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  1. 1. love2shop – is... … a single place for inspirations & shopping. A marketplace for opinion leaders, brands and top sellers.
  2. 2. Vision Similarly as Google is for search, Facebook is for socialization, there will be one main service for shopping. It will be not just a big e-shop, but a platform, which integrates different actors and entire process: from inspiration and comparison to purchase and support. For a user this service should become a single touchpoint, which icon is tapped at first thought about shopping.
  3. 3. Internet Buyers Growth Russia 30 mln. + 30% 1 1) Data Insight, 2014; 2), 2014 (79 mln. buy from mobile devices 2 ) USA 191 mln. + 3,5% 2 Global 1 bln. + 12,5% 2
  4. 4. Magazines Movies Blogs Brand Merchadising Fb / VK / Instagram Friends Yandex Market Pinterest eCom Sites Shops love2shop integrates different inspiration sources into a single personalized stream, which is available on every platform. Products from the stream are easy to collect and compare, as well as profitable to buy. Therefore, our users make conscious choices, while having fun and saving money. Inspiration Comparison / Choice Purchase love2shop
  5. 5. Brands’ applications offer similar functions, but in different design logic Customers prefer simplicity and convenience of a universal app
  6. 6. Stylists, designers, photographers, actors and bloggers largely determine people’s tastes. In the lifestyle-industry these professionals boost demand with their creative work, but often don’t receive decent reward. We offer them a unique way to monetize their audience. We share with them a part of the revenue from purchases driven by their creations.
  7. 7. Time from visit to purchase* *Data Insight, 2014 0% 20% 40% 60% 80% 100% Books DIY Electronics Fashion Furniture Health&Beauty Kids MultiCategory > 4 days 2 - 4 days 1 - 2 days > 12 hours и < 1 day > 3 и < 12 hours > 1 и < 3 hours < 1 hour While looking for inspiration, most buyers come and go away without buying
  8. 8. love2shop not only drive new customers, but also returns, those who deferred the purchase. If needed, we lead customers to purchase offline. Thus, the increased conversion and revenue. Conversion = 2% + 2% Ads E-­Shop / Checkout Save Impulse Purchase Deferred Purchase
  9. 9. Community Retailers Celebrities, Stylists, Bloggers, Publishers Shopping experience Social experience Media experience
  10. 10. love2shop is available on every platform Widgets, buttons, applications and statistics help partners maximize profits with love2shop iBeacons (BLE) make possible revolutionary scenarios for offline shopping Big Data algorithms learn users’ preferences in real-time
  11. 11. Danis Suleymanov Experience Education Founded 2Nova Interactive in 2009. 8 years of entrepreneurial experience in IT & marketing. Winner of International Young Interactive Entrepreneur 2010 in Russia (World Finalist). School of Management at SPb SU, «Company Growth Management», «Project Management», 2011 MBA, Vlerick Leuven-Gent Management School 2007-2008 Technology Entrepreneurship, UC Berkeley, Haas Busines School, 2007 IT&P Faculty at SPb ITMO, 2000-2006 (Honours)
  12. 12. Team Anton Suharev Product Manager Anastasia Yakovleva UX Director Ilya Gabushev Team Lead +4 developers, QA 2 designers & content-managersEx-director of Transactions Security at Yandex Market and Molotok. Expert in e-commerce and marketplace platforms. International Experience. Worked at (fashion), (branding). Education: Istituto Europeo di Design. Succesful experience of building developer teams. Portfolio: mobile games, high-load sites, social network apps, mobile services etc.