More TechServe Conference Insights: Reaching Candidates Through Social Media


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I recently shared some insights from the 25th Annual TechServe Alliance Annual Conference and Tradeshow. Held in Miami Beach November 8 through 10, 2012, hundreds of IT professionals and leaders gathered to talk about the latest advancements in our constantly evolving industry.

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More TechServe Conference Insights: Reaching Candidates Through Social Media

  1. 1. More TechServe Conference Insights: Reaching Candidates Through Social MediaI recently shared some insights from the 25th Annual TechServe Alliance AnnualConference and Tradeshow. Held in Miami Beach November 8 through 10, 2012,hundreds of IT professionals and leaders gathered to talk about the latestadvancements in our constantly evolving industry.In my last post, I reviewed some key takeawaysfrom the Women’s Roundtable. This month, I’d liketo talk more about a panel discussion I led, TheDigital Debates: How to Most Effectively Reach theMost Wanted. Joined by Matt O’Connor, SVP of Salesat Monster, Andrea Wagner, Director of NationalSales at CareerBuilder, and Scott Barbour, SeniorManager of SMB Sales at LinkedIn, we talked aboutsome of the pressing issues, trends and challengesof reaching top talent. Here are some keytakeaways:Social media is still largely untapped forrecruiting. When we asked the panel audience who had used Facebook orTwitter to recruit candidates, the answer was…none. Are you surprised? Notone member of the audience had used social media for reaching top talent.Instead, they focused their social efforts on branding and marketing. Definitelya sound strategy, but one that leaves major potential untapped.Profile optimization is essential to social media recruiting success. Socialsites like LinkedIn offer more tools than simply posting. Recommendations andendorsements are a great way to demonstrate your value and leadership. Usethese tools (and solicit endorsements or recommendations when possible) tobuild your online reputation and enhance your ability to connect with talent.Also, keep your connections private if you’re concerned about competitorspoaching your contacts.If you’re not mobile, you’re behind. A mobile-friendly website and/or jobboard are key to reaching today’s top talent. As the prevalence of smartphones and tablets continually impacts browsing habits, it is essential for youto tap into an audience that is connecting on mobile devices.There’s no such thing as a passive candidate. Reaching passive candidates hasbeen a focus for many organizations over the years, but in today’s economy,there really aren’t any more passive candidates. A vast majority of IT workersare looking for work, whether they’re currently employed or not. MattO’Connor of Monster noted that approximately 80% of the users on Monster.comare currently employed. Andrea Wagner of CareerBuilder shared data statingthat more than 70% of tech talent is always looking for a job. So, forget yournotions of passive candidates and aim for reaching tech talent, employed ornot.
  2. 2. This year’s panel was a great success, and we covered a lot of ground. I asked Matt,Andrea and Scott to share any final thoughts with our readers on the topic of socialmedia recruiting, and they provided these tips:“We know the candidates consume information on job opportunities the same waythat they consume information on other important life events such as selecting auniversity or purchasing a car. They validate their decision through the use of manysocial media outlets such as Facebook, Yelp or Glassdoor. Gone are the days whensomeone will just read a job description and apply to the job as a result of text.Because of this shift in behavior, Staffing Firms need to make sure their brand is wellrepresented in various online mediums. If a candidate has a great experience withyour firm, it will end up on a social media site and the same is true if their experienceis negative. Pay attention to what your candidates are saying about you. It matters.”– Andrea Wagner, Director of National Sales, CareerBuilder“My last piece of advice would be to be different. To engage top talent, you need tostand out from your competition. That means moving away from formulaic emails,generic voicemails, and boilerplate job posts. Find the very best leads you can, andinvest time and energy in developing those relationships rather than casting a widernet and hoping for a quick win.”– Scott Barbour, Senior Manager, SMB Sales, LinkedIn“When it comes down to leveraging technology in the areas of search, match andanalytics, focus on tools that make real fundamental changes in recruiter productivityand efficiency. Don’t just give people more tools, make sure they have an impact onthe tasks being performed and drive results that truly give you a competitive edge anddrive value to the bottom line.”– Matt O’Connor, SVP Sales, MonsterWe’d love to hear your thoughts on reaching tech talent through social media. Haveyou had any successes or challenges in reaching candidates? Please feel free to shareyour thoughts in the comments below.Many thanks to Matt, Andrea and Scott for their participation and great advice!