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Compare and contrast essay

  1. 1. Compare and Contrast Essay English 2 [ENGL 0205] Name : Yuan KhaiShien Student ID : 0314818 Films Selected : 1)Snow White and Seven Dwarfs : 2)The Sleeping Beauty : Foundation In Natural and School Built Environment Sept 2013 Lecturer : Quantity of words: Cassandra Wijesuria 800
  2. 2. There are manyfilms in this world and most of them are just very amazing. Films can be consider and different into many types such as romantic, comedy, animated and so on. However for me I prefer to watch animated film which is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937) and The Sleeping Beauty(1959). There is no doubt why people say that both of these two films are nice because they have made my childhood as well as bring some good memories to me instead on just watching it. By comparing these two films, they have some similar parts between them. Firstly, the similarity between them is both of these two astounding films are created and produced by Walt Disney who was an American animator, cartoonist, producer, director and voice actor. Besides, he has also produce many types of astounding film such as Mickey Mouse, The Old Mill, Flower and Trees and so on. They are also produce in the same company which is The Walt Disney Company and produce by hand-drawn plus some computer editing effect to make it become a film. Moreover, both of these films are also made based on fairy tales. Next, both of the Snow White and Seven Dwarfs and The Sleeping Beauty have the same story flowing. These two films mostly share about some love story, adventure and also fairy tale. The story lines in both of these two films are talking about princess face a hard time and bad incident because of the jealousy of their enemy. After that there might be a prince come and save them and fight down the enemy who is preventing the prince to meet and save the princess who is snow white and Aurora. In the additional, the next similarities of these two films are based on their main characters. In the film Snow White, who is the princess and living with her stepmother avain and wicked Queen who is assumed to have taken over the kingdom after the death of Snow
  3. 3. Whitemother and father, she like to sing and she love animal when she get out from the palace. She also meet seven small little cute dwarfs when she enter a cottage in the deep of jungle. However compare to the film of The Sleeping Beauty, the main character, Aurora who is also the princess in this film and she move and live in jungle because she get curse by evil fairy, proclaiming that while she will indeed be beautiful and graceful, she will prick her finger on the spindle of a spinning wheel and die before the sunset on her sixteenth birthday. Aurora also like to sing and like animals in the jungle just like snow white. Beside she is also accompany by three good fairies called Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. And lastly, let us discuss about the ending part of both of this two films. The way that both of this end are probably almost the same ending which is happy ending. In the film of Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, because of snow white has eaten the poisonous apple that give by an old woman who is her evil stepmother. A single bite of the apple will cause snow white to sleep for her whole life. The sleep can only be cured by the power of "love's first kiss” from the prince. At last the prince found her when her funeral is going on. The prince give her a love kiss at last and finally wake snow white up and save her life from getting buried. And at last the seven dwarfs and all the animal to the prince palace and get married. However in the other hand, in the films The Sleeping Beauty, they have also the same ending. Arora who is the princess have curse by the evil fairy that she will get a deep sleep when she get 16 years old. Unfortunately, the curse work and she get down when she is having her 16 years old birthday. The three good fairies that accompany her all the time trying to save her and go to find the prince Philip.He fight with the evil fairy and get victory, he also gives a love first kiss to princess Aurora and save her life. At last they get married as well.
  4. 4. Through this, we can see that there are many similarities and coincidence between these two films. They have very good story lines and the animated scenes are too wonderful. No matter people think on both of these films, they are still amazing to me and they make my childhood memory. A special thanks to Walt Disney who created these two films.