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Tates Creek Christian Church Current Newsletter for March 2014


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Tates Creek Christian Church monthly Current newsletter for March 2014.

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Tates Creek Christian Church Current Newsletter for March 2014

  1. 1. Tates Creek Current March 2014
  2. 2. Contact Tates Creek Christian 3150 Tates Creek Road Lexington, KY 40502 (859) 266-1621 Visit Online Contents Feature Article 10 Spring is on The Way In Every Issue 3-6 Minister Articles 8 “The Story” Reading Schedule 9 Elder/Deacon Serving Schedule 1 4-17 Minister Articles 18 January Statistics 19 New Members 20 Calendar Worship Sunday Traditional - 8:40 am Blended - 11:10 am The Vine - 11:10 am Sunday School - 10 am Evening - 6:30 pm Wednesday Oasis Meal - 5:45 pm Oasis Classes - 6:45 pm Staff Tommy Simpson Nic Skinner Kim Beckwith Don Seevers Mike Allen Brad Haggard Matt Lee Lesley Tipton David Eversole Billy Bishop Ministry News 7 Concert Series 11 Blessing Bag Mission Trip 13 Women’s Workshop 13 Teacher Appreciation Events 8-9 Special Events 12 “Ragamuffin” movie Special Note 12 IRA Distributions Office Staff Kim Jones Jenni Gregg Rhoda Rolfes Vicki Wesley 2 Mission Tates Creek Christian Church exists to win people to Christ (evangelism), build up believers in faith, knowledge, and service (encouragement), to help those in need (benevolence), and to stand up for Christian values in the community (witness). Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  3. 3. Tidbits from Tommy After reading through a recent article by one of my professors, Dr. Jack Cottrell, I decided to write about the following subject. Several years ago, I received a phone call from a young man strongly considering suicide. I raced to the park where he was and, with our Lord’s help, talked him out of that option. Too many times, even once is too many, I am contacted after the fact. Suicide leaves so many questions for family and friends, even if a note was left. Many Christians have very strong opinions and views about suicide. I am sure the view that I share will meet with strong disagreement. I believe that for the Christian, who out of great desperation chooses the option of suicide, there is forgiveness. Many Christians believe that suicide is an unforgiveable sin because of I John 1:9. This text states, “If we confess our sins, He is faithful and righteous to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness” (NASB). The reason many Christians believe that suicide is unforgiveable is because the person who commits suicide does not have time to ask God to forgive them for their sin. Suicide is a sin; it is a selfish act; it is self-murder. However, I John 1:9 does not mean that we have to be able to ask God for the forgiveness of our sins before we die. I John 1:9 refers to our relationship with Jesus Christ. Notice ~ I John 1:7 says, “But if we walk in the light as He Himself is in the light, we have fellowship with one another, and the blood of Jesus His Son cleanses us from all sin” (NASB). This verse helps us with the context of the passage, those who are in a relationship with Jesus Christ experience the forgiveness of sins because of the blood of Jesus Christ. So, for the Christian who has a relationship with Jesus Christ, there is forgiveness of sin. Committing the sin of suicide before dying and committing any other sin before dying without asking God for forgiveness is no different. Sometimes, Christians are in an argument before they die, or they may be in a car wreck that was their fault for reckless driving. Committing a sin does not separate us from the grace of God. Persistence in sin is apostasy, and that will separate us from God’s grace. But, an individual act of sin does not separate us from God’s grace. To say that we have to ask God for forgiveness for every single sin before we die is being legalistic. People who consider suicide need help, but not the threat of condemnation. If a Christian has committed suicide out of desperation, we sorrow, but not as those without Jesus. Twenty days until Spring ~Tommy Lexington, KY 40502 3
  4. 4. Discipleship Ministry News Nic Skinner Omaha! Omaha! No, I’m not talking about the city in Nebraska. (Sorry Rich and Bev Cary!) Nor am I talking about Omaha Steaks. “Omaha! Omaha!” is the familiar “audible” that quarterback Peyton Manning calls at the line of scrimmage often during his NFL football games. A quarterback “audibles” when he decides he needs to change the plan to be effective. I am calling an audible. This year, I had planned to use a collection of articles to give tips on leading an effective Bible study, and if you are still interested in that information, please let me know and I can get it to you. However, I believe that there are some broader, deeper, and more personal discussions that should take place in this space—and I want us to take advantage of that together to be most effective. This month, I want to ask the question, “What is the ultimate goal of discipleship?” For some, discipleship is equated with classroom and booklearning. However, as I heard one person say recently, “Going to Sunday School doesn’t make us any more a disciple than being in a garage makes us a car.” In short, having the knowledge or just showing up on Sunday doesn’t make us a disciple. It is having the knowledge and living it out. It’s the tried and true message of Matthew 7:24-27, James 1:22-25, John 14:23, 1 Samuel 15:22, and many other passages. It is living in obedience to our Lord. If we are following in obedience to our Lord, then we are not only concerned with being a disciple, but also intent on making more disciples. One of Jesus’ most clear commands is the Great Commission of Matthew 28:19-20, instructing us in our responsibility to make disciples of all nations. Evangelism and Discipleship are not two separate issues. Evangelism is a natural outgrowth of lives lived in total obedience to the King. So let’s challenge ourselves with this question today, “As a disciple, am I producing other disciples that produce disciples?” And leaders, “Are we equipping those in the groups we lead with the practical resources and opportunities to do so?” Or do we need to call an “audible”? ~In Christ, Nic 4 Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  5. 5. Senior Adults Kim Beckwith We are planning a great year of fellowship for our Senior Adults this year. Beginning in March, our monthly Day Trips begin. These day trips happen on the fourth Thursday of each month beginning in March and ending in September. For our March day trip we will be staying close to home. We will meet at 9:30 AM and then journey just a short distance to Magee’s Bakery where we will have a late morning breakfast of typical breakfast fare or scrumptious pastries. This local family owned business may be familiar to many of you, but for those who aren’t it will be a sweet surprise. Following breakfast we will be taking in two local museums, the Headley – Whitney Museum and the Aviation Museum of Kentucky. We will close out our day in midafternoon with a stop for some desert. Then, our April meeting will take us to the Newport Aquarium near Cincinnati. Beyond these early dates, we need to begin looking at the major outings that are being planned. First is our return to Senior Saints In The Smokies. The date for this year’s program is June 2-6. Be planning now on participating in this wonderful time of spiritual filling and fellowship. Registration information can be obtained from the church. Another activity we need to be looking toward is the annual fall bus trip. This year we are looking at a trip to Albuquerque and Santa Fe, with stops at the Precious Moments Chapel in Carthage, Missouri, and the Cowboy Hall of Fame in Oklahoma City. This will be a 10-11 day trip. If you are interested in participating, we need you to express your interest right away so we can further our plans. Call me at the church or email me with your interest, and we will get the information out to you. These are just a few of the adventures we will be embarking on this year. We hope that you will join us if you are among those who refuse to let a little age get in the way of being active and involved. Make our joy complete by joining our various ministries and opportunities for fellowship. See you Thursday the 20th for our Better With Age Club monthly meeting. We will begin at 10:30 and lunch will follow. ~Bro. Kim Lexington, KY 40502 5
  6. 6. Don’s Dynamics DIVERSITY! Now that is a word that will catch your attention! Quite often we hear it used in a way that focuses on making special considerations for groups of people. Not always is it used in a positive way. However, one of the definitions according to Webster is: the inclusion of different types of people in a group or organization. I have thought about diversity a lot lately when it comes to our worship ministry. In our adult music ensembles (choir, worship teams, orchestra, and hand bells) we have doctors, nurses, pharmacists, engineers, public school teachers, former college professors, attorneys, administrators, sales associates, university employees, state employees, college/ high school/middle school students, retirees...and this is not an exhaustive list. Yet, when we come together, we all work together on the same playing field, sharing our stories to tell the Gospel Story. I find that very exciting. I hope you do, too. AND...perhaps you will want to join one of our “diverse” groups. In addition to our 2013-2014 Concert Series, Bill Johnson has arranged for us to host several gospel singing ensembles as a part of our Gospel Concert Series. A separate brochure is forthcoming giving a brief description of each group and the concert dates. The first concert date in this series is March 16 at 6:30 PM, when we hear from our own quartet, Second Coming. Please come prepared to share in a love offering for each group. Also, we will host our resident jazz band, The Metrognomes, on March 28, at 7:30 PM. This is our second year to host them as they present exciting arrangements by their director, Doug Oatley. Bring a friend and join us for this fun evening of pop music. Do you have the gift of hospitality? On March 23, we will host the Anderson University Chorale in our morning services. This outstanding choir was featured on KET during the recent Christmas season in an hour-long concert along with other music ensembles from Anderson. We will need hosts for the evening of March 22. This will include overnight housing, an evening meal, and breakfast. If you are available to help in this most important way, please contact me at the church at your earliest convenience. If you want to check out the choir, go to YouTube to find some excellent examples of their music. ~ Don 6 Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  7. 7. Concert Series 2014 Anderson University Chorale Sunday ~ March 23 During each morning service we will have the pleasure of hearing the Anderson University Chorale. We are in need of hosts to house these students on Saturday night, March 22. You will need to provide dinner that evening and breakfast the next morning. Please contact Don Seevers if you are able to help in this way. The MetroGnomes March 28 ~ 7:30 PM The MetroGnomes will be performing a full 90 minute concert on Friday, March 28. If you enjoy the big band or jazz band music, this concert is something you will not want to miss. This band, under the direction of Doug Oatley, will have your toes tapping to many selections of popular big band music. Our own Willow Cooper performs with this group. Please come enjoy this free event, no tickets are needed. 7 Lexington, KY 40502
  8. 8. “The Story” Reading Schedule Week 10 - Standing Tall, Falling Hard March 3: pages 129-131 March 4: pages 131-133 March 5: pages 133-134 March 6: pages 134-138 March 7: pages 138-141 March 8: pages 141-143 Week 11 - From Shepherd to King March 10: pages 145-146 March 11: pages 146-150 March 12: pages 150-153 March 13: pages 153-155 March 14: pages 155-157 March 15: pages 157-160 Week 12 - The Trials of a King March 17: pages 161-163 March 18: pages 163-165 March 19: pages 165-166 March 20: pages 166-169 March 21: pages 169-173 March 22: page 173 Week 13 - The King Who had it All March 24: pages 175-176 March 25: pages 176-178 March 26: pages 178-183 March 27: pages 183-186 March 28: pages 186-189 March 29: pages 189-192 Senior Adult Events Adult Bible Study Wednesdays ~ 10:30 AM Room 200A Better With Age Club Thursday, March 20 10:30 AM ~ Fellowship Hall Senior Adult Day Trips Thursday ~ March 27 9:30 AM ~ Magee’s Bakery, Headley – Whitney Museum, and Aviation Museum of Kentucky Thursday ~ April 24 Newport Aquarium Women’s Prayer Breakfast March 8, 9 am Multi Ministry Center Gospel Concert Series Second Coming March 16 ~ 6:30 PM 8 Join us as we start off our Gospel Concert Series with a group from TCCC. Mary Mirre, Kim & Ben Donaldson, and Bill Johnson comprise the group “Second Coming.” Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  9. 9. Communion Serving Schedule March 23 March 2 Elders: Kent Mason, Rich Cary Elders: Larry Bugg, John Langley Deacons: Lucas Moore, Chris Lee Deacons: Steven Clem, Steve Mullins Ashland Terrace: Keith Wertz Ashland Terrace: Henry Evans Home Comm: Lucas Moore, Steve Mullins, Home Comm: Greg Kasten, Stuart Kearns, Keith Wertz Jonathan Clifton Comm. Prep: (Sat.) Kathy Hicks Comm. Prep: (Sat.) Marvis & Pam White (Sun.) Robert McCray (Sun.) Bill & Margo Clem (Sun. after srvs) Craig & Jenny Fowler (Sun. after srvs) Elaine Smith March 30 March 9 Elders: Stan Stack, Kent Mason Elders: Ken Baker, Larry Bugg Deacons: Brian Hogston, Greg Wheeler Deacons: Craig Martin, Greg Kasten Ashland Terrace: Brian Hogston Ashland Terrace: Greg Kasten Home Comm: Cory Wilson, Charlie Byers, Home Comm: Brian Hogston, Ed Hall, Harold Butler Steven Clem Comm. Prep: (Sat.) Comm. Prep: (Sat.) Mark & Gayle Fields Wilma Coomer & Carol Rae Redding (Sun.) Carolyn Nipper (Sun.) Chris Dennison (Sun. after srvs) Curlie Kistler (Sun. after srvs) Chris Dennison March 16 Elders: Rich Cary, Ken Baker Deacons: Charlie Byers, Cory Wilson Ashland Terrace: Stuart Kearns Home Comm: Jonathan Clifton, Bill Burke, Henry Evans Comm. Prep: (Sat.) Brian & Sontina Hogston (Sun.) Randall Young (Sun. after srvs) Randall Young March Oasis Meals: Mar 5: Lasagna, Salad, Garlic Bread, Desserts Mar 12: Pulled Pork BBQ Sandwich, Potato Salad, Applesauce, Desserts Mar 19: Meatloaf, Sweet Potatoes, Peas, Dinner Rolls, Desserts Mar 26: Potato Soup, Vegetable Soup, Half Turkey Sandwich, Condiments, Cheese, Crackers, Desserts Salad is available as an alternate meal when it is not a part of the meal being served. Lexington, KY 40502 9
  10. 10. Spring is on The Way Song of Solomon 2:11-12a declares, “The winter is past, The rain is over and gone. The flowers appear on the earth; The time of singing has come.” NKJV I viewed this winter as severe, as I only remember seeing snow one time as I grew up in Mississippi. We have pulled our heavy coats tight around us when we ventured out. Even in our “warm” homes we cannot get really toasty. Now it is official. By the calendar winter is over even if the elements do not get the message. In the spring we see the crocuses poke up their heads. Birds begin to visit our yards serenading with their beautiful songs. The buds on our bushes come out. Everywhere we see signs of new life. Our spirits are lifted! We sing. There is a winter in the spirit described by some as “the dark night of the soul.” Many of us have faced dark days in our lives or in the lives of our loved ones. We thought we would never feel the light of Jesus or feel like singing again. We may have felt buried in our afflictions and problems. In addition, our country is a disaster to the naked eye. Many areas have suffered calamities of nature. We are aware of the increasing disorder in our society embracing standards that are in direct conflict to God’s Word. How can we believe the time of singing has come when all of the signs of our world are so dismal? The answer for this is found in Hebrews 12:2 which tells us to look to Jesus. We remember He says He will never leave us. (Hebrews 13:5). That alone is reason to sing. We stay faithful to prayer, scripture study, and our devotion time, we witness where there is opportunity, and reflect Jesus where ever we go. Remember, there is great glory that awaits us in the next world. The season of great singing is coming! We determine to be faithful to the end of our journey. “With faith and patience we inherit the promises.” (Hebrews 6:12b) 10 ~ Peggy Park Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  11. 11. Blessing Bag Mission In a life of disappointments, the children living in Ukraine orphanages have learned to trust the Blessing Bags and the mission team to return faithfully each year. They eagerly await the arrival of the team, peering out the dirty windows for a glimpse of the bus pulling through the metal gates. At other orphanages they run out to meet us, escort us inside, strive to be helpful, and are anxious for Christmas to begin. The Ukraine is like stepping back in history. After arriving in Kiev, we are taken by bus to the train station. Like a scene out of “Polar Express”, the smartly dressed ticket taker stands outside on the crowded platform checking the passengers in. We were ushered to our coupe’, which would become our home for the next 16 hours. The Crimean town of Simferopol is filled with graffiti, high density housing, and what you might call subdivisions with dirt roads and houses hidden behind concrete walls and steel gates. This is the outward evidence of a corrupt government and a lack of city infrastructure such as smooth roads and neighborhood sidewalks. The Blessing Bag Ministry is much more than giving out Christmas bags to orphans. It is a sustainable ministry that helps support the orphanages by improving their living conditions. The yearly visits ensure the standards are being maintained. One teacher proudly showed off her classroom and how she had decorated it with her own money while teaching economic skills to help the orphans on the road to independence. At another orphanage we toured a room filled with rows of foot pedal powered sewing machines…from years ago. The heart of the trip is sharing the moment with a child unpacking their gifts. Witnessing the quiet moment when they discover a photograph and letter from you. The joy we have in sharing the Christmas Story, presented in a beautifully illustrated book, in their native tongue. It’s time to begin the journey again. Blessing Bags will be distributed March 2 and March 9. ~ Becky Child 312-0078 Lexington, KY 40502 11
  12. 12. IRA Distributions In 2013 several of our members took advantage of some special Internal Revenue Service provisions that allowed those at least 70 ½ years of age and taking required minimum distributions (RMDs) from their IRAs to make their gifts directly from the IRA to the church (or other charity). The advantage of this is that it meets the RMD requirement, but since it goes to a charity it is 100% excluded from the giver’s gross income, thus saving federal, and possibly state, income taxes. This special provision expired with the last day of 2013. Many are saying that congress will eventually renew this special provision and may make it retroactive to January 1, 2014, but to count on such a provision by Congress would be risky. Therefore, it is best to wait until this is clarified before making any gift of this kind to the church, or other charity. As with any information regarding your investments and your taxes, please check this with your broker or tax advisor before deciding for your individual situation. If you have questions, contact David Eversole in the office and he will help you find the information you need. Rich Mullins Movie Ragamuffin The Story of Rich Mullins Sunday ~ March 23 ~ 3 PM Lyric Theater, 300 East 3rd Street As stated by James Bryan Smith, “Ragamuffin is a beautiful and moving film that captures one man’s struggle to overcome the trappings of success, and to learn how to accept the unconditional love of God.” Tates Creek Christian Church will host a showing of the movie “Ragamuffin” at the Lyric Theater. Tickets are $10 plus a processing fee and will be available at the Lyric Theater. Contact them at 859-280-2218 or at 12 Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  13. 13. Women’s Workshop A Woman at Peace Led by Peggy Park March 22 ~ 9:00 AM ~ Room 200 D-E We are living in very unsettling times and it is easy to set our eyes on the circumstances around us and off the Lord. Come learn how to let go of the past, live in today, and press on to fulfill your purposes in the kingdom. Be a woman living in peace. Teacher Appreciation Teacher Appreciation Sunday March 16, 2014 This year we will be celebrating our annual Teacher Appreciation Sunday on March 16. This is a great opportunity for everyone to encourage their Sunday School teacher or Small Group leader and to let them know how much they are valued. Take time to send an encouraging card or give them a personal Thank You! Lexington, KY 40502 13
  14. 14. College Ministry Mike Allen Where is your Focus? Well as most of you know I am an Indiana boy through and through. I have a love, like many of you blue bleeders, for college basketball and just basketball in general! I always love this time of year as we approach the “Big Dance”, even though my beloved Hoosiers may not be “dancing” this year, it is still such an exciting time to watch basketball and see the young men from colleges all over the nation competing for a National Championship. And though it pains me to say it, I wish the Big Blue Nation good luck. Another thing I have a deep love for is auto racing, especially NASCAR! Any other fans out there? If you are a NASCAR fan, you know that February means the Daytona 500! The beginning of what is, probably to most people, an entirely too lengthy racing season, haha. I can’t wait! With both of these sports, teams and drivers face adversity. They go through slumps. They lose some. They win some. The season is like a marathon. Our spiritual lives have many parallels to a race or a season of sports. There is a race that has been set before us. The race of life. We have been called to persevere with faith to the very end of the race. It is hard. The key to finishing strong is very simple, yet we often lose our focus. The key is to focus on Jesus! Hebrews 12:1-3 says, “Therefore, since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses, let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles, and let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross, scorning its shame, and sat down at the right hand of the throne of God. Consider him who endured such opposition from sinful men, so that you will not grow weary and lose heart.” Fix your eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith! 14 In His Service, ~Mike Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  15. 15. Encouragement “I am the Lord your God, who brought you out of Egypt” (Exodus 20:2) “Encourage each other every day while it is ‘today.’” (Hebrews 3:13) Now, who better to encourage the faith of a growing child than their parents? It isn’t the minister, or the friends in the youth group who see them everyday. Parents can have the greatest positive influence on their children’s faith because they are the ones who can give daily encouragement, through word or deed. Let the story you tell to your kids everyday be one that encourages them to follow Jesus with everything they are! Brad Haggard The Hebrews weren’t longing for better days under their Egyptian masters, they were rejecting God. How could they want to exchange God’s rule for the rule of those who held them in slavery? In the New Testament, Hebrews 3:12-13 picks up on this idea. We are warned to not be like that group of people. The root cause of the rebellion is an unfaithful heart, but the cure for it, in verse 13, is a constant encouragement. Student Ministry As we moved into the second act of The Story we looked at Israel’s rebellion in the wilderness as they heard the report from the spies about the land of Canaan in Numbers 13 and 14. Maybe they could have been excused for being fearful and anxious about the upcoming battle, but their major sin was wanting to go back to Egypt. It was on this point that God’s anger burned. The Israelites weren’t comfortable in Egypt, they were enslaved! When they cried out, God came down and rescued them with a mighty hand. This was going to be the new way that He related to the Israelites, even making it foremost in the 10 commandments. Let’s lift Him up together! ~ Brad Lexington, KY 40502 15
  16. 16. Children’s Ministry Matt Lee People Who Serve Children Make A Difference 16 In the spring of 2012, Kent Mason had an idea. He wanted to use his skills and passions to help at the local school. The school had mentioned the idea of a garden and some grant money to work on a “green project.” When Kent heard this was an option, he knew where he was going to serve. In fact he even designed the layout of the garden with the plants that were needed. He quickly began contacting local garden clubs, UK, and a few friends. He also helped gather the tools, volunteers, and equipment needed. He arranged for the new dirt and mulch to be delivered. Unfortunately, the week going into the garden project he took a hard fall from a ladder. If you know Kent though, that didn’t stop him from showing up and doing what he could even with a broken jaw. After the garden was planted, Kent met with a few classes and shared his passion for gardening with them while encouraging them to plant their own flowers. Behind the scenes for the past two years, Kent and his wife Sarah have been going to the garden at the school on their own time. Together they have spent countless hours planting, digging up weeds, and cleaning up the area he had designed two years ago. Now in its third year, the garden will be planted and cared for by some of the youngest members of the JME community. Starting in March, Kent will be planting the seeds with the entire first grade. They will begin with seeds in cups to grow inside. Then, when the flowers have grown, he will lead the children in planting their flowers in the larger garden. The young children will also assist Kent in pulling weeds and keeping the garden clean as they learn to care for the garden. Along with the garden project, Kent does a lot of extra effort things with the children in Uptown. The biggest part comes also in the spring when he helps the Uptown kids plant and grow their own flowers for Mother’s Day. During this time we also help the children see how their faith is like a small seed that continues to grow into what God has planned. We are always thankful for people like Kent that give of their time willingly to help the children grow closer to Jesus. Thanks Kent for all you do in service and in love! ~ Matt Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  17. 17. Critterland News ~ Lesley Lexington, KY 40502 Lesley Tipton Our main focus in Critterland is to always let the children know that God made them, God loves them, and that Jesus wants to be their friend forever. They have also learned during Act I and II in The Story that God will always be with them, He keeps his promises, and even if they don’t always do the right thing, God will still take care of them. I think these are important truths for adults to remember as well! Preschool Ministry When speaking with parents that are bringing their young children to Tates Creek for the first time, or coming back after a long hiatus, I’ve heard the same phrase “we wanted to start coming back to church for the kids.” That is such an encouraging statement, and we work hard to make sure that those children learn as much as possible in Critterland (while still having lots of fun!) We had a visitor recently that was impressed with the older children in the nursery because they knew about the Bible! 17
  18. 18. Sunday School Average Attendance January 2014 Infants 9 Walkers 9 2 - 5 Year Old 12 K - 1st grade 19 2nd - 3rd grade 20 Garage 45 21 Middle School 31 High School 30 Alpha/Omega 12 Ashland Terrace 8 Christians in Action 27 Crusaders 52 Faith 14 Fellowship of Believers 15 FOCUS 27 Good News 32 Grace & Truth 65 Grass Roots 14 Heaven Bound 16 In The Word 15 Motivators 5 Open Bible 63 Psalm 34:3 6 Seekers 7 Servants for Christ 43 Upper Room 11 Willing Workers 35 Young Families 9 Miscellaneous Officers Total 18 15 3 640 January Worship Attendance & Giving Total General Fund 5th 858 $39,366. 12th 887 $23,585. 19th 845 $28,769. 26th 691 $19,710. Funds Totals for Jan. Deacons’ Fund $723. Growing to Serve $16,875. % of Dollars Given Online 15% General Fund Report 2014 Budgeted Need per week $29,407. 2014 Average per week $27,858. January Total Income January Total Expenses Net Shortfall $111,430. $119,404. ($7,974.) Indebtedness Mortgage Balance, Jan. 31 $1,619,589. Monthly Payment (Feb. 1) Principal Interest Add’l Principal $16,875. $8,352. $4,535. $3,987. To give online anytime or setup a recurring online gift, visit our website at www. and click on “Giving”. Tates Creek Christian Church 3150 Tates Creek Road
  19. 19. New Members John & Rosemary McFarland By Transfer, January 19 John and Rosemary have been worshiping with us since August of last year and are currently attending the Open Bible Class. They are both retired and have been enjoying cattle farming at their Anderson County home since 1988. Both have been servants of our Lord for many years, but Rosemary’s favorite verse, Isaiah 40:31, strengthens them each day. Rosemary states, “It reminds me that there isn’t anything that I can’t give to God, and that He will carry me as on eagles’ wings.” Jenna has been thinking about being baptized for a few months. She is really excited about having her sins washed away and being baptized. She was grateful to have her entire family there to support her. Jenna loves to read, jump on the trampoline, and visit with her friends. She is a very good student, a wonderful big sister, and usually very kind to everyone she meets. If you see Jenna, please be sure to encourage her as she begins her walk with our Savior. Luke Straub Baptized February 9 Jenna Hiatt Baptized February 2 Luke has been studying information he received from Matt Lee since last year. Over the last few weeks, he has been more determined. Luke would come home from school each day and immediately say, “I have to go read my Bible and complete the manual”. Luke was confident that it was time to get baptized. He knows this is the most important decision he will ever make. As Luke puts it, “I feel refreshed.” Lexington, KY 40502 19
  20. 20. Calendar ~ March 2014 1 & 15 Card Ministry, 8:30 am, 102 CR - Choir Room / FH - Fellowship Hall / Fh - Friendship Hall / MMC - Multi Ministry Center / UP - Uptown / WC - Worship Center No. 3 Volume 2 Elders’ Meeting, 6 pm, FH 6 6 Tates Creek Current Monthly Ministry Teams 3 Tates Creek Christian Church Office: (859) 266-1621 3150 Tates Creek Road Web: Lexington, KY 40502 Email: 2 Mary Circle, 10:30 am, Fh Deborah Circle, 7 pm 8 Women’s Prayer Breakfast, 9 am, MMC 10 10 10 Bluegrass Christian Men’s Fellowship, 5:45 pm Faith Circle, 6:30 am, 104 J.O.Y. Circle, 6:30 am, Fh 11 MOPS, 9 am, FH 13 Room In The Inn, 5 pm, FH 16 Second Coming Concert, 6:30 pm 18 Tabitha Circle, 7 pm 20 BWAC, 10:30 am, FH 20 Women’s Ministry, 7 pm, 302 21-22 Garage 45 Lock-in, 8 pm 22 Women’s Workshop, 9 am, 200D 23 Anderson Univ. Choir, am, WC 23 “Ragamuffin”, Lyric Theater, 3 pm 27 BWAC Day Trip, 9:30 am 27 Room In The Inn, 5 pm, FH 27 Sarah Circle, 7 pm 28 MetroGnomes, 7:30 pm, WC Weekly Activities Sunday Evening: Rejoicing Ringers, 4:30 pm, CR Middle School Small Groups, 5:30 pm, 303 The Buzz-High School Worship, 5:30 pm, 303 Evening Worship, 6:30 pm, WC Adult Small Groups, various times and locations Monday Evening: Orchestra rehearsal, 6:15 pm, WC Tuesday Evening: Victory for Life, 6:00 pm, FH Wednesday: Adult Bible Study, 10:30 am, 200A Worship Team rehearsal, 5:30 pm HS Small Groups, 6:30 pm, 303 Oasis Meal, 5:45 pm, MMC Oasis Classes & Choirs, 6:45 pm