Certification of rpms ehr


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A short explanation of the certification process for the RPMS-EHR as I understand it.

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Certification of rpms ehr

  1. 1. Certification of the RPMS EHR Chris Lamer
  2. 2. CCHIT CCHIT was the only certification body for EHR
  3. 3. CCHIT EHR Certification Test Scripts IHS obtained the test scripts for obtaining EHR certification
  4. 4. IHS RPMS Certified in 2008 Under 2007 criteria RPMS-EHR received provisional certification in 2008 which was good until 2010
  5. 5. Those really were the droids you were looking for Some people felt that CCHIT was biased because they made the certification tests and administered it - there were concerns of unfair practices and CCHIT came under alot of scrutiny
  6. 6. ONC The Office of the National Coordinator stepped in and created new rules based on the CMS documentation
  7. 7. ONC NIST ONC employed the National Institute for Standards and Technology to carry out their plans for EHR testing
  8. 8. ONC NIST Authorized Testing and Certification Bodies (ATCB) New applicants came out to be credentialed to administer the certification exams to EHR vendors
  9. 9. ONC NIST CCHIT CCHIT hopes to be the first certified ATCB
  10. 10. We have the plans for the new EHR certification, but the plans are incomplete. We’re waiting for CMS, ONC, NIST and the ATCBs to finish the plans out so we can be sure of what we need to do.
  11. 11. There has been alot of confusion about what is going on.
  12. 12. Did someone tell you This was easy? And this has not been an easy process.
  13. 13. Leadership Fortunately we have good leadership through people like Dr. Hays and Dr. Cullen
  14. 14. Subject Matter Experts And there are a number of EHR SMEs out there that can help like David Taylor
  15. 15. CMS: Final Meaningful Use criteria CMS should be ready to go in the Summer
  16. 16. ONC: Standards and criteria for certification ONC will release their final guidelines to NIST shortly after that
  17. 17. ONC: Certification process developed ONC has already released their requirements for ATCBs - organizations like CCHIT are already at work to become certified as soon as possible.
  18. 18. NIST: Test tools and procedures defined NIST will finalize their requirements and make them available to the ATCBs and EHR Vendors
  19. 19. ONC: Recognition of ATCBs ONC will need to recognize the ATCBs before they can begin testing - this is expected to start in the very early fall
  20. 20. CCHIT/ATCB: EHR Certification Process IHS will be ready for testing by late fall or early winter so we can begin releasing the new RPMS and EHR updates to the sites to begin work towards meaningful use.