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In association with:Crisis Communications& Reputation ManagementIn Financial Services                                     ...
Crisis Communications & Reputation Management In Financial Services Moving From Crisis To Recovery Welcome from the Chair ...
Exclusive strategic insights on reputation manageme A One-Day Conference: 12th March 2013					 08.30	 Registration and Cof...
ent from over 16 financial services industry leaders   Moving From Crisis To Recovery   13.35	 Minimising The Potential Ef...
Separately-Bookable Half Day Workshops: 13th March 2013Workshop A                                                         ...
Crisis Communications & Reputation                                                                    Brochure Code: WEBMa...
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Crisis Communications & Reputation Management In Financial Services


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n this difficult climate, PR Week is proud to announce its premier Crisis Comms and Reputation Management in Financial Services conference, designed to help communications professionals working in the financial services industry navigate their way through the reputational minefield to ensure a strong profile amongst customers and stakeholders and consequently a strong, stable business performance.

Join us at the event to hear speakers from leading organisations such as Nationwide and the FSA discussing topics including:

The media perspective on financial services
Using social media in a crisis
Preparing for crises
Crisis lessons from other industries
The role of the new regulator

As well as case studies from the likes of Visa Europe and Paypal UK, amongst others and two separately-bookable workshops: Developing A Crisis Comms Strategy and Rehabilitating The City: Building A Long-Term Recovery Plan.

Visit to book on now.

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Crisis Communications & Reputation Management In Financial Services

  1. 1. In association with:Crisis Communications& Reputation ManagementIn Financial Services Book before 7Moving From Crisis To Recovery DECEMBER 2012 & SAVE12th March 2013 | London up to £200!r Examining the current public profile of financial services from the media perspectiver Effectively using social media during and post crisisr Developing a crisis preparedness communication plan that protects your most valuable asset - REPUTATIONr Rallying the troops – Recognising employee engagement as a significant driver of external reputationr Promoting the role of the communications team as agents of changer Rebuilding consumer trust in your financial institution through seamless communication & unified messaging With insights from 16 senior industry strategists and practitioners: Patrick Tooher Zitah McMillan Jeff Prestridge Head of Public Communications & Simon Nixon Personal Finance Anousha Sakoui Tony Langham Relations International Director European Editor Editor M&A Correspondent Chief Executive Fiona Wilkinson Lisa Stanley Alan Oliver Senior Vice President, Amanda Brown Head of Head of External Corporate Ben Lock Danny Cox Head of PR Communications Affairs Communications Associate Director Head of Advice Partner Partner Jonathan Woodier Amanda Coleman Rob Skinner Head of Corporate Paul Lockstone Head of Corporate Head of PR Communications Global Marketing & Communications EMEA communications
  2. 2. Crisis Communications & Reputation Management In Financial Services Moving From Crisis To Recovery Welcome from the Chair “The reputation of the financial services industry is trashed. Scandal Past delegates of our other Financial Services event have said: upon scandal has engulfed the sector since the banking crisis erupted more than five years ago, eroding that most precious of all “Well executed, all relevant topics and pitched appropriately” commodities: trust. Yet financial services form an integral part of Marketing Communications Manager, our society’s infrastructure , and always will. So how can that trust Skandia Investment Group be restored and what role can corporate communicators play in the rehabilitation process? “Relevant to an ever-changing financial services environment” Digital Marketing Executive, Join us in March to benefit from the experience of our speakers Rathbone Investment Management and to hear strategic reputation management insights from leading financial services communicators, the FSA and senior journalists “Extremely informative and thought provoking” to ensure your organisation is best placed to emerge from this Head of Bancassurance Marketing, AXA Wealth unprecedented period of scrutiny into what we hope will be one of reputational recovery.” “Very useful content and well delivered” Patrick Tooher, Head of Public Relations, The Co-Operative Banking Group Director of Marketing & Partnerships, Societe Generale Programme Highlights: • Hear Visa Europe discuss how they maximised the positive reputational value of their London 2012 sponsorship • Learn how Paypal UK are reviewing their customer relations strategy to enhance their brand’s profile and reputation • Get an update from the FSA on their reorganisation and how the newly-formed FCA will be regulating financial services moving forward • Receive best practice tips from Greater Manchester Police discussing their crisis communications strategy • Engage in the debate around collaboration or differentiation in financial services through roundtable discussions Join the debate Who Should Attend? Directors and Heads of: From various areas of Financial Services Industry Follow us on Twitter • PR Sector including: @PRWeekEvents • Corporate Comms • Retail • Credit Card Companies @BREvents • Corporate Affairs • Investment • Stock Exchanges #CrisiscommsFS • External Affairs • Commercial • Clearing Houses • Public Affairs • Private Banks Join over 3,000 PR & • Media Relations • Investment/Fund/Asset Comms professionals in • Investor Relations Management our LinkedIn groups: • Branding • Insurance/Reinsurance “PR Week” and “Brand • CSR Companies Republic” • MarketingPartners Book now – email
  3. 3. Exclusive strategic insights on reputation manageme A One-Day Conference: 12th March 2013 08.30 Registration and Coffee SOCIAL MEDIA REVOLUTION: CHANGING THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN FINANCIAL SERVICES & THE PUBLIC 09.00 Chair’s Opening Remarks Patrick Tooher, Head of Public Relations, The Co-Operative 10.40 Consumer Communications: How Are They Changing? Banking Group • Evaluating the comms team’s relationship with traditional STATE OF THE NATION: FINANCIAL SERVICES – MARCH 2013 media relationship with traditional media irreparable? • is the 09.05 Examining The Role Of The New Regulator valuable can reactive social media communication with • how January 2013 saw a split in the Financial Services Authority to media and the public be in managing reputation? FSA create two new bodies with specific responsibilities. Moving • Engaging effectively with customers through social media Update forward, what will the new regulator’s remit be and how will channels this impact communications teams? With financial services’ • integrating digital and social media into the marketing increased media profile and public interest can they remain communications mix to deliver tangible business benefit independent, or will decisions be affected by headlines and • mastering the art of meaningful messages in 140 characters expediency? And will they be introducing a Code of Ethics for the Amanda Brown, Head of PR, First Direct industry? Lisa Stanley, Head of Communications, Triodos Bank Zitah McMillan, Communications & International Director, 11.10 Deploying Social Media Effectively During & Post Crisis To Financial Services Authority Mitigate Reputational Risk 09.20 Media Insight On The Current Public Profile Of Financial • Understanding the impact of a social media campaign on your Services To Focus On Reputation Management Moving reputation Forward • Dealing with the immediacy of Twitter and turning it to your • Scrutinising the media’s view of financial services advantage can financial services improve their reputation amongst • how • Utilising all of your online estates, including websites, to traditional media? respond to reputational challenges • Navigating the rise of the financial services industry as a when and why should you use these? • how, mainstream headline generator and the effect on the role of importantly, when should you not use them? • more the PR department Alan Oliver, Head of External Affairs, Nationwide much should you say and when? • how 11.40 London 2012 Case Study: How Visa Used Sponsorship To sometimes better to keep quiet? • is it • Considering the influence of ‘celebrity’ commentators on CASE Boost Their Brand Profile STUDY The London 2012 Games has been touted as the first ever truly public perception social Olympics. As worldwide sponsor, Visa used their role Simon Nixon, European Editor, Wall Street Journal to promote the event as an opportunity to bolster the nation’s Jeff Prestridge, Personal Finance Editor, Mail on Sunday financial situation – a topic that couldn’t escape the public Anousha Sakoui, M&A Correspondent, Financial Times consciousness, despite the excitement and patriotic spirit 09.55 Five Steps To Rebuilding Trust In Financial Services sweeping Great Britain. Here, Senior Vice President of Corporate The industry spends most of its time diagnosing the problem Communications, Fiona Wilkinson will outline the successes and rather than developing solutions. Here are five steps that challenges Visa experienced and the ultimate impact on their individual companies should take to make a difference to their reputation. own reputations and to those of the industry. Fiona Wilkinson, Senior Vice President Corporate Comms, Tony Langham, Chief Executive, Lansons Communications Visa Europe 10.20 Morning Refreshments & Networking CHALLENGING TIMES: PREPARING FOR & DEALING WITH CRISES 12.10 The New Rules Of The Game So much has changed in recent years that the old crisis management model no longer applies. The deluge of corporate disasters that have played out in the context of a fast evolving media landscape has exposed the inadequacies in crisis communications planning. Here, Ben Lock of Ogilvy Public Relations will explore some of the new principles and protocols that businesses need to adopt and adhere to in order to protect their reputation. Ben Lock, Associate Director, Ogilvy Public Relations 12.35 Networking Lunch Register now @
  4. 4. ent from over 16 financial services industry leaders Moving From Crisis To Recovery 13.35 Minimising The Potential Effect Of Crises: Why 15.35 Afternoon Refreshments & Networking Preparation Is Still Everything • Ensuring you have some reputational capital in the bank OUT OF THE MIST: MOVING BEYOND CRISIS TO REBUILD before a crisis hits REPUTATION & TRUST • Horizon-scanning to identify and isolate potential challenges Roundtable Discussions effectively • Establishing a strategic communications plan for 15.55 All For One: The Case For Collaboration To Rebuild implementation in the event of crisis Financial Services’ Reputation much should you plan? • how 1. Is collaboration even possible or are financial services too you be over-prepared? • can diverse and silo’d? And if collaboration is the way forward, elements need concrete forward-planning and which • which how do you reconcile the functions of marketing and PR? should you tailor-make? 2. How much are the issues and scandals a problem for the Danny Cox, Head of Advice, Hargreaves Lansdown industry and how much for the individual organisations? 14.05 Lessons From The GMP On Crisis Management 3. Can and should a ‘good’ organisation differentiate itself from On 18th September 2012 PC Nicola Hughes and PC Fiona those who have experienced reputational problems? CASE Bone were fatally injured in a gun and grenade attack when STUDY responding to what they thought was a routine burglary call. 16.15 Feedback and Group Discussion Their attacker was already the subject of a large scale man hunt when he was arrested for their murders by Greater Manchester 16.35 Aligning Business Decisions With Communications Needs Police. Over the following hours and weeks, Amanda Coleman To Effectively Change Reputation coordinated a multi-channel response to the tragedy that • Developing a strategy for enhancing your public and political involved reassuring the public, keeping bereaved colleagues reputation simultaneously in a setting of converging informed and supported, and dealing efficiently with the media. stakeholder opinions In this session she will share the strategy GMP employed and her • working to make real business and cultural change internally key tips for managing an unforeseen crisis. • Promoting the role of the communications team as agents of Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communications, change Greater Manchester Police do you move the business to make decisions needed to • how demonstrate a change in business behaviours and culture? 14.35 Rallying The Troops To Shield Reputation From The Inside • Communicating the real changes being made both internally • “You are our biggest asset” is a phrase often quoted to staff, and externally but how do you utilise that asset in times of adversity? • ensuring staff members are aware of and on board with the press and public viewing financial services in a • with changes in culture and have an open forum for questions or negative light, how do you ensure your employees still feel feedback pride in the badge? • identifying the key media through which to communicate • Utilising internal comms to communicate a common goal change to different stakeholder groups to encourage the right behaviours throughout the • how Jonathan Woodier, Head of Corporate Comms EMEA, Citibank organisation to create strong brand ambassadors • Creating an inclusive environment and promoting staff 17.05 Chair’s Closing Remarks & Close Of Conference feedback to build trust • allowing employees to shape and develop the internal comms that they want and need, moving from “push” to “pull” Speaker to be confirmed Commercial Opportunities: 15.05 Becoming The Internal Voice Of The Customer: PayPal’s Do you want to meet decision-makers in the arena of Story crisis communications and reputation management from CASE In early 2012 PayPal’s UK MD asked Rob Skinner to join STUDY the financial sector looking to enhance and optimise & his management team as head of PR and as an internal voice of the company’s 15 million UK customers. It was an early step on streamline their communications strategies? We can deliver PayPal’s global journey to become a more customer focused a bespoke package to help you highlight your expertise, company. Rob will explain how the customer experience impacts demonstrate thought leadership and create new contacts on a brand’s reputation and how PR can drive internal change in and business opportunities. an era of social media and 24 hour news. He’ll share lessons For more details, please call Alexsandra Russo on from his 25 years’ experience managing PR for some of the 020 8267 4991 or email biggest brands in financial services, including Nationwide Building Society, HSBC, first direct and PayPal. Rob Skinner, Head of PR, PayPal UK Book now – call +44 (0)20 8267 4011
  5. 5. Separately-Bookable Half Day Workshops: 13th March 2013Workshop A Workshop BRehabilitating The City – Building A Long Developing A Robust CrisisTerm Recovery Plan Communications Strategy09.30 – 12.00 12.30 – 15.009.00 Registration 12.00 RegistrationFacilitator: Tony Langham, Chief Executive, Facilitator: Paul Lockstone, GlobalLansons Communications Marketing and Communications Director, Aviva InvestorsWe are all aware of the problems, but muchless clear about the solutions. This workshop Introductionwill work in three phases to jointly develop an Following the crash of 2008, it seemed to manyaction plan for the industry and also for individual companies. that the situation in financial services could only get better. Yet over the subsequent 5 years the industry has been beset on all sides by disasters, scandals and failings thatOne : have left the reputation of both individuals and the industryAgreeing a brief. What is that we actually want to change and to as a whole in tatters. In a hostile environment of media andwhat ? What are the immediate priorities and what are the long- public negativity it seems the financial services sector is foreverterm issues? This will incorporate many of the points raised at hanging on the precipice of the next scandal. So how do youthe previous day’s conference. plan for a reputational crisis, mitigate the potential damage and ensure your organisation comes safely out the other side?Two :What should individual companies do – immediately and Part 1: Planning For Crises long-term ? • Building reputational capital to create a positive public profile Output : two stage company action plan. you can capitalise on in the event of a crisis • Horizon-scanning: whose responsibility is this and what should you be looking out for?Three : • Board level buy in: ensuring senior management are What should the industry work on collectively to change –immediately and long-term ? prepared to take efficient action to mitigate any risk • Creating flexible strategies that are adaptable to different Output : two stage industry action plan. crisis situations Part 2: When The Storm Hits • Adapting crisis communications strategies to fit with the individual situation and planning phases of activity • Training spokespeople and understanding when and how to deploy them? • what media to use? When to bring out the big guns? • Identifying key stakeholder groups to communicate with and the best channels with which to do so • Internal communications: ensuring staff are kept informed of steps being taken to rectify mistakes and gaining buy-in to risk-minimising behaviours Book now – email
  6. 6. Crisis Communications & Reputation Brochure Code: WEBManagement In Financial Services Pricing StructureMoving From Crisis To Recovery Price information Book before 7 Book before 25 StandardOne Day Conference: 12th March 2013 December 2012 January 2013 RateSeparately-Bookable Half Day Workshops: 13th March 2013 In-house rate £499 +VAT £599 +VAT £699 +VATLondon, UK Agency/supplier £599 +VAT £699 +VAT £749 +VAT + 1 Workshop Add £199 +VAT4 WAYS TO BOOK + 2 Workshops Add £350 +VATPlease complete one registration form for each delegate. Workshop only £299 + VAT1. Book online at www.reputationinfinancialservices.com2. Please email or fax a copy of the booking form to Speaker Presentations £199 +VAT or +44 (0)20 8267 4486 * Speaker presentations are included in the delegate place and are accessible via a password protected 3. Call us on +44 (0)20 8267 4011 internet site and are not supplied in printed form. Access will be granted a week after the event, 5. Post the booking form with payment to FREEPOST (LON3727), subject to speaker disclosure. ** Only one discount can be used per registration. Haymarket Conferences, 174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JP UK VAT 20%Name of person completing form if different from delegate: Further Information For Delegates Accommodation Please note that overnight accommodation is not included in the registration fee. For a selection of hotels nearPlease register the following delegate (BLOCK CAPITALS) to our event venues, please visit (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) Dietary Requirements For dietary requirements, please contact the Haymarket Conferences team on +44 (0)20 8267 4011 or Access Requirements We make every effort to ensure our events are accessible for all delegates. For any specific accessOrganisation requirements, please contact the Haymarket Conferences team (as above). 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Although we do endeavour to find suitableHow did you hear about this event? replacements of a similar calibre, we cannot guarantee any specific case studies, speakers or sessions. Updates are regularly posted on the website.Industry type Related Conferences Please send me more information about:Name of department head Reputation Management Strategy, November 27th 2012Job title of department head Financial Services Social Media, May 2013 I agree to the terms and conditions as stated opposite. Terms & ConditionsSigned Confirmation Procedure Once we have received confirmation of your booking in writing (either online, fax or post) we will send you a confirmation email. If you request to be invoiced, payment terms will be 28 days from date of booking. An invoice will then be generated and sent out to you via post. 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Cheques made payable to Haymarket Publishing Services Ltd Haymarket Conferences are unable to accept responsibility for the non-arrival of information. Haymarket Conferences reserves the right to decline any booking. I wish to be invoiced. N.B.If your company/organisation uses PO Haymarket Conferences reserves the right to vary the content, timings, location and/or speakers of events numbers, please write this number here and as such accept no liability for variations. Cancellations Cancellation Date: 20 February 2013The invoice will be sent to the address provided above All cancellations must be made in writing to and received by us no later than the cancellation dates stipulated above. It is the booker’s responsibility to ensure that we have received I wish to pay by credit card the cancellation. 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Data ProtectionSecurity code By registering for an event, Haymarket Conferences can provide you with information relating to your booking and other Haymarket related products or services via email, direct mail, fax or telephone. PleaseCard billing address (if different from above) write to the Head of Marketing at the address stated above if you do not wish to receive this information. We may also make your details available to carefully screened companies who have offers that may be of interest to you. 5 Yes, I would like to receive carefully screened and work related emails from third parties.Cardholder’s signature 5 No, I specifically do not want my details to be made available to third parties. CLICK HERE TO SUBMIT FORM NOW VIA EMAIL