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Free quarterly Fusion Marketing Magazine, first edition (March 2011). Register on http://www.fusionmarketingexperience.com for upcoming editions. Topics: social media, content marketing, email marketing, eCRM and integrated interactive marketing.

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Fusion Marketing Quarterly #1

  1. 1. marketing Experience magazine 1Marketingexperience magazine collectable Launch ThE march 2011 Live the integrated experience where old meets new to become marketing and customer service excellence – Next edition: June 2011 – www.fusionmarketingexperience.com
  2. 2. 2 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 3 Marketing Experience Magazine is the quarterly Editorial magazine of the Fusion Marketing Experience events, brought to you by Conversionation and the Social Marketing Forum. The magazine is free and globally distributed to marketing executives online, in PDF and via eBook readers. Printed copies are handed out at Fusion Marketing Experience events and are available on demand. What is the purpose of marketing? I always like Publisher: J-P De Clerck to answer that question, quoting what Jim Sterne Founder of Conversionation, online marketing once told me in an interview: the three objectives of consultant, B2B marketing specialist, content marketing evangelist and author. marketing are reducing costs, improving revenues Twitter: @conversionation and increasing customer satisfaction. Mail: info@conversionation.net In a way these three goals are one and the same: Editor in Chief: Trix Slock Media and communication advisor, editor in chief be profitable. Satisfied customers buy more and of dmix magazine and Connect, Contact Center bring new customers with them. Reducing costs and Magazine. improving revenues are clearly about profit. Twitter: @trixslock Mail: trix.slock@telenet.be http://trixtheblog.wordpress.com/ The main question is what all the marketing tactics, channels and strategies we use, need in order to Editor Northern America: Jim Ducharme be successful. The answer is simple: relevance. Former editor of various publications, online If people find something relevant they will share, communications specialist and community manager of the Social Marketing Forum. praise, use or buy it. I admit: relevance can mean Mail: jim@fusionmarketingexperience.com a lot of things. However, it is always about the perceived value of people, regardless of their needs, Responsible sales & marketing: Rien van den Bosch personal preferences or desires. Content marketing, lead generation and publishing specialist. Mail: rien@fusionmarketingexperience.com It’s also about experiences. That can be valuable, funny, inspiring, seducing, nice, satisfying or simply cost-saving. They can also be bad. If they are, you CONTRIBUTORS: Giedrius Ivanauskas will quickly know. Giedrius Ivanauskas, is a researcher of social media and augmented reality. There is a reciprocal side to relevance: is it relevant Twitter: @smcitizens to do this or that for our customers AND for us? Jordie van Rijn Jordie is an independent email marketing consultant In the end, whatever we do in marketing is with his company emailMonday. You can follow him on only successful if it serves a mutual purpose of Twitter: @jvanrijn relevance. Nurturing a lead is about offering the right Andrew Bonar content at the right moment: relevance. Conversion Andrew is an email deliverability consultant and founder optimization is about improving the user experience. of EmailExpert.org Relevance. Twitter: @andrewbonar I can go on for hours, but it’s clear that, no matter PRODUCTION AND DESIGN: how fragmented the marketing reality may be, it all Trix The Company: Publisher of business journals and boils down to what people do, need, think, feel and creative lab. Nouvelle Vague in print. find…relevant. Fink: Co-creative thinker and technical assistance. The main challenge for marketers is to find out what Print & Press: Profpress, www.profpress.be that is and how they can satisfy it and do it better. Sponsoring opportunities Measured, data-driven and integrated. sales@fusionmarketingexperience.com That’s what this magazine is about. That’s what the Reprints or other questions Fusion Marketing Experience events are about. And info@fusionmarketingexperience.com that’s what we will bring you in the future, with our For more information about the magazine and upcoming new Chief Editor, Trix Slock, the creative brain behind events please visit www.fusionmarketingexperience.com this first edition. She will be your guide through the next ones. And they will be relevant. Marketing Experience Magazine and the Fusion Marketing Experience are creations of Conversionation. Visit www.conversionation.net J-P De Clerck - @conversionation Colophon
  3. 3. 4 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 5 ROI and social media not an oxymoron Europe shows the highest growth in social networking Calculating the ROI of marketing activities is a priority for reach across regions many marketing managers. Return on Marketing Investment (ROMI) is a way to forecast the return of future marketing Social networking sites grew worldwide in 2010, fueled by expenditures. ROMI is also used to analyze and improve the growth in Europe, North America, and Latin America. By the return of running campaigns and marketing plans. end of the year, social networking monthly penetration in Europe reached 84.4 percent of all European internet users, On this basis decisions are made for future marketing representing a 10.9 percentage point gain – the highest of any activities, conclusions are drawn about past activities, and global region. Social networking accounted for 22.8 percent adjustments made to current actions. ROMI looks at financial of all page views in Europe in 2010, and approximately four results and forecasts, and is also used for analyzing intangible out of every ten internet sessions included a visit to a social or non-monetary marketing activities. networking site. Source: ComScore 2010 Europe Digital Year in Review ROMI is a model with which we can calculate the incremental (future) revenue and profit for each (additional) euro or dollar spent on marketing in percentages. One of the major stumbling blocks is the translation of all these different marketing objectives into financial data. Implementing ROMI also results in resistance from some marketers. A holistic The time spent online in Europe vision of marketing and a “common language” are essential to succeed. Europeans spend the equivalent of one day a month online (24:20 hours) with the Netherlands (31:39 hours) and United Using ROI is new to many marketers and it’s the role of Kingdom (30:38 hours) far exceeding this trend. Consumers management to convince them that adopting it in the end in Italy (16:02 hours) and Austria (13:11 hours), spend nearly will benefit both them and their actions. One of the benefits half as much time online as users in Holland and the UK. is that it enables marketers to get their marketing programs Austria’s low engagement is not surprising as it has the lowest approved faster. Implementing ROMI should not be an excuse penetration of Social Networking sites among all countries in to cut down on brand-related spending and avoid high-risk Europe. marketing investments. It is a matter of balance. Source: ComScore 2010 Europe Digital Year in Review The need to answer the “why” One of the domains where there has been a lot of discussion The need for common business metrics in marketing regarding ROI, is social media marketing. Olivier Blanchard, speaker at the first Fusion Marketing Experience, ends that in Econsultancy’s ‘SEO Trends: Issues and Opportunities’ report shows that the measurement and evaluation of the long-term effects his book ‘Social Media ROI’, a topic he has been “defending” of search engine optimization (SEO) improvements is the main challenge for marketers and agencies (62% of respondents). And it since the very beginning. is certainly not the only analytics challenge. The second priority (57% of respondents) is the coordination and integration of SEO and business metrics. These challenges and priorities are also found in other forms of interactive and even offline marketing, including And it was very important that someone did. If executives email marketing and social media marketing. Since more marketers are asked for the ROI of their marketing activities, it has become don’t know the ROI of a social media program they will look a must to communicate in a common language regarding metrics. The rise of the multi-channel consumer is also a cause for the rising at other marketing programs with a proven ROI. The people need for a closed loop of data, metrics, CRM and various forms of interactive marketing. A single view on the customer is essential, that decide on social media budgets want to know “why” and as is a clear view on marketing ROI. Not surprising that 50% of the participants in the survey indicated that generating SEO metrics, the answer is not “because everyone does it”. If you can’t which are significant for others in the company, is a priority as well. define what ROI is, translate social media in P&L statements, Source: Econsultancy“SEO Trends: Issues and Opportunities” percentages, business goals and metrics that can be used in the overall marketing strategy, you can’t sell social media to management. But most of all, your social media marketing is doomed to ultimately fail. With Olivier’s book, there are no more excuses. Marketing facts About the author J-P De Clerck is a 360 degrees interactive marketing consultant and serial blogger, specialized in the cross-fertilization of online channels and interactions. His areas of expertise include email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, and figures “The Digital Landscape continues to evolve. The rise of social networking, fragmentation of channels and growing digital and mobile media consumption affects businesses. The marketers toolkit to content marketing, web analytics and conversion optimization. He manages several blogs and online communities regarding various interactive marketing and media topics. Find him on Twitter on @conversionation. discover new and unique opportunities to engage with the consumer”.
  4. 4. 6 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 7 Customer care the financial impact of (not) listening ‘Social media monitoring is first and foremost a matter of business to customers online intelligence’ Everyone is telling marketers how important social media monitoring is. Often, businesses monitor what is being said about them from a pure reputation management perspective. However, social media monitoring is about much more and is not only meant to smoothen our fears of a bad reputation. posted a complaint or negative review about a be done, even without social media. And they Social media monitoring is first and foremost a retailer during the holiday shopping season at know it starts by listening to customers. matter of business intelligence. Identifying trends the end of 2010, were contacted by the retailer helps to improve overall marketing activities, pro- concerned in the complaint. What the study also proves (again): actively listening and engaging helps lowering � Of the 68% who were contacted, 34% customer service costs and rapidly solving deleted their original negative review. � Listening to what your (prospective) � problems, integrating social media conversation customers say on social media makes Another 33% posted a positive review data enables you to create relevant cross- a lot of sense and has a significant after being contacted. channel interactions. impact on the bottom-line if you also � 18% of the unhappy customers respond. Let’s take a look at the reputation perspective who were contacted, became loyal customers and purchased more. � however and especially at the financial impact of listening to customer complaints and most of Happy and unhappy customers have all…responding to them. Other interesting data: an important influence on your brand reputation. � For half of the consumers, excellent customer service and/or prior positive Don’t only listen: act and respond! � Above all, the survey provides another experiences, influenced their decision to buy from a specific online retailer. reason to invest in social media Just as in web analytics, simply measuring monitoring and a solid cross-channel � After a positive online shopping delivers no insights and results in no customer service (complaints are rarely improvements if not properly followed up, social experience, 21% had recommended handled fully via social media), to focus media monitoring alone is not enough. You need the retailer to friends and 13% had more on a consistent and excellent to act upon what you read, see and monitor. posted a positive review on social customer experience and to approach media. A survey by RightNow and Harris Interactive ‘After a positive � 85% of the consumers said they are people via digital media. provides some interesting data that show the impact on your bottom-line. online shopping prepared to pay between 5 and 25% more than the normal price in exchange Word-of-mouth has been around for a long time, but the impact has increased enormously through “The survey found that consumers who had a experience, 21% for excellent customer service. social media, both positively and negatively. A satisfied customer tells more people than ever bad experience with a retailer, can be converted into real ‘brand advocates’ through social media, of consumers Where it concerns turning unhappy customers to happy customers and even ‘brand advocates’, before. So does an unhappy one. depending on the actions of the retailer. recommend a the study is not really surprising. All professional Remember that the voice of your customers can be a strong force in reaching and acquiring new The Retail Consumer Report indicated that 68% of the questioned American consumers who had retailer to friends’ customer service employees and salesmen, who understand their job, know how this should customers. As long as you care. About the author J-P De Clerck is a 360 degrees interactive marketing consultant and serial blogger, specialized in the cross-fertilization of online channels and interactions. His areas of expertise include email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, web analytics and conversion optimization. He manages several blogs and online communities regarding various interactive marketing and media topics. Find him on Twitter on @conversionation.
  5. 5. 8 marketing Experience magazine SELLIGENT INTERACTIVE MARKETING marketing Experience magazine 9 Today’s consumers Ready to bring expect a two-way your marketing communication to the next level? with brands. interactive consumer dialogues > cross-channel approach > personalization > event-driven marketing > targeting & segmentation > designing scenarios > planning & prioritization > e-mail marketing > social media > behavioral targeting > 360° customer view > life-cycle CRM Marketers With Selligent, drive interaction and boost conversion! need the tools Selligent Interactive Marketing gives marketers the power to engage consumers, eliminate operational hurdles and open up opportunities. With this unique set of tools, you are in full command of every step from creative thinking to operational execution, with no need to rely on technical experts. Selligent Interactive Marketing helps your organization generate more to turn this reality revenue, reduce operational costs, improve brand experience and gain more customer insight! Selligent is a leader in conversion marketing and interactive CRM solutions. Selligent serves customers in all areas of business, including financial services, insurance, telecommunications, travel, media & publishing, retail, automotive, healthcare, manufacturing and many others. Today, Selligent is active worldwide, with offices in Belgium, The Netherlands, France, into action. Germany, Italy, Spain and China. www.pavy.eu Visit our website and download our white papers CONVERSION MARKETING INTERACTIVE CRM http://www.selligent.com SELLIGENT INTERACTIVE MARKETING
  6. 6. 10 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 11 a story should evoke Discover the Passion real emotions Behind SDL Tridion 2011 What is your opinion about the on-going discussions over content creation vs. “curation”? “While both are valuable tactics, to become a real leader in your field, you need to create. The most valued people will always be those that come up with new strategies, ideas, tactics & tools. The people that Joost de Valk is a blogging, help you find these new things have a role, and they SEO, WordPress and content marketing could make a very decent living through that role, but expert. He has written over 20 plugins for they’re far more easily replaced. Take the roots of the WordPress which, combined, have had more Christian church: Jesus created the story that Paul than 3 million downloads. Joost regularly spread. They both had an impact, but I think nobody would argue Jesus was the bigger one of the two. shares his knowledge and experience via his Also, creation in itself is mostly ‘curation’, as creation globally popular blog at Yoast.com. We asked is the reorganization of existing, though sometimes Joost, one of the featured speakers at the first deprecated ideas and making them relevant in a new edition of the Fusion Marketing Experience context. There are very few really new ideas, if any at event, about the role of content, blogging and all”. SEO. What are your favourite content strategies? “My most valued content strategy is still the “long form” or “give it all away“ tutorial. Basically I have given most of what I know away on my blog and keep getting more back. I’ve done this for clients too with amazing results. The only thing that becomes hard is to find ways to give more away so you can get more back”. Where do marketers still fail in terms of SEO and content strategy most often? “They’re telling a story they want to tell, instead of a story that resonates with their customers. A story should touch on their daily lives. It should either evoke real emotion or offer real help.As is often said, advertising is the cost of being boring. Good SEO can come cheap, if your product rocks and your story is solid” What SEO/Content strategy trends are you following at the moment? “Taking it from the more philosophical below straight ‘Marketers tell a story down to the trenches: I’ve recently been dabbling a lot in Google Shopping Search for some clients and they want to tell, Turning prospects into lifetime customers am very interested in how more and more companies seem to be using reviews and review data effectively instead of a story in their tactics. Having people rank & rate products and stories and using their own words while doing so allows that resonates with • Brand Management • Targeting & Profiling us to understand what they like and dislike and in which words we should talk about the products or services we their customers’ want to sell them”. Joost de Valk, Content Marketing Expert • Cross Web Content Management • Operational Efficiency • Cross-channel Engagement • Enterprise Readiness About the author Giedrius Ivanauskas, is a researcher of social media and augmented reality. He shares his experience and insight about social media at The Social Media Today blog and on his own site, Social Media Citizens. Find him on Twitter @smcitizens. www.sdl.com/wcm
  7. 7. 12 marketing Experience magazine 13 With the rise of new communication channels and the fragmentation of the media landscape, the According to the “Europe Digital Year In Review 2010” report by comScore, last year the use of email attention of the (prospective) customer is becoming more spread out. The increased control of among 15-34-year-olds dropped by 11%. It is only among older generations that the use of email has people over their own buying journey is a further argument for a seamlessly integrated marketing risen: by 6% to be exact strategy. The target groups that we would like to reach and which we would like to find us demonstrate increasingly more complex and fragmented behaviour, specifically in their shopping The use of behaviour. email marketing Seven content sources per purchase cycle Michael Gale of Forrester wrote on his blog that our target groups consult an average of seven content sources and is rising even in the days of social media look at five or more content types throughout their buying journey. Gale specifically directed his post at technology marketers, but much of what he said applies to marketers in general. Gale justly remarks that the complexity in the buying journey, in this case predominantly B2B, goes much further than just the content sources and types called-up by prospects during their “buying journey”. There is after all a rising mixture of formats in a much more integrated way than before. Think for instance about the If you take a look at the rise of social networking among cross-fertilization of various marketing channels and tactics and about how the buyers jump from one channel and these demographic groups, on the other hand, you see format to the other. that in the 15-34-year-olds age group social networking increased by 32% and among older generations even by 38%. In other words: social networking becomes more popular and - literally - “more mature”. A non-linear and heterogeneous marketing mix ecosystem Another report, by Econsultancy, the ‘Email Marketing Therefore a holistic and integrated approach where the communication revolves around the prospect and customer Industry Census 2011, shows that the percentage of is essential. Add to that a selective integration of various content needs in specific online objectives and actions, businesses spending over £50,000 on email marketing and it is clear that, as described by Gale, the marketing mix ecosystem is not linear and homogeneous. The author between 2010 and this year increased from 18% to points out that, in order to succeed in the other P’s, companies should first know how to manage the most important 25%. Even the percentage of respondents sending over 250,000 emails per month increased: from 27% to 37%. dynamics of the marketing mix in this fragmented and multi dimensional situation. Otherwise you won’t know the The conclusion is clear again: we send more email. effect of a price adjustment for example. It’s about integration and people Determining the marketing mix is therefore no longer possible based on what we used to do. What is the first step in a different approach? Start with the customer. It is once again a plea for an integrated cross-channel interaction Isn’t this a contradiction? comScore shows that the use of strategy whereby a clear link should exist between defining multi-step communication processes, lead nurturing social networking booms while that of email seems to slow stages, content marketing programs and measurement processes, whereby the customer is king and the centre of among consumers on the one hand and email marketing our marketing universe. budgets are increasing on the other. Are marketers stupid? Absolutely not! First and foremost, the figures are often incorrectly interpreted, leading to numerous reports predicting the death of email marketing (and many other the marketing mix is channels). The use of email is changing. Among other reasons because of the integration of email into cross-channel more important than strategies to which social media marketing indeed belongs as well. ever before We also often overlook the fact that media consumption is constantly changing. The use of communication channels is also evolving over the course of people’s lives. It is obvious that a 16-year young will use less email less and spend more time on social networks. When he moves out of the house and starts a career, his email use will inevitably increase. Marketers would certainly not be willing to invest in email marketing if it didn’t pay. Email marketing is and - as the report of Econsultancy yet again shows - remains an excellent tool for achieving various marketing objectives. It’s unfortunate that companies continue to lag behind in terms of social media, however. About the author Look to your customers, use what works and is appreciated and integrate it intelligently. J-P De Clerck is a 360 degrees interactive marketing consultant and serial blogger, specialized in the cross-fertilization of online channels and interactions. His areas of expertise include email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, web analytics and conversion optimization. He manages several blogs and online communities regarding various interactive marketing and media topics. Find him on Twitter on @conversionation.
  8. 8. 14 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 15 Towards a holistic digital marketing the RACE framework We recharge your The Fusion Marketing Experience looks at marketing from an integrated perspective and with a strong focus on interactive marketing. Dr. Dave Chaffey, a well-known author and founder of SmartInsights.com, has such an integrated perspective and even developed a framework for digital marketers. online identity! What is your message to businesses wishing to improve their marketing? “To succeed today, as has always been the case, you need to obsess about how customers and prospects experience your brand. Digital channels and the analysis tools we have available today, allow us to get closer to the customer than ever before, even at a distance. Successful brands create experiences and the digital experiences you create have to be amazing to cut-through. Average isn’t good enough.” How do you see email marketing, web analytics, SEO and all other tactics evolving in a multi- channel world? “Companies who get the most from their digital marketing today know how the different parts of the jigsaw fit together. They don’t run the different digital channels like SEO, Email, Display and Affiliate Marketing separately. Instead, they have an integrated content and media strategy which creates an engaging, irresistible brand that people want to get involved with”. “To help give marketers a framework to help create a plan or review their approaches, I’ve developed the Smart Insights RACE framework that can be used to develop a holistic roadmap for their digital marketing. RACE stands for Reach, Act, Convert and Engage. It is a digital marketing strategy planning tool whereby we depart from a situation analysis, pass to an objective setting, next a strategic phase and finally the tactical part whereby all digital channels come into play”. “The first edition of my Internet, Marketing, Strategy and Planning book from 2000 already contained a template for creating what we then called an Internet Marketing Plan. Today, marketers are even more hungry for guidance, given the importance of digital media. RACE is an answer to that and I welcome everyone to comment on it or help improve it on www.smartinsights.com The digital experiences you create Some of our clients www.zebweb.be | www.stubru.be | www.hellosap.be | www.huisvanalijn.be have to be amazing to cut-through. www.tempo-team.be | www.primo.be | www.conimbo.com Average isn’t good enough Dr. Dave Chaffey, Smartinsights.com Contact details: ONE Agency | www.one-agency.be | info@one-agency.be | Tel. 09 216 81 11
  9. 9. 16 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 17 Dela Quist , founder and CEO of Alchemy Worx is an Reach and frequency alternative voice in the email marketing industry. In this interview, Dela, one of the keynote speakers at the first ‘Fusion Marketing Experience’ event presents an interesting view on email marketing, frequency and branding. are what works in Alchemy Worx recently did research on the link one hundred thousand, you can’t beat me. Reach advertising between branding and email. The results were and frequency are what works in advertising – it surprising. “Over the years one of the things I noticed has always worked. So, the more people who see was that if you have a customer who receives twenty your commercial and the more times they see it, the emails from you, that customer will spend more than more will buy your product”. one who gets five. If I said to you, I have a customer with a list of 200.000 people and they sell a product and they currently send one email a month. Which What did your analysis of email and will make them more money? Segmenting that list branding show? ‘If only consumer so that each person gets a different email or just “Unfortunately not enough marketers look at all behaviour was sending everyone two emails? Well, you will get revenue from all sources around email activity. We important, you could more money by sending everyone the same email don’t ask if this person is buying in the store every never launch a new product in this world’ twice in a month.” week or perhaps searching Google, or are they doing something else to reach me? And we don’t So sending more mails to a list is better put those together. So, what we did was look at Dela Quist, Amazing Worx than sending segmented mails? one of our clients who was able to supply us with “That’s right. Now, let me qualify this straight revenue data from all sources. And we looked at the away. There is a limit, it’s not true all the time. people who were not on their list and their purchase inbox just like an emergency nurse. It may be a split Let me give you two examples. One person does behaviour. We plotted a line not by hour, but by second decision, but you are using your highest no segmentation and sends two emails. Another every three to six hours or so for people not on the cognitive functions and that is why the branding is person does segmentation and sends two emails. list and we plotted purchases by people who were so powerful.” Then the segmentation will be the difference. on the list, but didn’t open the email. In the two days Frequency and reach are the most important factors after the email went in to the inbox, there was a big How far do companies have to go in letting in email marketing. The more people you have on spike in sales from people who received the email, the customer control the frequency ? the list and the more emails you send, the more but didn’t open it”. “It’s not that I don’t believe people should have a money you will make. And because of that, one of choice. But if only consumer behaviour was important, the weirdest things about email is how little people So, even though we don’t open every email, you could never launch a new product in this world. spend in trying to acquire email addresses”. if the email is in the inbox, we process it? The desire to be targeted and segmented isn’t driven “We talk as if all emails are the same. We are by wanting to be nice. It’s driven by wanting to save Because all the money goes to segmentation completely generalizing. An email could be from money. It’s driven by a desire to maximize your etc… your boss stating that if you don’t reply by five budget. Keep sending until the numbers tell you that o’clock you’re fired, or it could be from your mother “ Absolutely and it’s just missing the obvious thing! you’ve reached the tipping point.” saying your aunt is very sick, or it could be that If I have a list of one million and you have a list of winning lottery phishing scam. You triage your About the author Andrew Bonar is an email deliverability consultant and founder of EmailExpert.org. Find Andrew on Twitter: @andrewbonar.
  10. 10. 18 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 19 What is your perspective on what eCRM I remember being asked at the end of my presentation really is? at Webtrends Engage in London, on how a financial services institution might tackle comments via Twitter. My aim is to demonstrate that the ‘e’ in eCRM is My rule of thumb was: � engagement, not just email – eCRM should take in social, mobile, digital and direct communications – Publicly acknowledge that comment A degree in Astrophysics wouldn’t normally lead one to a career in digital marketing, but on Twitter – this not only shows your whatever it takes to connect with the customer on that unlikely path is the one which Gianfranco Cuzziol has walked. Gianfranco is fascinated their journey with a brand. commitment to the channel but also heads with the cross-channel journey of the consumer and works with clients to help them leverage off those members of the public who use points of impact along that journey. He recently joined the EHS 4 D Group as Head of eCRM, social to vent their frustration partly because they think that no one is listening. So it’s where he looks after the development of their eCRM vision, strategy and delivery. We asked also great as a PR tool How much of the social experience is art and Fusion Marketing Experience keynote speaker Gianfranco about his views on eCRM and social � how much is science? evolutions. If the customer wants to take it further, then Well as I am a techie at heart and I’m going to email takes the conversation out of the lean towards science. There is definitely an art to public arena and shows a certain level of conversation and being social, but ultimately I think sensitivity that possibly isn’t what Twitter is that it’s the numbers behind the scene that are the for. � most important. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for the big creative idea that can be communicated across a Next comes a phone call and even possibly ‘e-CRM should take series of integrated channels, but the clever bit from face-to-face depending on the situation, and my perspective is the insight we can gain by looking at the real human touch comes through. in social, mobile, digital how that translates to action! So they are all effective in their own ways and for different reasons. and direct communications – whatever it takes to How do you define “relationship” in the context of marketing? What would you advise to a starting marketer connect with the customer In my view, for ‘relationship’ read ‘connection’. In looking to go cross-channel? on their journey with a brand’ fact, one definition of relationship is ‘a state of connectedness between people’. Of course in every day life we want to imply some emotional Know where your audience is! You can’t decide in advance which channels you are going to use. There Gianfranco Cuzziol, EHS 4 D Group connectedness in that relationship. Well that to me is is no set solution. There is no such thing as best where the stretch often goes too far. practice. You define your own best practice, for your brand your customer and your business model Being connected could very well be at a transactional level where I tell what the latest deals are on my website, you show an interest and buy. What do you think will surprise marketers in Of course that connectedness can grow and become the coming 3-5 years? much more. You might decide to give me feedback on my products or services, and even be an advocate Although we talk about it now, I think marketers will whether by traditional word-of-mouth or via some still remain surprised about how difficult it will still be social channel. to attribute return to different channels. Unless we start thinking about it now and how we can take the data from various channels to create a unified view of customer interactions, marketers will still remain What channels do you think are the most surprised when they are asked by the CFO: “show effective for CRM? Phone, email or social? me the money” They all have a part to play depending on many factors. Whether it’s B2C or B2B and at what point in the ‘relationship’ we are. About the author Jordie van Rijn is an independent email marketing consultant with his company emailMonday. He specializes in email marketing and event-driven campaigns. He works with A-list brands like AEGON, Unilever, Roche, Heineken, and many more. He is the co-founder of Emailtestbox, a dynamic email optimization tool and is the editor of emailvendorselection.com. Follow him on Twitter:@jvanrijn
  11. 11. 20 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 21 Consistency and coordination across all channels are becoming essential Selligent is an innovator in conversion marketing and integrated interactive CRM and marketing solutions with Selligent Interactive Marketing as their flagship product. Their focus is on providing tools for companies facing the challenges of transforming into customer-driven and cross-channel organizations. We talked with Mieke De Ketelaere, Director Product Marketing and Technology Alliances. What exactly does Selligent Interactive approach. Marketers must leverage automation to ensure Marketing do? they optimize all the touch points with customers! We can’t have a direct personal relationship with every customer all “It provides marketers with a product which allows them to the time, but an advanced automation solution can provide manage all interactions with a single solution, combining personalized, relevant and timely information that people direct mail, email, outbound calling, mobile messaging are demanding today. It keeps the dialogue going and the and inbound into a single platform, personalized according interactions on the customer’s terms”. to each consumer’s channel preferences and individual profile. Responses are centrally stored, allowing central Can you give us some perspective regarding analysis and triggering of automated follow-up campaigns”. how fast these new digital communication channels have grown? What’s changed in regards to customer interaction and communication? “Consider that it took radio 50 years to reach 50 million people. TV did that in just over half the time. Now think about “While Copernicus rightly put the sun at the centre of our this: The Internet did that in five and Twitter managed it in universe, we believe the centre of your marketing universe just two years. The growth is exponential and consumers should be your customer. Your dialogue with that customer are quick to adopt any new channel which makes their lives must revolve around how he wishes to interact with you easier and enriches them. They don’t even think about their and not how you wish to interact with him. This requires a being any lag time for companies to catch up and establish paradigm shift in how marketers do business today”. a presence on these channels. You’re either there or you are not there and if you are not there, they will find some “Today’s customers are cross-channel. They seamlessly other brand that is.”. leap from one information channel to the next and use these channels to journey from one interaction to the next. Exactly what does an efficient, modern They don’t feel it’s at all unreasonable to expect marketers interaction strategy require? to provide multiple channels and be on those channels for them”. “I’m glad you asked! Let me answer that by listing the ‘To succeed with What do you believe consumers really want components point by point: - An integrated email marketing approach the cross-channel and from brands and marketers in today’s multi- - A ‘closed loop’ of data and interactions empowered customer, you must have an channel reality? - Personal, triggered, segmented, targeted and automated scenario driven dialogues “Consumers now have control on the communication and information gathering processes and social and - A cross-channel and multi-device vision - Integrated and customer-centric processes” integrated cross-channel new media offer them additional interaction possibilities. Today’s consumer wants you to engage with them in highly What do marketers and brands need to think about approach’ personalized interactions. To reach them, they want you to right now in order not to be left behind? Mieke De Ketelaere, Selligent be relevant, personal and valuable -- they don’t want an overload of messages. They reserve the choice as to when “Business increasingly will need integrated marketing and how to interact.”. solutions, enabling them to have a single view on the customer and have relevant dialogues with them That being the case, what do marketers need to throughout the whole customer experience. Consistency do to succeed today? and coordination across all channels are becoming essential. These shifting priorities and views are not only “To succeed with the cross-channel and empowered necessary to optimize the way we communicate, but customer, you must have an integrated cross-channel a must in a world where the customer is empowered, in control and cross-channel”.
  12. 12. 22 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 23 Rethinking Trey Pennington is a marketing pro, business connector, and storyteller with a passion to help people uncover their hidden treasures and put them to work. He uses social media to connect with audiences around the globe. HubSpot ranks his Facebook profile as one of the most influential in the world and his Twitter profile in the top marketing 0.01%. Trey helped start ten Social Media Clubs in the US, UK, and Australia and routinely speaks to groups about using social media to make connections and have conversations that lead to commerce. We asked Trey, one of the keynote speakers at the Fusion Marketing Experience, about his views on the role of social media from the overall business and marketing perspective. the copernic an shift What is your key message at the Fusion “The tide seems to be changing. Now each Marketing Experience? established discipline seems to be embracing social media and experimenting with it to “The explosive growth of social media see how it supports business objectives. I’m affords the commercial world unprecedented hesitant to label the experiments as “right” or opportunity. The opportunity is not where “wrong,” however, I do suggest those who see people expect it, though. Many are looking at social media as a free broadcast medium will increasing ROI and profits through efficiency. tend to have less fulfilling experiences with it!” The real opportunity is more fundamental and we’ll explore it’s unexpected source”. Do you think social media integration is becoming a quality standard of a successful Why do many marketers still fail to integrate company? social media successfully into their broader marketing strategies? What are “The opportunity is even more fundamental they getting wrong and what they should than integration. Rethinking marketing, starting do to get it right? with re-examining the purpose of a business, is where success begins. The shift is Copernican “Much of commercial communications comes in its impact. Five hundred years ago the world from established professional disciplines like was shocked to discover Earth was not the public relations, advertising, or marketing. center of the universe. Today marketers are Those branches of communication developed awakening to the realization the company is over long periods of time, have generations not the center of the commercial universe. of experienced practitioners, and have Fortunately the soulful wail, ‘but we’ll lose developed substantial, documented bodies of control of the message,’ is rarely heard today. knowledge to support their ongoing practice. Three years ago, ‘controlling the message’ was Social media popped onto the scene from a a serious concern. Politicians still say over and different source—it bubbled up from kids. over again, ‘If we can only get our message The grown ups saw social media as kids’ out.’ I predict within one or two more election stuff. Instead of embracing social media and cycles, those relics will be replaced with applying disciplined thinking to incorporating people who embrace the necessity of getting the new media into marketing programs, the the message in. The real quality standard then professionals let social media evangelist will be redrawing the map of the universe and develop independent strategies for each placing the corporation in its proper relation to emerging platform”. everything else”. Trey Pennington
  13. 13. 24 marketing Experience magazine marketing Experience magazine 25 What are your favourite social media You currently write a lot about influence, campaigns? mainly on social media? How would you define an influencer? Do we overrate it? “Interesting category of thought—social media campaigns. It could be just me, but I don’t tend “Over 3,000 years ago King Solomon to think of social media in units of campaigns. bemoaned the incessant publishing of books. Social media isn’t something with a beginning He’d probably think the modern man has and an end; it’s life. One company who has gone plumb insane writing unending volumes impressed me with their philosophical embrace on topics such as influence. My own writing of social media is Coca-Cola.” on the topic is merely an effort to highlight the absurdity of reducing such a complex, “Coca-Cola was willing to make a colossal multifaceted concept as influence to a two break with their past when they discovered two fans had created an immensely popular digit or elementary ranking. People search for an absolute and once-and-for-all measure Emailtestbox is designed to get the most out of your e-mail campaigns. Facebook Fan Page for their beloved, well- protected trademark. Instead of launching a of influence, yet influence is relative and dynamic”. Our tool makes it easy to test and determine the optimal content and bevy of expensive attorneys to take over or shut-down the Page, Coca-Cola invited the presentation of your e-mailing in real-time! “It seems to me companies would be better Page creators to Atlanta and treated them like off to focus on users first and then equip real royalty. Coca-Cola made sure they addressed users with ample social objects so the users all of the creators’ questions and then equipped could tell their own stories in their own words. them to continue their work of advocacy”. It’s much simpler for companies to identify users than influentials. All they have to do is “Chris Brown took a somewhat similar approach when Kevin and Jill totally violated look at their sales records”. www.emailtestbox.com his copyright for the song Forever. Kevin “Marketing to influencers is definitely overrated. and Jill played the recording at a public Taking care of users should trump the elusive performance (a violation of copyright), made a search for influencers. Users are the one who new recording of the song (another violation of have a reason to get excited about a brand’s copyright), and then published that bootlegged products and services. Influencers just tend to recording on YouTube (yet another, separately be more excited about themselves”. punishable violation of copyright). Instead of forcing YouTube to remove the illegal work, Chris Brown did nothing. As a result, the song experienced a remarkable resurgence, eventually making it to Billboard’s Hot 100 for the entire decade”. “Neither example was a “campaign.” Rather both were an visible demonstration of a whole new way of looking at things”. Everything you will ever need to know about selecting or evaluating your email service provider About the author Giedrius Ivanauskas, is a researcher of social media and augmented reality. He shares his experience and insight about social media at The Social Media Today blog and on his own site, Social Media Citizens. Find him on Twitter @smcitizens. goto: www.emailvendorselection.com