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Christopher Sabec Present's Lindy Morrison Defending Musicians Rights


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Christopher Sabec gives a presentation on musician, Lindy Morrison, and her powerful speech at the Ted Albert awards.

Published in: Law
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Christopher Sabec Present's Lindy Morrison Defending Musicians Rights

  1. 1. Christopher Sabec
  2. 2. Lindy Morrison recently received theTed Albert award at the APRA Music Awards in Brisbane for her contribution to the music industry.
  3. 3. She was deeply honored that her work had been recognized, including her work as an advocate musicians’ rights. Morrison has worked for many years to ensure that music creators’ rights have been safeguarded and that they receive compensation when their work is used by others.
  4. 4. Lindy Morrison states that people want to know all the time “what it takes” to work in the industry. She replies by discussing the length of time is takes to build the skills it takes to create and record songs, the discipline in takes in rehearsals and lastly the management skills in order to keep bands on the road and the constant support and tenacity the bandmates will need throughout the years to keep making music.
  5. 5. She urges her protégés to make sure they are paid, know what their rights are, knowing how their payments are collected and passed back to them and lastly how to know when their work has been taken without their permission.
  6. 6. Morrison explains that she does not hate the internet, in fact she loves it when people discover her band, the Go- Betweens on the net but that instead of illegally downloading artists music, discovering their music through licensed websites that give back to the artists.
  7. 7. There is very little a musician can do in order to stop someone from illegally downloading their music.The scamming websites, like “The Pirate Bay” make a lot of money through advertising and don’t give any of it back to the artists.
  8. 8. It is time that people start drawing their focus on how copyright laws can improve and help artists in the future. Morrison believes that more people should support musician’s rights because she wants to see people’s rights being protected in “practical and meaningful ways.”