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Wmathis Portifolio

  1. 1. Large Format Signage for new Southwest Airlines Destination Designed for San Diego International Airport www.i-MediaSource.com
  2. 2. Poster Design for Jazz concerts at the San Diego International Airport. www.i-MediaSource.com
  3. 3. Poster Design for Jazz sessionconcerts at the San Diego International Airport. www.i-MediaSource.com
  4. 4. Large Format Signage for the service launch of free Wi-Fi At the San Diego International Airport www.i-MediaSource.com
  5. 5. Advertising Design of San Diego International Airport Flights and Destinations. www.i-MediaSource.com
  6. 6. Advertising Design for San Diego County Regional Airport Authority promoting small business opportunities. www.i-MediaSource.com
  7. 7. Front No Butts Campaign for San Diego's Surf Riders Foundation. Back www.i-MediaSource.com
  8. 8. Stationary Design ABRA Business Referral Group www.i-MediaSource.com
  9. 9. Promo Brochure Design for ABRA Business Referral Group (outside panels). www.i-MediaSource.com
  10. 10. Promo Brochure Design for ABRA Business Referral Group (Inside Panels). www.i-MediaSource.com
  11. 11. Website design concept for ABRA www.i-MediaSource.com
  12. 12. Web Design: BaysideCarpetCare.com www.i-MediaSource.com
  13. 13. Web Design: Floresromanticas.com www.i-MediaSource.com
  14. 14. Web Design: GREsandiego.com www.i-MediaSource.com
  15. 15. Web Design: GPMsandiego.com www.i-MediaSource.com
  16. 16. Web Design: Handiwagon.com Landing Page www.i-MediaSource.com
  17. 17. Web Design: Handiwagon.com Shopping Cart / CMS www.i-MediaSource.com
  18. 18. Web Design: BRGsandiego.com www.i-MediaSource.com
  19. 19. Web Design: Sweetiesshoecollections.com www.i-MediaSource.com
  20. 20. Web Design: LSFeditorial.com www.i-MediaSource.com
  21. 21. Web Design: Dwellsanctuary.org www.i-MediaSource.com
  22. 22. Signage Design for Healthy Times Product Display www.i-MediaSource.com
  23. 23. Magazine cover for the Disaster and Recovery Journal, Including an editorial that wrote for the publication regarding Enterprise Network Backup Solutions. Click here to read the editorial. www.i-MediaSource.com
  24. 24. Current website design and development For MentorU for eBroadcasting. Which is being pitched to investors. www.i-MediaSource.com
  25. 25. Award Winning Creative Design for Artesion Pools. This design is placed in Graphic Arts schools and Printing facilities to motivate new graphics designer about the art of creativity. www.i-MediaSource.com
  26. 26. www.i-MediaSource.com
  27. 27. www.i-MediaSource.com
  28. 28. Recent proposal placemat developed for Tatum, LLC, Which I developed the content, the copy, and the graphics from a rough PowerPoint Presentation. The client was obtained. The next slide is the 2nd placemat overview. www.i-MediaSource.com
  29. 29. www.i-MediaSource.com
  30. 30. LinuxWorld Trade Show Booth Design: Signage and Graphics are in place for this tradeshow Booth www.i-MediaSource.com
  31. 31. Advertising Design for Linux Magazine www.i-MediaSource.com
  32. 32. Co-op Trade Show Booth Proposal for LinuxWorld New York With graphics samples in place. www.i-MediaSource.com
  33. 33. 8 ft. x 10 ft. Large format back drop design for Linux World Trade Show www.i-MediaSource.com
  34. 34. Data Sheet Design for Knox Software Corp. www.i-MediaSource.com
  35. 35. Advertising Design for a Co-op Ad campaign for Sweeties Shoe Collections and Lasting Memories. www.i-MediaSource.com
  36. 36. Sweeties Shoe Collection Poster Poster is included in all shoe boxes. It also utilized as a retail poster in the shoe department. I also setup the photo shoot for the poster. www.i-MediaSource.com