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The Story of the Color Wheel

A fun Powerpoint to introduce students to the Color Wheel: Includes Primary, Secondary, Complementary, and Tertiary colors.

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The Story of the Color Wheel

  1. 1. The Story of The Color Wheel (Part 1) Written By Ms. W Illustrated by Clipart
  2. 2. Chapter 1 The Primary Colors Once upon a time, no colors existed.
  3. 3. Then, all of a sudden, the first three colors POPPED into space!
  4. 4. Their names were Yellow, Blue, and Red. Since they were not made from any other colors, they named themselves the “Primary Colors”.
  5. 5. The Primary Colors became really good friends and colored the stars in the universe. But soon they started to get lonely. Blue became even bluer.
  6. 6. Chapter 2 The Secondary Colors Yellow offered poor Blue a piece of its heart. Blue decided to let Yellow have a piece of its heart as well.
  7. 7. POP! Out of the hearts came Baby Green! Yellow and Blue were so happy!
  8. 8. “I wonder what will happen if Red and I combine our hearts too?” wondered Blue.
  9. 9. POP! Baby Violet was born!
  10. 10. Then Red and Yellow combined their hearts, too. And guess what happened?
  11. 11. POP! Baby Orange was born!
  12. 12. Because they came second, the Primary Colors named their babies the “Secondary Colors”.
  13. 13. Then the six colors began to paint the world.
  14. 14. Chapter 3 The Complementary Colors After watching the world and the people that lived on it for some time, the six colors decided what their favorite holidays were.
  15. 15. Red and Green liked Christmas. Blue and Orange liked Halloween. Yellow and Violet liked Easter. These pairs of colors got along, so they called themselves “Complementary Colors.”
  16. 16. Chapter 4 The Color Wheel Then the colors created one huge circle. This huge circle became known as the color wheel.
  17. 17. The Compleme ntary Colors like to be across from each other on the wheel.
  18. 18. The Primary Colors spread themselves out evenly. So do the Secondary Colors.
  19. 19. When read clockwise, the colors of the Color Wheel go in rainbow order.
  20. 20. And that is the end of the first part of our story! The End!
  21. 21. Who’s your partner? .
  22. 22. .
  23. 23. .
  24. 24. The Story of The Color Wheel (Part 2) Written By Ms. W Illustrated by Clipart
  25. 25. Chapter 5 The Tertiary Colors Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue and Violet were very happy for a long time.
  26. 26. Most of the world had color, but some parts did not. Soon, the six colors wanted to paint the rest of the world.
  27. 27. Blue remembered that he, Yellow, and Red had blended their colors to create Green, Orange, and Violet.
  28. 28. “Maybe we can mix our colors even MORE!” Blue exclaimed. “Then we can use the new colors to color the rest of the world!”
  29. 29. Just then, six white doves flew up from a tree. Eager to help the colors, they offered to color the rest of the world.
  30. 30. “But how can the doves do that?” Red wondered. “They are plain white.”
  31. 31. Then all the colors smiled at the same time, for they had all thought of the same idea.
  32. 32. They had the six doves line up.
  33. 33. Red and Orange threw part of their color onto the first dove. The dove became Red-Orange!
  34. 34. Orange and Yellow threw part of their color onto the second dove. The dove became Yellow-Orange!
  35. 35. Yellow and Green threw part of their color onto the third dove. The dove became Yellow-Green!
  36. 36. Blue and Green threw part of their color onto the fourth dove. The dove became Blue-Green!
  37. 37. Blue and Violet threw part of their color onto the fifth dove. The dove became Blue-Violet!
  38. 38. Violet and Red threw part of their color onto the sixth and smallest dove. The dove became Red-Violet!
  39. 39. The six doves were so happy with their new colors. They painted the rest of the world.
  40. 40. Then the six colors decided to add the doves to their color wheel! They named them the “Tertiary Colors” because they came third.
  41. 41. Chapter 6 The colors and the doves enjoyed spending time together. They liked to hang out in groups of three. Triads
  42. 42. They hung out in triads. Triads are groups of three colors that are EVENLY SPREAD on the color wheel.
  43. 43. The Primary Colors are one triad. The secondary colors are another.
  44. 44. Yellow-Green, Blue-Violet, and RedOrange are a triad. So are RedViolet, BlueGreen, and Yellow-Orange.
  45. 45. The twelve colors lived happily ever after. In fact, they are still alive today in everything you see.