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Human Habitat 2013: Alfonso Vegara - Part 3 of 5


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SmartPlaces – Urban Connected Diamonds

This lecture will address the new scale of cities have brought to the knowledge society. The challenges brought by sustainability, cohesion and competitiveness can’t be addressed at the traditional scale of municipalities nor at the scale of Metropolitan areas. Internationally, new territorial structures are emerging and becoming the new “motors” of global economy. Alfonso will present such catalysts: “Urban America” with its 10 super cities, leading the United States, the “European Diagonal”, the “Mexican Diamond” and the “Malacca Straits Diagonal”.

In these new territories innovative cities are emerging, capable of defining their own futures in an intelligent dialogue with their surroundings and, above all, they are capable of making the most of their own territorial structures and opportunities new digital technologies offer.

Alfonso will also present the cases of the Creative Digital City of Guadalajara (México) and the strategies employed by Singapore and Bilbao.

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