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Mouse Paint


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Mouse Paint Story

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Mouse Paint

  1. 2. Once there were three white mice on a white piece of paper.
  2. 3. The cat couldn’t find them
  3. 4. One day, while the cat was asleep, the mice saw three jars of paint.
  4. 5. One red, one yellow, and one blue.
  5. 6. They thought it was Mouse Paint. They climbed right in.
  6. 7. Then one was red, one was yellow, and one was blue.
  7. 8. They dripped puddles of paint onto the paper.
  8. 9. The puddles looked like fun.
  9. 10. The red mouse stepped into a yellow puddle and did a little dance.
  10. 11. His red feet stirred the yellow puddle until…
  11. 12. “ Look,” he cried.
  12. 13. “ Red feet in a yellow puddle make orange!”
  13. 14. The yellow mouse hopped into a blue puddle.
  14. 15. His feet mixed and stirred and mixed until…
  15. 16. “ Look down,” said the red mouse and the blue mouse.
  16. 17. “ Yellow feet in a blue puddle make green.”
  17. 18. Then the blue mouse jumped into a red puddle.
  18. 19. He splashed and mixed and danced until…
  19. 20. “ Purple!” they all shouted.
  20. 21. “ Blue feet in a red puddle make purple!”
  21. 22. But the paint on their fur got sticky and stiff.
  22. 23. So they washed themselves down to a nice soft white
  23. 24. And painted the paper instead. They painted one part red
  24. 25. And one part yellow
  25. 26. And one part blue.
  26. 27. They mixed red and yellow to paint and orange part,
  27. 28. Yellow and blue to paint a green part,
  28. 29. And blue and red to paint a purple part.
  29. 30. But they left some white because of the cat.