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Setting strategic direction


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Setting strategic direction

  1. 1. Efficienarta Efficienarta Setting Strategic Direction Please view in Slide Show mode so that you can benefit from animation ©Efficienarta 2012 27/07/2012
  2. 2. EfficienartaEfficienarta Strategic Direction As Is Change Drivers To BeEXTE Power of Power of Sellers Competit Threat of Power of Power of Sellers Competit Competitive � Threat of Competitive ive new ive newR Buyers Rivalry Buyers Rivalry Rivalry Rivalry Entrants EntrantsNA Threat of Threat ofL Substitutes Substitutes How are we Strategy StrategyI going toN Structure flourish? Structure Systems SystemsTE Shared SharedR Values ValuesN Staff Staff SkillsA Skills �L Style Style ©Efficienarta 2012 27/08/2012
  3. 3. EfficienartaEfficienarta For Further Details Please Contact: OR Efficienarta on Twitter ©Efficienarta 2012 27/07/2012