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Holiday Peter

  1. 1. FEDERAL HOLIDAYS By: Peter
  2. 2. house will vote on the electronic board. They will vote yes or no. Then the bill goes to the senate where it goes through the same process and then if passed the bill will be enrolled. If passed by both chambers of the government the president passes the bill which is the federal holiday or vetoes it. If passed it becomes a holiday and is announced if not passed. It is not passed or the congress can veto override to make it become a holiday. How Something becomes a holiday A holidays is something anyone can come up with but to make it federal it needs to be passed by a bill. How it works is it begins with someone thinking of it and proposing it to the government. Then it is introduced to the house and can be when ever the house in session. Then a bill is given a number by the bill committee and is given to the subcommittee where house will add the bill report which is the bills next step to the house’s calendar. The bill is consider and changes or turn a ways will be made. Now the
  3. 3. New Years Day N New Years Day is the first federal holiday of the year. It is also my dad’s birthday. People all over the world like to celebrate this holiday on New Years Eve and stay up partying until 12:00 AM. Then New Years Day on New Years day most people just rest and get ready for work the next day. It was turned into a federal holiday because it was the first day of the new year. It is not the greatest holiday but on great one to start the year.
  4. 4. New Years Day became a federal holiday because just about everyone in the U.S. celebrated it as one of the biggest holidays of the year. The U.S. Government decide that it should be a federal holiday because it would start of the year on a very good note. New Years Day was passed and turned into a holiday like every other holiday but, it is probably the second biggest holiday of the year behind Christmas. New Years is a great holiday and one of my favorites. New Years Day
  5. 5. National Leaders Day I think National Leaders Day should be our next federal holiday. National Leaders Day would be a great holiday representing not just our president but everyone like the governor or the congress. It gives thanks to all of the politics in the government. The day could also represent leaders in your community. There is a great program that teaches kids from 6th grade until the end of high school and the name of the the program is CYLC. One of the programs that I attended was JrNYLC and we could give their program some reconnection as well. It would be a great holiday and really let kids feel confidant about becoming the new leaders of America and the world!
  6. 6. National Leaders Day is celebrated on the first Monday of November. National Leaders Day is a day that would show what the country was based on. It would really show the great leaders and show the ones to come. It would show national leaders, state leaders, and community leaders. National Leaders Day should be celebrated like Presidents Day and Labor Day where no school and no mail on that Monday to thank our leaders. National Leaders Day
  7. 7. Why should the government choose this holiday to become federal? I think the government should allow this to become a holiday because one, this is a holiday that represents them as our leaders. Two, this holiday will teach kids and adults how great some of our leaders are and to teach kids how to become great leaders of the future. This would be one holiday that would really help America. NATIONAL LEADERS DAY
  8. 8. John Paul the II is a great man who was a pope until he died June 28, 2005. A think John Paul the II should become a saint. To become a saint you have to have dedicated your life to Go d and to people. You also have to have preformed a miracle. John Paul the II preformed a miracle through pray with a lady who had the same disease he had. She prayed to him and she was cure overnight. Now the cardinals are deciding if the mir acle w as pure. He is now waiting to see if he was canonized. When the next miracle which John Paul is waiting for happen s he o r she becomes a saint and a bill goes to the universal church. John Paul II
  9. 9. The Feast of John Paul the II should be celebrated on June 28 the day he died. It is about John Paul the II who dedicated his life to the church and god.
  10. 10. The Roman Catholic Church should choose John Paul the II to become the next saint and have his own feast day. He was a great man who deserves to be a saint. He has one miracle I hope he gets his second soon.
  11. 11. List of current federal Holidays Jan. New years day Martin Luther King Day Feb. Groundhog DAY* Presidents day April. April Fools* Patriots Day May Mothers Day* Memorial day Fathers Day * Flag Day* 4th of July Sept. Labor Day OCT. Halloween* Columbus Day Nov. Thanksgiving Veterans day DEC. Christmas
  12. 12. List of Religions holiday Valentine Day St Pats Day Easter All souls day Feast of Annunciation Christmas Good Friday Holy Thursday Immaculate Conception Hanukkah Kwanzaa All saints Day Feast of Assumption Ash Wed.