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Weitao - Tmall's Social Media Channel


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Social media is seen as a must-have channel for marketing in China. But China's "go-to" platform, Sina Weibo, is losing traction, especially for commercial purposes. WeChat, the current social media favorite, has many restrictions for commercial promotion. Meanwhile, Tmall has its own social medium, WeiTao, which Chinese consumers use specifically for social e-commerce. Here's a closer look at China's ideal channel for focused social marketing.

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Weitao - Tmall's Social Media Channel

  1. 1. Weitao A combination of 
 e-commerce and social media
  2. 2. Not all socials are created equal. Just as you wouldn’t market a paper shredder at a book club, it’s probably not a smart idea to advertise on any and every Chinese social media site… Instead, identify your target customer. 
 Then, take advantage of one of China’s “focused portals”, or topical sites where you can flaunt your products to people who actually care. That’s where Weitaocomes in…
 the perfect blend of targeted e-commerce and social exchange.
  3. 3. So, how does Weitao work exactly? First, download Taobao’s mobile app, then click on the “微 淘” icon, highlighted in red on the bottom left. Next, click the 
 “发现” ( or “discover”) button on the upper left to select from four different options.
  4. 4. Weitao’s complete user experience. On this page, users can browse through relevant fashion news to enhance their shopping experience. Weitao reels customers in by providing a fun, convenient platform for shopping.
  5. 5. The “what’s happening” page allows users to check out the hottest posts from that day, along with popular storefronts. Weitao’s complete user experience.
  6. 6. How to follow or add a favorite. Users may search for specific stores via the search bar listed under 发现, or by simply clicking on a featured image. Once you’ve landed on a product page, click the star icon to “favorite” that page.
 To “follow” a brand, click “关注”.
  7. 7. Weitao’s ecommerce function. After you follow 
 (关注) your first brand, you will be able to view the teal bar featured on the top of the screenshots shown. The first two options, “全部” (news) and 
 “上新” (new products), ONLY feature news related to brands the user has already followed.
  8. 8. The next two options, “优惠” (products on sale) and “推荐” 
 (recommendations) ONLY feature brands that the user has not yet followed. Weitao’s ecommerce function.
  9. 9. To visit a storefront, users may scroll to the bottom of a page and click on the link to go to a brand’s homepage to view more products (see Forever 21 link on the left). Weitao’s ecommerce function.
  10. 10. Simply scroll down to see product pictures appear. Click on a photo to transfer to the product page with purchase information. Weitao’s ecommerce function.
  11. 11. Weitao establishes an interactive network between brands and users. …while users have their own page too! Weitao’s social media function. Brands can create their own home page…
  12. 12. Brands can easily see which users liked or commented on different posts. Users can share products and posts by using SMS. Weitao’s social media function.
  13. 13. Weitao’s social media function. Thus, Weitao is the perfect place to do content marketing. Brands can launch new products, post articles, and communicate directly with customers!
  14. 14. Social media Weitao: A Match Made in Heaven With Weitao, you can finally have it all. E-Commerce
  15. 15. Create your own Weitao page today 
 and start building a focused network!
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