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HPR Worklog

  1. 1. Blackwell 1Product Work LogName Cody J. Blackwell Date 04/18/2012Product High-Power RocketDate/Time: Activity:Researched possible rocket Comment/Suggestions:12/19/2011 prototypes on Mad Cow Rocketry, Best bet is piston system14:36 – 14:51 Public Missiles Ltd. (PML), and according to project Apogee Components Inc. websites facilitator and prior experiences with ejection charges Commentary:Discovered stark differences between recovery systems (piston vs. conventional ejection charge)12/20/2011 Activity: Surveyed Mad Cow Rocketry Quantum tubing will be best16:10 – 17:25 and PML for components (tubing, for this project due to centering rings, shock cords, etc.) durability and resistance to cracking or “zippering” (tears Commentary: Both websites that look like zippers) recommended by project facilitator; Public Missiles can ship parts in less time than Mad Cow Rocketry12/24/2011 Activity:Ordered all parts for rocket PML site seemed user-11:14 – 11:34 from PML friendly; I plan to deal with PML again in the future Commentary: Unable to contact Mr. Sharrock due to the holiday; received advice from former student as to which site to use01/22/2012 Activity:Researched optimum Major differences in price17:45 – 18:00 reloadable engines (motors) between the two vendors; will discuss with facilitator Commentary: AeroTech and Cesaroni seem to offer the best motors for my particular design
  2. 2. Blackwell 201/23/2012 Activity: Discussed motor findings Mr. Sharrock strongly agreed13:10 – 13:30 with Mr. Sharrock that the most expensive motors (AeroTech) may not Commentary: I am accustomed to necessarily be of the best building AeroTech motor kits because quality; also emphasized that we use them in Aeronautics Club I use a relatively low-impulse motor for NAR Level I Certification01/30/2012 Activity: Returned with motor data Facilitator recommended13:10 – 13:30 from AeroTech and Cesaroni Cesaroni H87 over AeroTech H97J due to price, Commentary:Comparisons narrowed availability, and simplicity of motor choices down to AeroTech H97J Cesaroni motor casings or Cesaroni H8702/03/2012 Activity: Inventoried all parts and dry Decided it will be best to18:25 – 19:43 fit bulkheads and centering rings; assemble most rocket sanded centering rings and all components at home so as cardboard tubing not to disturb anyone with epoxy fumes and sawdust Commentary: All parts shipped in good condition, none missing02/07/2012 Activity: Met with project facilitator Register for National13:13 – 13:20 Association of Rocketry Commentary: Informed Mr. Sharrock membership in order to do of intent to purchase motor through Level I Certification; write list Apogee Components Inc.; discussed of all parts I need from and confirmed possibility of ordering Apogee the motor through the club02/13/2012 Activity: Ordered 29mm motor Reinforced PML’s reliability;21: 15 – 22:00 retainer from PML Mr. Sharrock stressed I use a motor retainer earlier in the Commentary: Attempted to order day, showed me an example similar part from Apogee Components on one of his rockets Inc. but order could not be processed (no reason given)
  3. 3. Blackwell 302/22/2012 Activity:Received motor retainer and Realized I was not supposed17:09 – 18:13 began work on rocket to glue aft mount ring to tube in order to place epoxy fillets Commentary: Motor retainer fit on fin sections inside the perfectly in rocket; assembled motor tube; planned to run epoxy mount with retainer, spreading JB along the root chord (longest Weld on retainer and aft mount ring; part) of all fins before epoxied wider shock cord to motor installation mount tube and prepped apparatus for installation02/26/2012 Activity:Continued work on rocket Must be absolutely sure to18:20 – 19:40 use plastic fin guide when Commentary: Glued motor mount into installing fins to prevent the rocket; sanded edges of all three fins rocket from spinning and prepared them for installation haphazardly during launch03/02/2012 Activity:Brought rocket in for Mr. Comments/Suggestions:7:45 – 8:15 Sharrock to check Facilitator suggested I purchase 2-in. PVC pipe with Commentary: Dry fit all three fins; caps for both ends and an eye discussed with Mr. Sharrock a design hook to create an altimeter flaw where I did not integrate an chamber in the nosecone altimeter section17:00 – 18:30 Activity: Continued work on rocket Comments/Suggestions: None Commentary: Installed fins with epoxy fillets (rounded semi-dry glue with corner of a gift card); repositioned fins with guide when necessary03/09/2012 Activity: Traveled to Macedonia ACE Comments/Suggestions:16:15 – 16:35 Hardware to purchase half-foot of 2-in. Tubing appears to have PVC with tubing cap correct dimensions to fit in nose cone, but I think the cap Commentary: Sales associate was very might be too wide (later helpful, jokingly asking if I was confirmed) making a pipe bomb (!); told of how he made a potato cannon using the very same type of pipe when he was in high school
  4. 4. Blackwell 417:30 – 18:45 Activity: Continued to work on rocket Comments/Suggestions: Mr. Sharrock recommended I Commentary: Attached and glued visit Lowe’s Home bottom shock cord to piston ring & Improvement to find some bulkhead and glued bulkhead into kind of cap that will fit inside piston tube; discussed design flaw due the tube to the cap for altimeter tube03/10/2012 Activity: Visited Lowe’s Home Internal caps will have to be15:15 – 16:15 Improvement and ACE Hardware for reinforced with wood blocks altimeter hardware components or something similar Commentary: Found & purchased internal caps for pipe at Lowe’s, eye hook with lag bolt, washer, and nut at ACE03/15/2012 Activity: Updated project worklog Comments/Suggestions:16:28 – 17:52 with all activities N/A Commentary: Simultaneously considered altimeter section design options18:00 – 18:15 Activity: Continued work on rocket Comments/Suggestions: Considered dropping the Commentary: Tied cone-to-ring rocket off my deck; decided (upper) shock cord to piston ring, against it due to an spread epoxy on leading end of shock approaching thunderstorm! cord03/18/2012 Activity:Continued work on rocket Comments/Suggestions:14:55 – 15:42 Previous design poses major Commentary: Focused on altimeter problems (separation of nose tubing & nose cone design cone from shock cord, misuse of nose cone’s shock cord eyelets); considering a new design that will eliminate possibility of damaging the altimeter
  5. 5. Blackwell 503/23/2012 Activity: Met with facilitator for last Comments/Suggestions:13:15 – 13:30 time before launch None Commentary: Discussed and agreed on final altimeter design03/27/2012 Activity:Sanded coupler tube and Comments/Suggestions:7:35 – 7:55 prepared for final assembly None Commentary:Had to use lower grit sandpaper for altimeter section to fit properly03/28/2012 Activity: Completed rocket Comments/Suggestions:20:20 – 22:30 This was not by any means Commentary:Dry fit everything; an “easy” project. Making sanded necessary parts & assembled sure everything fit together altimeter section properly was the most time- consuming activity.03/29/2012 Activity: Called Mr. Jorge Blanco, Comments/Suggestions:17:25 – 18:30 Southern Area Rocketry president Mr. Blanco suggested I bring my NAR confirmation to the Commentary: Described all parts of the launch in case my rocket and discussed possible launch membership card did not problems arrive in time. He also said the launch would continue if thunderstorms did not enter the forecast.03/31/2012 Activity:Drove to NAR’s GAMMA Comments/Suggestions:6:15 – 22:30 chapter launch field in Lilly, GA; left The original plan was to for Phoenix Missile Works (PMW) launch with Southern Area field in Talladega, AL around 11:45 Rocketry in Lilly, GA, but we EDT; arrived at PMW field at 16:15 arrived in the rain and CDT departed two hours later for Talladega. Using the NAR Commentary: Successfully launched website, we found the rocket at PMW field address listed for PMW to be the treasurer’s home and asked for directions from Ashville, AL, firefighters & Mr. Sharrock. TOTAL TIME SPENT: 34 hours, 25 minutes