AIESEC UNSW - JanCon 2012 Marketing Award


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  • Story of the shark in three tanks.
  • AIESEC UNSW - JanCon 2012 Marketing Award

    1. 1. January Conference 2012 Marketing Excellence Award
    2. 3. Some statistics… “ In 2011, AIESEC UNSW saw tremendous growth in marketing strategies and implementation. This contributed to over 1222 expressions of interest for exchange, of which we received 103 exchange applications from. This is a ratio of 1 in 12 in terms of applicant conversion. Membership growth was also significant in 2011. We received 833 expressions of interest for membership (TMP), of which 105 applied to become members. This is a ratio of 1 in 8 in terms of member conversion. Finally, OGX and MaC have worked well together to improve the number of raises that contribute from the exchange applications we received. AIESEC UNSW raised 44 applicants, which gives a raise to applicants ratio of 0.43 . Over 43% of those who applied are raised disregarding those who do not follow through the process.”
    3. 4. Overview of marketing strategies
    4. 5. Semester 1 Due to the entire Marketing team being newly recruited, semester 1 was focused on training the new members to become adept at their roles and provided members to engage in information sessions organised by the MaC team. Information Sessions focused on theme-based exchanged and our promotional flyers were aligned with this strategy throughout the year. An AIESEC Billboard was created by Chris (ask Rob on this one). The initial Billboard had bite-size, easy to read details on the different exchanges we offered. In semester 2, this was refined and updated to reflect new projects and partnerships on offer. The Billboard contributed to discussions during Information Sessions and generated interest during information tables held the following week. The semester ended with a mass mail-out to the collective interest expressed during the semester to push for exchange applications.
    5. 6. Semester 2 Semester 2 saw a massive overhaul in how marketing was conducted. Marketing strategies focused around few key events that were heavily publicised to the student body in order to increase brand awareness as well as to drive exchange application. -Oliver Wyman @ UNSW -Blitz Week
    6. 7. Ready, steady, Blitz Blitz Week was the culmination of over 3 weeks of mass marketing on campus through the use of mass marketing, lecture bashes and personal marketing. The last week was dedicated to AIESEC events held around campus so that the AIESEC brand was widely known around campus as not only an exchange organisation, but a platform for personal and professional development. The Blitz Week initiative successfully transformed the AIESEC brand on campus as not only the leading exchange organization, but also as a leading organization in leadership and personal development.
    7. 8. A queue to remember This included a free barbecue held strategically during the UNSW careers day to generate the most attention. -A massive line of people waiting for the free barbecue. AIESEC members were strategically placed in the line to promote AIESEC and its exchange programme.
    8. 9. Blitz Week getting personal Massive marketing and personal marketing took place during the 3 weeks in order to promote AIESEC exchange and the leadership and development opportunities involved. -Personal marketing during the careers day. There was a peak in expressions of interests due to this.
    9. 10. We were lecturing students… Each MaC member was assigned a faculty to focus on in terms of organising lecture bashes and to liaison with lecturers. Each MaC member was assigned a small team composed of members from the rest of the LC and delegated lecture bashes to each of these members. Each MaC member would report their progress to the RTF OCP. Mass marketing for the Blitz Week initiative employed new poster and chalking designs, a revamp of the AIESEC UNSW website, new MailChimp templates and a new nominated leader system for information tables to provide clear instructions and guidance. For personal marketing , groups were formed with the sole purpose of promoting AIESEC and exchange programmes to people sitting on the Quad and Library Lawn. This managed to get over 100 expressions of interest during the week for both exchange and the leadership night.
    10. 11. A night for leaders Leadership Night was the culmination of Blitz Week whose primary objective was to align the brand image of AIESEC as not only an exchange organisation but also as a platform for leadership development. The night involved four speakers: a leader from JCI Sydney who we are partnered with to discuss managerial leadership; a leader from Empowerment Solutions that focused on entrepreneurial leadership; an AIESEC alumni guest lecturer from UNSW and Reynaldo who tied all the forms of leadership together and pointed out how exchange or AIESEC membership could help develop these leadership skills. The night was very successful with 50 in attendance, a 6 exchange applications and 1 member application. - Reynaldo empowering his sexy voice.
    11. 12. A day for AIESEC During the semester, an AIESEC Day was planned where past EPs came and spoke of their exchange experience. This initiative was advertised through specially targeted lecture bashes in a ‘mini-Blitz week’ as well as through mass marketing mediums. The event was critical in generating the final wave of applications to align with OGX’s MRB dates.
    12. 13. Oliver Wyman @ UNSW Nearing the end of the semester, we organised a professional skills seminar on behalf of the MC in partnership with Oliver Wyman . We managed to raise significant brand awareness for AIESEC with over 60 in attendance with extremely positive feedback from all involved. This showcases AIESEC UNSW’s superior event management as well as helped aligned AIESEC with professional and personal development. Moreover, the event contributed to AIESEC Australia’s brand development as the LC was able to provide professional photos of the event to the MC.
    13. 14. Our contributions to MoS… EPs raised MoS: 50 Contribution: 88% (44/50) TNs raised MoS: 7 Contribution: 0% (0/7) TMPs MoS: 37 Contribution: 22% (8/37) TLPs MoS: 10 Contribution: 20% (2/10)
    14. 15. Planning for the future… The design team at MaC was very excited about our focus this year and our direction next year. They brainstormed on many T-shirt designs which were voted by the LC members in preparation for next year. This helped to generate excitement in the LC and indirectly contributed to member retention, which was particularly high this year.
    15. 16. In 2012, AIESEC UNSW will have a new T-shirt design that is unique and strategic! (drum roll!!!)
    16. 18. A look into 2012… “ Building on the foundations of 2011, AIESEC UNSW will integrate the overseas exchange and personal development brand as one! Our marketing strategy is to promote AIESEC each week of the semester with a specific theme (i.e. HIV & AIDs, global warming, cultural experiences). This will not only raise awareness about these issues, but highlight AIESEC as an organisation that is serious about making a positive impact on society. We will seek partnerships with other campus societies in order to gain support in the financial and logistical planning of events. Co-branding allows us to access new markets as well as capture more audience. In 2012, AIESEC UNSW will engage every student in the university.” Thank you for your consideration! Raymond Su, VP Campus Communications (MaC)