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Web booklet

  1. 1. Ground Zero Graphic CommunicationsDeveloped to of the on-line portfolio for my graphic design company. Version 2 be an currently under construction www.ground-0.com
  2. 2. Faith Hill’s Music Web site Ground Zero Graphic CommunicationsCreated for Faith Developed to be an on-line portfolio for my graphic designand inform of concert dates Hill to showcase her music, has a time-line of her career, company. www.ground-0.com www.faithhill.com
  3. 3. Kupuri, Punta Mita CommunityDeveloped for an exclusive real estate area in Punta Mita, Mexico www.kupuripuntamita.com
  4. 4. Murray & James ConsultingDeveloped for a programming company in Colorado www.murrayandjames.com
  5. 5. Levitt and sons home buildersDeveloped and produced for a home builder specializing in Active Adult Communities www.ground-0.com
  6. 6. Business e-ssentialsGround Zero Graphic CommunicationsCreated for a to bemarketing company for my graphic design company. Developed B2B an on-line portfolio for clients in the Technical Industry www.ground-0.com www.businesse-ssentials.com
  7. 7. Flowers of giverny Florist Developed for a florist in Alpharetta, Ga www.flowersofgiverny.com
  8. 8. Mursatt Chemicals LimitedDeveloped for a pool chemical company in Canada www.mursattchemicals.com
  9. 9. SafePipe Utility line protectionDeveloped for a presentation to a company that insures underground utility lines
  10. 10. Ground Excalibur Pallet Group Zero Graphic CommunicationsCreated for a company that to be an on-line portfolio for myfriendly pallets from corrugated card board Developed makes strong, environmentally graphic design company. www.ground-0.com
  11. 11. Filtrona ExtrusionCreated for a presentation/pitch for a plastic extrusion company
  12. 12. Cabot Oil & Gas LayoutsDeveloped for a presentation to an oil and gas company in Texas
  13. 13. Church in the nowDeveloped for a presentation for a very contemporary Church in Georgia
  14. 14. GRH CPA & ConsultingDeveloped for a CPA company in the Atlanta area www.grhpc.com
  15. 15. Kimberly Darlington MarketingDeveloped for a presentation to a Villa Consutling and Marketing Firm
  16. 16. Alma Custom JewelryDeveloped as a prototype for a site for a custom jewelry design company in Italy
  17. 17. Marsico Capital ManagementDeveloped for a presentation to a Capital Management company in Colorado
  18. 18. OptimoDeveloped for a presentation to a project management company
  19. 19. US Meat Export FederationDeveloped for the US Meat Export Federation to explain what they do
  20. 20. WINPARK SoftwareDeveloped for presentation to a software parking solutions company in Colorado
  21. 21. Ground Zero Graphic Communications13154 Overlook Pass, Roswell GA 30075 954.509.1075 | cjames@ground-0.com