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Friday night light’s

  1. 1. Friday Night Light’s: The Taylor FamilyFamily Collage Assignment-CMS332By: Christina Hebert
  2. 2. The Taylor family is a two- parent biological family. Consisting of, Father (Eric), Mother (Tami), oldest daughter (Julie), and new daughter (Gracie). Thetelevision series ‘Friday NightLights’ is based in Texas 2006- 20011. Eric is a high school football coach, and his job consumes 80% of his life. Tami was a stay at home mother until they desired adual-income and went back to work as a high school counselor. Although they practicetraditional beliefs their family The Taylor Family typology is mainly independent . They accept uncertainty and change. (pg.169)
  3. 3. Current Status: Demographic Trends “The composition and shape of the contemporary family is constantly changing. In order to understand family interactions fully, it is necessary to examine the current status of family life in the United The Taylor family underwent numerous changes in their family structure throughout the course States.” (pg.11) of the series. From internal family matters; financially and relationally. As well as adding an addition to the family creating a 18 year gap between their two daughters. Job situations differed between both Mr. and Mrs. Taylor numerous times, effecting the family as a whole.
  4. 4. Demographic Trend’s continued… The Taylor family represents the following trend’s vividly:“More adult children Economic Issues:living at home. Adult “many couples view a dualchildren are remaining at income as a necessity or highlyhome until an older age and desirable.” (pg.15)children are more likely toreturn after departures fromthe parental home.” (pg.14) Mrs. Taylor was a stay at home mother for 18 years. OnceThe Taylor’s oldest daughter financial hardship hit theirJulie went off to college, family she decided it was timeshortly after decided to move to go back to work. Mrs. Taylorback home and take time off. took a job as a schoolJulie remained living at councilor, and realized herhome, regardless of her calling.parents wishes.
  5. 5. De eloping Mea ing Metacommunication. “This occurs when people communicate about their communication- for example, when they give verbal and nonverbal indications about how their message should be understood.” (pg.29) •In this clip from Friday Night Lights, Mr.•The Taylor family does this often. and Mrs. Taylor are using I believe mainly because it is a metacommunication skills. Mr. Taylors ABC Family series. The show’s gestures, such as; shaking his head, and purpose is to deal with everyday facial expressions are explaining how he issues and target an ideal is feeling. Mrs. Taylor’s tone in her voice audience. By doing so, making expresses her frustration in the their communication very clear conversation. (i.e metacommunication).
  6. 6. Primary Functions Connected. Family members experience emotional independence as well as some sense of involvement and belonging. (pg.31) Mrs. Taylor feels very independent a majority of the time. This is because her husband is the high school football coach in Texas and is consumed by his job 80% of the time. She learned to be independent because she was alone so much, i.e went back to work. Also Mr. Taylor learns to separate football emotions and issues with his how There are four levels of life. cohesion. Throughout the series the Taylorfamily demonstrates the connected level most often.
  7. 7. The System’s PerspectiveWholeness. “A family systems approach assumes that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. An integration of parts characterizes the systems model. Families exhibit characteristics that reflect individuals and the interplay of family.”(pg.59) The Taylor family exhibits wholeness tremendously. Although there are many of directions each member is being pulled, they manage to come together and worktogether as a family. Each member has a specialty and understands their individual identity and the importance of interplaying their roles into the family structure. Specialty role each play, in which help make family whole. Julie Tami Taylor Eric Taylor Helps parents feel Always says the Disciplinary figure. the love. right thing. (Not always what you want to hear) Very good with Mothering. Loving his daughters. words. Looking for Pushing Figuring out logistics. answers. communication. Pushing the limits. Disciplinary figure. Forgiving.
  8. 8. Communication patterns that influence meaning Secrets & Boundaries. “Secrets create or reinforce boundaries- Essential. Essential secrets, which whether between the family and the outside world or around support necessary boundaries individuals or subsystems. (pg.88) defining a relationship, may include talk about fears or insecurities, which enhance closeness and fosters The Taylor family has their share the development of self and of secrets. Whether these are relationships. (pg.89) family related secrets or secrets being held from students or players. I would categorized the Taylor family’s secrets as essential.
  9. 9. Relational Maintenance  Managing a relationship takes a lot of communication, love and apologizing! Tami Taylor and Eric Taylor have a marriage that is maintenance at its finest. Stafford and Conary (1991) “Identify five maintenance strategies that contribute to romantic relational maintenance. “(pg.108) Assurance is one of Stafford and Conary’s five strategies, the Taylor familydemonstrates this strategy most often. Assurance is exemplifying love, support and commitment to the other. They both show promise and faith in their future.
  10. 10. Couple Rituals Communication is a couple ritual the Taylor’s utilize. According to (Bruess & Kudak, 2008b) the communication ritual is as follows, “These rituals encompass couple talk time, including the specific times and ways couples establish opportunities for talking, sharing, or staying in touch with each other such as debriefing conversations, regular cell phone calls, or text messages.” (pg.115)
  11. 11. Intimacy between partnership & families Parent-child communication. “Parent-child discussions of sexuality support a sense of family connectedness.” (pg.138)Julie Taylor, Tami and Eric’s oldest daughter was frightened to tell her mother shelost her virginity (being that she was a junior in high school). Once Tami suspected change in her personality Julie decided to tell her mother, disappointed initially Tami showed support and openness to her daughter’s feelings. Although Tami was upset with her daughter’s actions, she had to display forgiveness. Forgiveness in our book is described as, one or both partners experience a transformation from negative to positive psychological states.
  12. 12. Specific Role Functions: Management of daily needs“In families with dual-earner couples, men tend to spend more time than their wives working outside the home, while woman do more inside the home than do their husbands(McNeil, 2004).” (pg.158) The Taylor’s have a fairly traditional outlook on gender roles. For the most part Mr. Taylor does most outdoor work, disciplining and manual labor. Whereas Mrs. Taylor does most cooking, housework as well as disciplining. Role negotiation is primitive.
  13. 13. Aspects of Power in Family Systems Power can be Mr. & Mrs. Taylor use normative resources to categorized in demonstrate power and communicate their actions numerous ways. The and consequences of actions, such as; Buying Julie Taylor family utilizes normative resources their daughter a new car for going off to college, in order to maintain however once she drops out they take the car back. power within their system. Also Mrs. Taylor decides to go back to work after years of being a stay at home mother. Other than financial reasons Tami wanted to feel pride and power in contributing to her family’s livelihood.
  14. 14. Decision Making Process: AccommodationAccommodation. “Accommodation occurs when some family members consent to adecision not because they totally agree but because they While decision making Mrs. Taylor believe that further seems to always be accommodating discussion will be to her husbands needs and wants. unproductive.” In the series she was offered a (pg.197) dean’s position at a D1 University, her husband would not move the family for this job. However when he was offered a coaching position at a D2 University Mrs. Taylor accommodated resulting in uprooting their family despite the desire of Mrs. Taylor.
  15. 15. Communication- Influencing Health Behaviors Mr. & Mrs. Taylor attempt to have an open communication method with their oldest daughter Julie because she is in high school and in an experimental stage. They communicate about underage alcohol use, drug use, fitness etc. By communicating these issues it impacts family members’ health. As our textbook demonstrates as children grow, health promotion and discussionmay change. For example their toddler Grace is taught to not put ‘dirty things’ in her mouth, and taught proper hygiene. (pg.309)
  16. 16. Personal Negotiation isa method I wouldrecommend for theTaylor Family. The wayin which they makedecisions and problemsolve needs work.Instead of Mrs. Taylorsurrendering to herhusbands needs sheneeds to learn torecognize heropportunity for input.Mr. & Mrs. Taylor needto find new ways tocommunicate whiledecision making insteadof manipulating each Suggestions for Communicationother and avoiding theprocess. Improvement
  17. 17. Works Cited "Friday Night Lights." IMDb. Web. 04 Apr. 2012. <>. Galvin, Kathleen M., Carma Lee Bylund, and Bernard J. Brommel. Family communication: cohesion and change. 8th ed. Boston: Pearson Allyn and Bacon, 2012. Print.