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2018 Google and Facebook Cost Per Lead - Cost Per Acquisition by Channel and Industry


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Cost per Acquisition by Channel and By Industry. 2018 CAC report based on Facebook Ads, Google Ads, and Social Media Organic.

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2018 Google and Facebook Cost Per Lead - Cost Per Acquisition by Channel and Industry

  1. 1. Google Adwords & Facebook Ads Benchmark for Q1 2018
  2. 2. This report gives you the data you need to truly benchmark your search and social performance against your industry. After all, we know from experience that with great data comes great growth strategy (and bigger marketing budgets!). SHALYN DEVER Co-Founder & Senior Growth Consultant
  4. 4. Report Methodology & Source • Study: • Top 20 US based industries performance data up to April 208. • Advocacy, Auto, B2B, Consumer Services, Dating & Personals, E-Commerce, Education, Employment Services, Finance & Insurance, Health & Medical, Home Goods, Industrial Services, Legal, Real Estate, Technology, and Travel & Hospitality. • Keywords: • The figures omit advertisers who were exclusively bidding on branded terms. Averages presented were median values to prevent a large advertiser with particularly good or bad performance from skewing the average. • Conversions • These conversions are defined as the useful measure of success for each account. For retailers, that may be a sale - for others such as real estate that may be a form fill or a phone call. Data Source: Wordstream
  5. 5. Average Click-Through Rate by Industry • The average CTR across all industries is 3.71% on search network and 0.46% on display network.
  6. 6. Average Cost Per Click by Industry • The average CPC across all industries is $2.69 on search network and $0.63 on display network.
  7. 7. Average Conversion Rates by Industry • The average CR across all industries is 3.75% on search network and 0.77% on display network.
  8. 8. Average Cost per Acquisition by Industry • The average CPA (action or acquisition) across all industries is $49.86 on search network and $75.51 on display network.
  9. 9. 2018 SOCIAL ADS BENCHMARK Data Source: Wordstream
  10. 10. Average Click-Through Rate • The average click-through rate (CTR) for Facebook ads across all industries is 0.90%.
  11. 11. Average Cost per Click • The average cost per click (CPC) for Facebook ads across all industries is $1.72.
  12. 12. Average Conversion Rate • The average conversion rate for Facebook ads across all industries is 9.21%.
  13. 13. Average Cost per Action • The average cost per action (CPA) for Facebook ads across all industries is $18.68.
  15. 15. Report Methodology & Source • Study: • 10 top industries from January-December 2017: Fashion, Food & Beverages, Health & Beauty, Higher Ed, Home Decor, Hotels & Resorts, Influencers, Media, Nonprofits, and Sports Teams. • Engagement: • A measurable interaction on social media posts, including likes, comments, favorites, retweets, shares, and reactions • Data Sample: • Representative sample of national and international companies in each industry by selecting 150 companies at random from each industry from our database of over 150,000 companies. Companies selected had active presences on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter as of January 2017, and had Facebook fan counts between 25,000 and 1 million as of the same date. Data Source: Rival IQ
  16. 16. All Industry Facebook Engagement • Less than two tenths of one percent separate the lowest engagement from the highest engagement rates.
  17. 17. Facebook Posts per Day • Without media (a big outlier), the average of about one Facebook post a day may reflect a brand’s reliance on Facebook algorithms.
  18. 18. Facebook Posts vs. Engagement • Food & Beverages and Influencers lead, but only by one-hundredth of a percent.
  19. 19. Instagram Engagement • Higher Ed outperforms every industry by a wide margin, with highly regarded industries like Fashion and Health & Beauty performing the worst.
  20. 20. Instagram Posts per Day • Industries in this study post as frequently as once a day to every three days. With such wildly different frequencies, dialing into your audience is key.
  21. 21. Instagram Posts vs. Engagement • Engagement doesn’t correlate with posting more. Higher Ed’s higher engagement rate may reflect a hyper-targeted and engaged audience.
  22. 22. All Industry: Twitter Engagement • Compared with last year’s Twitter engagement rates, this year’s data is less consistent across industries.
  23. 23. Twitter Posts per Day • Industries from last year’s study decreased or remained flat in their frequency with the exception of Media. Given today’s media landscape, this doesn’t surprise us…
  24. 24. Twitter Posts vs. Engagement • Engagement doesn’t correlate with posting frequency. And the adage that more is better doesn’t prove true on Twitter.
  25. 25. THANK YOU.