. 14. tel. 949.677.8318 fax. 949.666.5186 | PUBLIC RELATIONS | WEB | INTERACTIVE | 3D VIZ | VIDEO & AUDIO | SIGNAGE | PRINT