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Creating Student Developed Digital Content


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1:1 Conference Presentation
Creating Student Developed Digital Content

Published in: Education
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Creating Student Developed Digital Content

  1. 1. Creating Student Developed Digital Content Waukee CAPS Students AEA PD Online
  2. 2. Rob Brookhart & Deborah Cleveland AEA PD Online Michelle Hill Waukee CAPS Program Coordinator Emily Mai, Kelsey Culbertson & Ian Jordan Waukee CAPS Program Students
  3. 3. – High interest for students. – Geared to what students understand – Usable for students – Interactive learning – Multiple ways to use for teachers AEA PD Online had 21st Century skills lessons that we wanted to be transformed into online lessons. We wanted content to be:
  4. 4. Through a collaboration of education, business and the community, Waukee CAPS develops highly skilled, adaptable, global innovators and leaders.
  5. 5. Students created eBooks • Bugs, Bugs, Bugs Content Lessons • All About Hurricanes Video Projects • Technology Tutorials
  6. 6. • AEA PD Online Contact: – – • Waukee CAPS Program – Michelle Hill