American Councils Moldova


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American Councils Moldova

  1. 1. AmericAn councils moldovA corporAte retreAt October 2012
  2. 2. In the end, all business operations can be reduced to three words: people, product and profits.Unless youve got a good team y cant , ou do m uch with the other two.
  3. 3. Message from Dan Davidson President of American Councils for International Education Dear American Councils Colleagues,• As we begin preparations for the new cycle of programs,  I write to share with you final copy  of American Councils recently revised Mission, Vision,  and Core Values Statements for your familiarization  and use.  • The Strategic Plan is revised every five years to  accommodate our evolution as an organization, as well  as the changing field and world environment around us.• In commending these materials to you, I also want to  express thanks to the large number  of American Councils staff members, trustees of the  organization, and organizational partners who  contributed their ideas and suggestions to the process of  revising and updating the mission statement for the  organization, the vision statement, and core values.  
  4. 4. Message from Dan Davidson President of American Councils for International Education• At this juncture, we want to take the opportunity to make sure that  all American Councils staff are familiar with our mission, vision, core values, and  strategic plan objectives and to encourage you to use these tools in your  departmental or individual planning process and goal setting. • Your comments and suggestions for new initiatives and next steps are always  welcome.   Should you have questions or concerns about the attached documents,  you may forward them to your supervisor or country director, or to my attention,  at any time.   Best wishes for the new academic year!
  5. 5. ACTIVITY 1Getting acquainted with American Councils new vision and mission
  6. 6. ACTIVITY 2How much do you know about American Councils? QUIZ
  7. 7. American Councils Moldova 2004- 2012
  8. 8. Recent American Councils M projects• CARNEGIE (research scholarship)• LFP (Legislative Fellows)• Skype Classes for alumni (US Embassy)• Courses for Ministry of Education (US Embassy, 20 students)• Access microscholarship• ALC Ungheni (5 groups, 42 students)
  9. 9. ACTIVITY 3American Councils Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 Become a Global Protect and Grow Diversify the Leader in Our the Organization’s Business Model Industry Asset Base Secure the Dominant Market Maintain and Develop a Solidify and Expand Core Share in Core Activities World-Class Staff Activities into Other Subject Areas and Geographies Expand Core Activities into Grow Financial Strength New Geographies Create New Revenue Streams from Existing Build a Global Brand by Clearly Upgrade Physical and Competencies and Assets Communicating Capabilities and Technological Infrastructure Successes to the World to Fuel Growth Develop New Capabilities Increase Industry Presence Defend Against to Take Advantage of Emerging through Thought Leadership Potentially-Damaging Events Business Opportunities
  10. 10. Writing successful proposalsFunding from US Embassy and US Department of State
  11. 11. ACTIVITY 1BEST Language School Ad
  12. 12. What makes a good proposal?
  13. 13. Catchy name / message
  14. 14. Collaborative projects• ETRC• American Corners• SPERANȚA• iEARN• State University• Law Library• Ministry of Justice• US Embassy
  15. 15. International Projects• iEARN• Peace Corps• Fulbright
  16. 16. Collaborating with American partners
  17. 17. Academics + Action
  18. 18. Modern Technology
  19. 19. Offering opportunities to the disadvantaged
  20. 20. Team projects
  21. 21. Innovation projects
  22. 22. Promoting volunteering
  23. 23. Cost / Time effective
  24. 24. Promoting Moldova
  25. 25. Case StudyAccess Grant Proposal
  26. 26. • What makes this proposal unique?• What competitive advantages did  AC Moldova disply in the proposal?• What was the innovation of the  approach?
  27. 27. Team WorkElaborate a proposal for the project described in your handouts. Good luck!