Fall Festival 2012


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My school's halloween festival for 2012
I attend QSI Chengdu International School in China, and fall festival is a celebrated annual tradition, an offshoot of Halloween for the multicultural society at our school. Fall festival is one of the most anticipated celebrations of the year for parents and students alike.
The pictures included are from the elementary celebration and the high school dance.

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Fall Festival 2012

  1. 1. Ashley Ding
  2. 2.  Tyler and Iris preparing their zombie makeup before their costumedebut at the Fall Festival. Preparation is taking place in the secondary art room.
  3. 3.  Cindy donning her bloody Little Red Riding Hood costume. She took her dress from the year before and ripped it up/bloodied it, assuming the role of a severely abused rendition of the classic fairytale
  4. 4. Pre-festival PrepTaylor and Emy half done with their scary/gory makeup for their costume. Taylor,is touching up her deranged clown face makeup, while Emy catches glimpse of herown post-teacher-rage-corpse-student getup. Take notice of the ruler lodged in her forehead and the broken pencils penetrating her neck.
  5. 5. Prep PartyEverybody is engrossed in their own makeupand preparation. On the table are piles of facepaint and makeup supplies, all displayed for public use.
  6. 6. Zipper Face!Iris is finished with her amazingzipper-face makeup. The zipperthat she’s attached to her face witheyelash-paste unveils the bloodyraw flesh beneath her skin.
  7. 7. VooDoo MarkingsEtching tattoos (just kidding, just eyeliner) onto the back of Caragh, who’s going as a Voodoo witch. She plans to scare the life out of little kids on the haunted drive which she is working in later on.
  8. 8. Spider EyesBeautiful Olivia dresses up asArachnid-Girl and wears simplemakeup with cobwebs extendingfrom her eyes. Preparation takesplace in the bathroom, after beinglocked out of the art room.
  9. 9. SkullAustin rocks some hardcore skullmakeup (which involved lots ofwhite and black cream makeup)before going off to scare some littlekids.
  10. 10. Sugar SkullPersonal makeup finished. Inspired by the sugar skull makeup doneduring Day of the Dead in Mexico. A combination of face paint, eyeliner, and concealer stick
  11. 11. Thriller CrowdAn audience of parents and students gather around the classic Thriller dance performance presented by some very talented elementary dancers
  12. 12. There’s thetalented bunch!
  13. 13. BraveGemma dresses up as the main character of the animation Brave, her red hair perfectly compatible with that of the character’s
  14. 14. The Macho NachosNot much else to say. Kudos to the artists for the Scooby-Doo photo background!
  15. 15. More NachosJust for laughs. Note: The container ofnachos in the hand of the Nacho to theleft; the two very high looking guys in the right
  16. 16. Close-up of Emy’s gory dead-student costume
  17. 17. Mini RozziAdorable little son of our own staff members
  18. 18. Some more instances offun from the Fall Festival. From top left: little sister with butterfly face paint;Rien and Andreas dressed as punk rock guys, Mr. Kruger in his Teletubby getup, a group of friends on the way to the dance
  19. 19. A Compilation of Face painting
  20. 20. Goodnight, Goodnight On the way to hail a taxi, we walk past the discards of the pumpkin decorations sending their good nights. A wonderful Fall Festival 2012!