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Failing to transform your company’s approach into a truly customer-centric business now means that any business is at risk of losing trust, income and market share.

Over the course of the event you will explore key components of a robust and adaptable customer experience strategy that generates a real top line growth through sharp customer focus & engagement.

- Gain strategic insight into a range of industries customer experience strategies – take away transferable insights and knowledge from other industries that is not accessible anywhere else
- Arm yourself with the key tools necessary to transform customer experience so that it is ready adapt to the new technologies and opportunities that will face consumers and affect who they choose to do business with in 2013
- Walk away with the knowledge, tools and solutions needed to immediately improve your customer experience management today

This event is designed to address the fundamental shifts in the industry needed to create customer value and experience to remain competitive in challenging times:

- Designing & Implementing customer experience with a measurable impact
- Predictive customer experience – Leveraging customer data & nfo
- Transforming company culture to deliver a first-class customer experience
- Customer journey design and mapping
- Customer experience measurement tools and techniques
- Customer feedback for customer operations optimisation

Check out and join me in March to take the right steps towards customer experience transformation, innovation and excellence. Visit the website to register now Alternatively contact us on +(0) 20 8267 4011 or email

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Customer Experience Management

  1. 1. Register By 21 December  & Save Up To £200  Technology ANALYTICS Application Satisfaction20 March 2013, London Expectation QualityCustomer Insight Change Feedback INTERNAL Voice DNA DIALOGUE Predictive Acquisition Alignment Employee JOURNEY Engagement CRMPlan BUY-IN Experience Culture MANAGEMENTExperience CUSTOMER DATA Results EFFORT Message TRAINING Relationship Accountability Transformation RETENTION Strategy NPS Promise Objective MEASUREMENT Advocacy DEVELOPMENT Transaction Demand Revenue Needs User Attitudes Preference TOUCHPOINTManagement Service Delivery Multi-channel Loyalty Referral SOCIAL CostMaximising customer value & driving revenue for your brandfrom first contact to post-purchase service Getting the 3600 view of your customers Going beyond simple design to create an experience that sets your business apart from the crowd cost-efficiently Being an agent of change and driving a customer-centric business culture Transforming perceptions, interactions and encounters with consumers to drive more value from each engagement/touchpoint Reaching a higher level of assessment and accountability through tougher, more varied measuresWith cross-industry brand experts including: Chair: Stephen Ingledew Robert Siefker Conny Kalcher Fawzia Howarth Managing Director, Director of Customer Loyalty VP of Marketing and Head of Customer Experience Customer & Marketing Consumer Experiences Osvaldo Araujo Paul Sands Sarah Barrett Marc Ellams Director World Service Head of Customer Head of Customer and Head of Passenger Comms The Netherlands Experience Management Community Services & Customer Experience Brian Walmsley Ravi Bhalla Simon Smith Neil Carden CMO Senior Operational Head of Multi-Channel Director of Insight and Planning Excellence Leader Experience and Service Design Gordon Pickering Michael Quek, Usability Jo Moran, Head of Customer Maria McCann , Group Head of Head of Customer Journeys Manager, User Experience Team Service, Retail Communications, Customer Experience: Coast, Activity & Staffing Karen Millen, Oasis, Warehouse See >> Plus! Choose from 3 Separately–Bookable workshops inside fo s! r detail
  2. 2. Welcome to Marketing’s CEM Event taking place in London on 20 March Customer experience is the new currency in business, and is the cost-effective solution to increase the value you gain from each individual customer. The event stresses the imperative of differentiating your brand and succeeding in today’s tough economic environment while leveraging that customer base into greater profitability. Both businesses and customers are feeling the economic pinch - customers are increasingly demanding, requiring tailor-made services and businesses are feeling the burden of trying to increase revenues at a low cost. Failing to transform your company’s approach into a truly customer-centric business now means that any business is at risk of losing trust, income and market share. Over the course of the event you will explore key components of a robust and adaptable customer experience strategy that generates a real top line growth through sharp customer focus and engagement. Customer Experience Management is a brand new event that tackles, head on, the challenges and shift businesses need to make to drive revenue from their consumers – from first sight to post-purchase excellence. Who Should Attend Customer Relationship Management Customer Service Customer / Consumer Experience Customer Insights & Analytics Customer / Consumer Engagement Customer Retention Marketing Consumer Operations / Operational Excellence Loyalty Interested In Getting Involved? Customer Experience Management offers you premium access to senior, budget-holding, customer experience professionals. Whether you are a technology / solution provider or customer experience management consultant, no other platform offers you a cross-section of industries represented in one room, on one day, all of whom are actively seeking solutions to current and upcoming customer experience challenges. If you’d like to be involved, we can create bespoke packages tailored to your needs and desired outcomes to reach, interact with and inspire this audience. Contact Chloe Lambert on +44 (0) 20 8267 8039 or! Half-Day Boot Camp: Tuesday, 19 March 2013Key Steps To Successful Customer Experience Strategy09.00-12.00 (08.30 registration)Today, most businesses understand that a powerful customer experience is imperative in order to succeed in today’stough economic environment. A robust customer experience management is the key brand differentiator allowing thecompanies to leverage customer base into greater profitability.This boot camp will provide you with a practical toolkit and a step-by-step guide to creating a fool-proof customerexperience strategy for your business.Defining Your Customer Experience And Developing A Customer Promise Take a step back and ask yourself what is your brand, what is your brand promise and how are you going to deliver on that?Constructing A Well-defined Strategy Key components to be considered Who do you need to have in place to deliver the vision? What are your goals? - recommendation increase? - optimising profits? - by when?Business Redesign And Process Engineering In the skeleton model of a company, where does/should customer experience sit within this? How do I structure my business to incorporate both customer service and customer experience? - when do I align them and when do I keep them separate? How to use your current customer experience and consumers to determine the design of your business Objectively looking at processes in the business that are affecting your customer experience - what is the right business structure to manage customer experience going forward? Book now - email
  3. 3. R einventing C ustomer Wednesday, 20 March 2013 11.30 Enhancing And Optimising Customer Experience To Boost Long-Term Brand Engagement And Loyalty Driving customer retention while delivering a value promise08.30 Registration And Coffee to existing customers Understanding what actually drives customer satisfaction,09.15 Chair’s Opening Remarks loyalty and advocacy and investing in specific areas of your Stephen Ingledew, Managing Director, customer experience Customer & Marketing, Standard Life Exploring the power of referrals on transaction frequency while turning customers into brand advocates Building profitable and lasting relationships resulting in09.25 Keynote Presentation – The New Truths On repeat business Transforming Your Company Culture To Deliver Using customer experience to gain a competitive A First-Class Customer Experience advantage and drive the bottom line – acquiring Transform your company culture towards customer new customers by delivering an excellent centricity and the customer experience customer experience Engaging and training employees at all levels to ensure Osvaldo Araujo, Director World Service a consumer culture is embedded into the organisation The Netherlands, American Express - getting buy-in from the boardroom – when C-levels just want to know about NPS, how do you make ‘experience’ part of your organisation’s DNA? 11.50 The Innovation Challenge – Three Top Driving change through the organisation - from the top down Strategists Vs. 3 Tough Dragons - internal branding - ensuring your employees are aligned Three customer experience experts have ten minutes each with your brand promise to pitch their solution to the following brief: Measuring organisational alignment and employee Defining your total customer experience strategy engagement - is VOE ever the best way? Expanding the reach of the organisation’s core Conny Kalcher, VP of Marketing and Consumer Linking brand & culture to deliver an outstanding Experiences, Lego customer experience Enterprise feedback management strategies What’s next in the customer experience & engagement09.55 Implementing A Value-Driven Customer landscape? Experience Strategy By Initiating Customer - Pitches TBC Engagement – The Right Way To be one of the leading strategists taking part in The Embedding customer experience into business planning Innovation Challenge, please contact Chloe Lambert on Building accountability and measurement around your +44 (0) 20 8267 8039 or customer-centric business Aligning customer experience with your business goals Join our ‘Dragons’ as they critically scrutinise the and co-creating customer experience with both employees solutions provided and vote on their favourite: and customers Dragon 1 – Fawzia Howarth, Showcasing financial impact and gauging customer insights Head of Customer Experience, Sarah Barrett, Head of Customer and Community Services, Mears Group Dragon 2 – Gordon Pickering, Head of Customer Journeys, Direct Line Group10.15 Exclusive US Case Study: The Zappos Story Dragon 3 - Carl Barkey, And Our Philosophy On Culture And Service Head of Social Media Customer Unique insights from Zappos Director of Customer Loyalty, Engagement, International Consumer Rob Siefker, on improving and maintaining a positive company Card, American Express culture and translating it to passionate, committed employees and happy, loyal customers. Proactively managing your culture to a committable set 12.50 Networking Luncheon of core values Thought leadership - building open and honest 13.50 Effectively Leveraging Data Insight And Using relationships, not just strategy Predictive Analytics To Understand What They Engage and Involve - empower your team to Want And When And How They Want It help set the course and evaluate their own Capturing and collecting data to get a deep insight performance into customers wants, needs and attitudes Robert Siefker, Director of Customer Creating specific, tailor-made customer Loyalty, Zappos CLT, Inc. communication and engaging customers while catering to their specific tastes and preferences10.40 Morning Refreshments And Networking Using data and insight to initiate business change and create a first class customer experience with predictive analytics11.10 Designing The Customer Journey To Optimise Leveraging customer data into insights and actions Value For Your Customer to perfect customer experience Utilising the customer journey map to gain insight into how Neil Carden, Director of Insight and Planning, customers engage with your organisation The Co-operative Innovating and transforming your customer journey based on consumer needs Creating company specific customer touchpoints - Maximising multi-channel customer experience through consistency in brand communication and service delivery - maintaining consistency in your message, brand promise (and in your actions) across different touchpoints and channels (digital, social, retail, call centre, in-store, direct, mobile) and platforms Simon Smith, Head of Multi-Channel Experience and ServiceDesign, O2 UKRegister today @
  4. 4. E x perience M anagement 15.30 Superpromoters Case Study - Utilising And14.10 Panel Discussion: Effective Experience Capturing The Power Of Joe Public And VOC On Measurement And Showing Results: Social Media To Generate Consumer Advocacy What’s The Right Way? Advocacy marketing is not new but the massive How do you determine the value of improving the quality growth in social media means that there is now more of your customer experience? This panel discussion will space for advocates to share their message examine a range of metrics and looks at how to communicate If advertising is one-to-many and direct marketing is and implement these metrics to the wider business. Explore one-to-one, then advocacy marketing is one-to-one how to use the results for business development rather than to-many, the middle ‘one’ being the advocate just a measurement activity and ensure that feedback plays Bounty’s Superpromoter research programme a role in redefining the customer experience strategy. reveals how the relationship between advocate and NPS brand can be maximised, the toolkit and rewards that - Making NPS mean something more than just a number need to be in place, and how a relationship of mutual - how can you illustrate the financial payoff of an trust and respect can produce ‘advocacy infinity’ improvement in NPS? Brian Walmsley, Chief Customer Effort Score Marketing Officer, Bounty - How can your Customer Effort Score develop an ethos to make things simpler? Satisfaction Rates 15.50 Afternoon Refreshments - How do Satisfaction Rates prove customer experience? VOE 16.10 Session To Be Announced - If your employees aren’t happy, then your customers Do you want to meet customer experience decision won’t be, so should VOE be a standard method for makers looking to enhance and optimise their measuring customer experience across all businesses? customer-centric marketing and engagement activities? Consumer Engagement Metrics We can deliver a bespoke sponsorship package to help How can you prove the value of engagement and measure highlight your expertise, shape customer attitudes your investment against an engagement metric? and create new contacts and business opportunities. Paul Sands, Head of Customer For more details, please call Chloe Lambert on Experience Management, Virgin Atlantic +44 (0) 20 8267 8039 or email Michael Quek, Usability Manager, User Experience Team, Shop Direct Home Shopping Limited Jo Moran, Head of Customer 16.30 New Thinking On Gathering, Monitoring And Service, Retail Communications, Acting On Customer Feedback To Optimise Activity & Staffing, M&S Customer Operations Analysing customer feedback to improve loyalty and service offerings14.50 The 5 Ways In Which Technologies Can Creating a standardised approach towards customer Transform Your Digital Customer Experience feedback across an organisation while reducing In today’s world of digital technology an increasing number operational costs of retailers are offering various digital advancements Developing robust reports and metrics and including tablets, digital signs, downloadable applications, immediately recognising positive/negative comments touch screen kiosks, and mobile applications, 3D cameras etc, Deploying feedback results in individual departments to allow customers to interact/test the products before the to improve overall customer approach to customer actual purchase and ultimately to increase customer issues and opportunities experience and meet customers’ ever increasing demands Ravi Bhalla, Senior Operational and needs for tailor-made and easily accessible services. Excellence Leader, Barclays Do you want to meet customer experience decision makers looking to enhance and optimise their 17.10 Chair’s Closing Remarks And End Of Conference customer-centric marketing and engagement activities? We can deliver a bespoke sponsorship package to help highlight your expertise, shape customer attitudes and create new contacts and business opportunities. For more details, please call Chloe Lambert on +44 (0) 20 8267 8039 or email Chloe.Lambert@haymarket.com15.10 Utilising New Media Channels To Enhance Customer Experience: How To Build Brand Loyalty The Social Way Join the debate Incorporating the social media business model into your existing customer communication approach Bringing your company close to your customer by communicating via preferred customer social media platforms - maintaining a person-to-person connection Follow us on Twitter Getting attuned with your customers, prospects and people who can impact your business while @BREvents #CEMconf exploring their preferences and expectations Utilising the power of ‘social’ influencers – creating Join over 10,000 Marketing and PR a dialogue with your customers Marc Ellams, Head of Passenger professionals in our LinkedIn groups: Comms & Customer Experience, “Marketing” and “Brand Republic” Heathrow Book now - call +44 (0) 20 8267 4011
  5. 5. POST-EVENT WORKSHOPS: Thursday, 21 March,2013AM: Customer Journey PM: Customer ExperienceMapping Masterclass - Achieving Measurement ToolkitAn Outside-In Approach - Proving & Driving ROI09.00-12.00 (08.30 registration) 13.30-17.00 (13.00 registration)Walking in your consumers’ shoes is one of the Businesses like to talk numbers - not experience.hardest yet most important aspects of examining So how can you arm yourself with the financialyour customer experience. This workshop will evidence to prove a return on experience?provide you with the practical tools needed to change to This practical session will provide youaccurately and effectively map your consumer’s with the tools and techniques needed to measure,interactions with your customer experience strategy, evaluate and communicate the value of yourto help improve your consumer offering based on customer experience strategy.real insight. Measuring A Return On Experience (ROE)Workshop Content What is the return on generating a good customer experience?Gaining A True Understanding Of The Existing Determining the value and return from improving Customer Journey the quality of your customer journey Checking how the journey feels from a customer POV at each touch point? Making Measurement Mean More Than Numbers What is it really like standing in the customers Communicating metrics to others across the shoes – how do you know you are delivering on business your brand promise? Managing expectations and understanding the payback modelCustomer Journey Mapping - when a ROE and engagement cannot be seen Best-practice advice on how to plan and execute on day 1, how can you demonstrate value to the a customer journey map business now What should great customer journey mapping How to ensure this feedback plays a role in actually reveal? redefining the customer experience strategyDesigning The Customer Journey To Optimise Techniques And MetricsValue For Your Customer Customer Effort Score How to innovate and differentiate from others - how easy is it for a consumer to buy your product or service?Consistency In The Customer Journey - how quickly can your customer give you Across each touch point (which ever channels you feedback? have) keeping consistent (not the same) Consumer Advocacy - consistency in message and actions - Net Promoter Score - demonstrating the financial payoff from anCustomer Journey Mapping And Technology improvement in NPS Technologies for journey mapping - beyond the metric – finding other uses for Technologies that allow consistency of message NPS across multiple platforms - how is NPS applied in different industries - Is Voice of Customer (VOC) the ultimate measure? - discovering what VOC can reveal about the problem areas in your consumer journey Customer Satisfaction Score the value W e recognise teams, so - Is this measure enough to demonstrate in customer experience? of learning person you Voice Of Employee (VOE) every third conference - What is the best way to measure engagement send to the 50% off the internally? will receive rate! - How regularly should you measure VOE? standard - Establishing ownership of VOE and allocating roles and responsibilities across the business Consumer engagement metrics – proving the value of engagement Book now - email
  6. 6. Customer Experience Do you have expertise or a solution that can help senior marketers and business leaders manage their current and upcoming customerManagement 20 March 2013, London experience challenges? Let’s talk! Call Chloe Lambert on +44 (0) 20 8267 8039 or email to get the ball rolling.Name of person completing form if different from delegate: Brochure CEM 2013 is produced by Code: WEB Haymarket ConferencesPlease register the following delegate (BLOCK CAPITALS) 4 WAYS TO BOOKName (Mr/Mrs/Ms/Miss/Dr) Please complete one registration form for each delegate. 1. Book online at www.customerexperienceconf.comPosition 2. Please email or fax a copy of the booking form toOrganisation or +44 (0)20 8267 4486 3. Call us on +44 (0)20 8267 4011Address 4. Post the booking form with payment to FREEPOST (LON3727), Haymarket Conferences, 174 Hammersmith Road, London, W6 7JPPostcode Register by Register by Standard 21 December 15 February RateTel In-House Rate* SAVE £200 SAVE £100 £699 £499 + VAT £599 + VAT + VATFax Agency/Supplier/Solution- Provider Rate* SAVE £100 SAVE £100 £799Email £599 + VAT £599 + VAT + VAT Add Workshops to your conference booking: How did you hear Add One Workshop: £249 + VATabout this event? Add Two Workshops: £449 + VATIndustry type Add Three Workshops: £599 + VAT Workshop Only Rate: £299 + VATName of Please specify which workshop(s) you would like to book on for:department head Key Steps To Successful Customer Experience Strategy, 19 March 2013 Customer Journey Mapping Masterclass - Achieving An Outside-In Approach, 21 March 2013Job title of Customer Experience Measurement Toolkit - Proving & Driving ROI, 21 March 2013department head *Speaker Presentations are included. Please note that speakers’ presentations are accessible via a password protected site and are not supplied in printed form. These will be available to download a week I agree to the terms and conditions as stated opposite. after the event, subject to speaker disclosure.Signed Related Conferences Please send me more information about: Social Brands, 7 February 2013, London | www.socialbrandsevent.comPlease indicate how you wish to pay: Pre-payments to be made with Crisis Communication & Reputation in Financial Servicesbooking form or, where agreed, payment to be made upon receipt of invoice.A receipted VAT invoice will be issued once payment has been received. 12 March, 2013, London | Enclosed is a cheque for £ Cheques made payable to Haymarket Publishing Services Ltd Terms & Conditions I wish to be invoiced. N.B.If your company/organisation uses Confirmation Procedure PO numbers, please write this number here Once we have received confirmation of your booking in writing (either online, phone, fax The invoice will be sent to the address provided above or post) we will send you a confirmation email. If you request to be invoiced, payment terms will be 28 days from date of booking. An invoice will then be generated and sent I wish to pay by credit card out to you via post. If your company uses Purchase Order Numbers, please supply this Please charge my: AMEX Visa Mastercard at the time of booking as failure to do so may cause problems with your booking. If youCardholder’s name choose to pay by credit card you will receive an email confirmation from RBS WorldPay and later a VAT receipt from our accounts department. Please note that we must receive full payment prior to the event start date. Booking form submission (either online, byCard no. fax or by post) does not guarantee a place. The dispatch by us of an email confirmation constitutes a legally binding contract. If you have not received your confirmation email 7Start date Expiry date Security code working days after submission of your booking, please contact the Customer ServicesCard billing address (if different from above) team on +44 (0)20 8267 4011 as there may be a problem with your booking. Haymarket Conferences are unable to accept responsibility for the non-arrival of information. Haymarket Conferences reserves the right to decline any booking. Haymarket Conferences reserves the right to vary the content, timings, location and/or speakers ofCardholder’s signature events and as such accept no liability for variations. Cancellations Cancellation Date: 28 February 2013 Further Information For Delegates All cancellations must be made in writing to and received by Accommodation - Please note that overnight accommodation is not included in us no later than the cancellation date stipulated above. It is the booker’s responsibility the registration fee. For a selection of hotels near our event venues, please visit to ensure that we have received the cancellation. Such cancellations are subject to a handling and administration fee of £99 per delegate, which will be deducted from any Dietary Requirements - We always provide a vegetarian option but if you have due refund or invoice, whichever is appropriate. We regret that no cancellations are specific dietary requirements, please contact the Haymarket Conferences team on accepted within 20 days of the event date due to the way in which we are in turn charged +44 (0)20 8267 4011 or by our suppliers. However, a substitute delegate can always be nominated. Substitutions Access Requirements - We make every effort to ensure our events are accessible on the day of the event are made at the organiser’s discretion only. Pre-payments will not for all delegates. For any specific access requirements, please contact the Haymarket be refunded and invoiced sums will be payable in full, except in cases where it has been Conferences team (as above). possible to mitigate loss. Haymarket Conferences will not offer refunds to delegates due On The Day - Please note that we may take photographs, video and audio footage to a terrorist alert or incident unless the event is cancelled. In this instance, Haymarket EVENT CODE: 17088131658 of the event, which may include speakers and the delegation, and this may later be Conferences will retain up to 50% of the event fee to cover marketing, administration and used in editorial features and/or in marketing and promotional material. Whilst in delegate registration costs. attendance at any Haymarket Conferences, if your behaviour is deemed disruptive, offensive, dangerous, illegal, or if you are found to be distributing unauthorised material Data Protection we reserve the right to eject you without any prior notice or refund. Audio and visual By registering for an event, Haymarket Conferences can provide you with information recordings or the distribution of commercial materials are not permitted without our relating to your booking and other Haymarket related products or services via email, prior consent. Neither us nor the venue can accept liability for damage to or loss of direct mail, fax or telephone. Please write to the Head of Marketing at the address stated personal belongings at the event venue. above if you do not wish to receive this information. We may also make your details Speaker Confirmation & Changes - Please note that speakers are sometimes available to carefully screened companies who have offers that may be of interest to you. prevented from attending. Although we do endeavour to find suitable replacements of a similar calibre, we cannot guarantee any specific case studies, speakers or sessions. 5 Yes, I would like to receive carefully screened and work related emails from third parties. Updates are regularly posted on the website. 5 No, I specifically do not want my details to be made available to third parties.